Thursday, 29 August 2013

Warpfire is a go!

So I managed to get the swap shift at work for the Saturday of the tournament.

Went something like this - "Umm, yea (managers name), remember about a week ago when I talked to you about possibly... uhh, yea, maybe... getting a swap shift with (other dudes name) on the 14th of Sept? (Manager) "Awww yea, should be right, you've done me a few favors, so I don't see why not"

Two months of six day working weeks... Yes, I have in fact done you, a 'few' favors... Anyways, really chuffed about it and I finally get to do something wargaming wise. So I got two lists in mind



30 Warriors-325

30 Warriors-325


One more Dwarf army on the march to Warpfire.




29 Warriors-315

24 Hammerers-320


I like the first one better in my opinion, more bodies, fat ass blocks, and at 1k points... AINT NOBODY dealing with them.

And yes, there will always be a cannon... with forging... GET OVER IT! :D

Also about to place an order for some American 105mm Howisters and an Armoured Rifle platoon for my bro's FOW army which he's "paying me back" for at some point... god knows when but whatever, its awesome to play wargames with your bro and argue over the rules lol.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

I'm back... for now

Hey guys, not getting to much done in the modelling or wargaming section, 6 day shifts really start to put a halt on other projects, the one day off see's me sleeping or getting ready for the next weeks of work. Trying my best to get stuff going, painting and building wise. Also trying to get a day off (swap shift) to get to warpfire, but finding that difficult to.

Was planning on bringing something like this



29 Warriors-315
Full Command

29 Warriors-315
Full Command


Not sure if its a 'fun' army or not, but then again people would just argue that Dwarfs aren't fun and yada yada. I'll tell you right not there will be a few people who will bring not 'fun' armies that just slip by the veto's and argue that its fluffy as f*** and make a bunch of excuses but whatever, I'm just ranting now lol

And besides... I only brought on cannon and no organ guns, I mean, how fluffy and underpowerd can I be without putting a 20kg weight on my own balls and wagging them around saying Free Shots.

Simon :D

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Some finished Rams and current look at FoW army

If you didn't notice, my 6pdrs and 25pdrs came in so there in there to.

Mind you the finish Rams are a bit glossy, haven't varnished them yet which should dull down the shine.

Call to Arms sounded like a very good weekend. Congrats to Sam C, Sam W and Pete D for the podium spots on the fantasy field.... there stories would have been different if I showed up... with higher scores I mean. lol

Sunday, 21 July 2013

FoW stuff in!

Forgot to take pics of the Canadian Dice set but the models and book are the important thing. Unfortunately the Royal Arillery Platoon was out of stock so on my next paycheck I'll just have to order them by blister packs.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Flames of War

Sorry for not posting in a while, just worked 45 hours for my first week which was good, but didn't have time for much else

Quick update, bought loads of Flames of War stuff with some of my first paycheck as you do as a wargamer it seems!

1 Brit Infantry Platoon
1 Brit Infantry Company Command Team
6 Ram Kangaroo tanks
Brit Artillery Platoon (4 25pdrs including Command, Staff and Observer)
Market Garden Book
Canadian Dice & token set

So lots of stuff to build and paint which is good, my current list looks likes this

Canadian Infantry Company (Late War - 1750pts) - (Market Garden Book)

Infantry Platoon, Ram Kangaroos, .50 Cals-225
Infantry Platoon, Ram Kangaroos, .50 Cals-225
x3 Universal Carrier, .50cals-125
Canadian Armored Recce (2 Sherman V's, 2 Fireflys), .50cals-475
Canadian Armored Recce (2 Sherman V's, 2 Fireflys), .50cals-475
Artillery Section, 25pdrs-195

Also, my Centaurs came in so I'll build those and post some pics!


Sunday, 7 July 2013

No Call to Arms :(

Hey guys, some good news, other then the title... lol. I found a job, HOORAY! But unfortunately, I'm working the Saturday of the tournament, I don't feel like it would set a good impression if I asked for a day off already so unfortunately I'm going to have to miss oot this time, I'm really disappointed because CTA is my favorite tournament which sucks, but I knew at some point I would to miss one at some point...

At least I found job... which screws me lol

In other non-wargaming news, I applied for the Territorial Reserves (nice and early) in November for some extra cash and a different experience, so I'll be playing real soldiers for a 8 weeks.

Also, ordered my Centaurs 2 days ago so hopefully they get in on Saturday of next week!


Monday, 1 July 2013

Hobby Update

Just a quick update lads.

1. Almost finished painting my unit of hobgoblins, well they are all painted just needing to be based, will post some pics once I base them :D.

2. Ordered my Bull Centaurs from Mantic, got 10 of them for 55 bucks which includes shipping so not bad at all. However, I though they came on the correct bases, turns out they don't :L (you were right Sam) so I cut some 3mm MDF out for 6 bases 

Also on a side note; getting some more practice games in with my CD's which is always good, the count is 4 games post Horned Gobbo. I want to get it up to 12 or even more before Call to Arms which is reachable. Tuning the CD list, I'm happy with the current one. I won't post it now because, lie I said before, it's still in the tuning stages but I should hopefully have the concrete one soon.  

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Horned Gobbo Results

1st Day: 20-0 Win (Ogres), 0-20 Loss (Skaven), 0-20 loss (WoC). 2nd Day : 17-3 Win (WoC), 10-10 Draw (Daemons)

So the results are in, congrats to Wil, Locky and Pete Dunn for getting podium spots and a big thanks to Raymond for running the event, he did a fantastic job.

As for me, I didn't do to well, I think I could have done better... much better, but sometimes it just doesn't go down the way you hope it will. I will be bringing CD's to Call to Arms but with a different list, there will be Bull Centaurs incorporated into it, Sam, you were right, I was wrong... two units of Infernal Guard wasn't the way to go(it pretty much looked like I was trying to replicated my Dwarfs list with as many big blocks as possible), not a good idea. And the K'daai needs some help in the field as well instead of treading on his own.

One thing I REALLY need to improve on is not to psych myself out so much when it comes to match ups. I look at the list, if I think I can beat it, things go smoothly but If I don't think I can do it, I get in a slump and don't preform as a should do, which sucks because I know I could have done better.

But enough of me pissing and moaning. Even though I didn't do to well on the placings, this was the most fun I have had at a tournament yet, was a blast, got to see all the usual gamer lads again which was awesome, the night out was fun, but the morning was f****** dreadful, but for some reason I still did better on the second day with an aggressive hangover then I did on the second day. Great fun, can't wait till Call to Arms.

Unfortunately I won't be attending Panzerskrek, I did arrange to stay at my mates hostile on the uni campus a week ago, and then after spending nearly 150 bucks at Horned Rat I just can't afford another tournament until Call to Arms. And the comp system (Swedish) looks 'interesting' but it doesn't do it for me either, doesn't mean I'm against it, as some other people might really like it which is cool, but like I said, doesn't do it for me.

Monday, 17 June 2013

First round draw for Horned Gobbo and my list

So 30 Participants are going to Horned Gobbo, plenty of good competitors to fill the scene and quite a bit of variety in the armies that are being taken to this event.

5 - Warriors of Chaos, High Elves
4 - Orcs & Goblins
3 - Ogre Kingdoms, Skaven
2 - Lizardmen, Dark Elves
1-  Daemons of Chaos, Tomb Kings, Empire, Dwarfs, Vampire Counts, Chaos Dwarfs

So 13 different armies in total, missing are the Bretonnians, Beastmen and Wood Elves. Not surprised seeing how they are the three weakest books.

What isn't a surprise is the amount of High Elves being taken, since the new book everyone and their dog will be itching to give those guys a try, it will be interesting to see what kind of power level that there army possesses now.

I'll be facing Robert and his Ogres first up and the sight of no Ironblaster makes me a happy camper indeed, hopefully my K'daai will get some shit done!

As for me I'm be bringing the Chaos Dwarfs, and here is the list I submitted

Level 4 Hashut
Earthing Rod
Enchanted Shield

Infernal Castallen-197
Mask of the Furnace

Demonsmith Sorcerer-120
Level 1 Metal

Hobgoblin Khan-56
Giant Wolf

30 Infernal Guard-437
Full Command
Razor Standard

34 Infernal Guard-440
Full Command


Deathshrieker Rocket-100

Deathshrieker Rocket-100

Magma Cannon-145

K'daai Destoryer-325

2400pts on the nose.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Magic Cards

Gonna start posting more about MTG then normal, another hobby = a few more posts ;D. Not a huge one though.

Just posting this because I'm looking for a few cards.

x1 Ash Zealot       (Edited, picked up 8 of the cards needed! :D)
x3 Hellrider

Anyone in the Wellington area that is interested just give us a flick in the comments if your interested in trading these.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

K'daai Model

Ignore the painting area, eyes on the prize!

To Scale Picture

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting for a while, after NiCon, I've been furiously painting my K'daai model, which I'll post a picture up later today, I mean, it is 1 am at the moment, lol. Then after that I got get through my Death shrieker rockets and magma cannon plus my heroes, so a little ways to get.

So, as you might guess, I'll be taking Chaos Dwarfs to Horned Gobbo/Rat which I'm really looking forward to, it will be a nice change and a bit a fresh air, I love me Dwarfs, but, getting awfully sick of castling, and I need a change for once. My list won't be the most optimized because won't be able to order my Bull Centaurs and have the time to paint them up and what not, I wouldn't even count on them arriving until after the event but that's OK, like I said, at least its a change of armies :D. Here's the list.

Sorcerer Prophet-375
Level 4 Hashut
Earthing Rod
Enchanted Shield

Infernal Castallen-197
Mask of the Furnace

Level 2 Metal

Hobgoblin Khan-61
Gaint Wolf
Dragon Bane Gem

Hobgoblin Khan-61
Giant Wolf
Charmed Shield

34 Infernal Guard-440
Full Command

30 Infernal Guard-442
Full Command
Razor Standard

Death Rocket-100

Death Rocket-100

Magma Cannon-145

K'daai Destroyer-325

I think I'm one point over so I'm going to have to drop something at some point :P. But yea, that's the general Idea, not the most competitive list but I think it will due in terms of killing shit. lol

Also on another topic, been doing a lot more Magic the Gathering stuff lately, went to my first FNM (Friday night Magic) with my twin bro and a mate at Pulsar max in Wellington, got my face slapped and was left crying in the corner.... well, a tad exaggerated, I beaten sorely more like it. Got thrown around like a helpless 'noob'. I thought I brought a reasonably competitive deck (Red./White Aggro) but I guess not, so after some good advice given to me by some of the locals, I have a better idea of what I'm doing. Unfortunately I'm using like 16 proxy cards (out of a 60 card deck) which is really lame but I'll have to roll with it until I can get my hands on the real deal.

Anyways, good to be back typing useless crap for you guys to waste your time on lol, only joking, my input is so intellectual and wise that I'm making your brain explode with new knowledge every new post you read on here

.... you know it's true.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

NiCon Lists

So the NiCon lists have been sent oot ( if you want to see them.

The field looks very strong. Peter Dunn, James Brown, Dan Butler and a bunch of other big cats will be attending. And I feel like a wee little chump compared to them but it shall be good fun nonetheless. The goal for this is to get 60-70pts throughout all the games which is quite reachable. My army has the power to carve some good wins even against less favorable match ups.


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hutt Club

Hey guys, I'll be down at the Hutt Valley Wargaming club on Saturday. If anyone is keen for a game just let me know on here if you feel up to it!


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Submitted list for NiCon

Submitted my list for NiCon yesterday... same deal as Runefang, RS with three scrolls, BSB with Challenge rune and defensive stuff lol. Two hammerer blocks, warrior block, small shooty rangers block, double cannon and double organ gun. BANG. This will be the furthest tournament I've been to so far (usually just stationed in Wellington for my competitive scene) so this will be a nice change of scenery. I'm hoping to make a least one Auckland tournament in the future, and maybe one down south, gotta save all my pennies, so we'll see! :D.

Really looking forward to the trip up there, gotta remember to bring some road trip music "On the Road Again", "I've been everywhere man" and some generic trucker music lol

And because I'm such a champ, I'll post my list again just so you guys don't have to scroll all the way down my blog (because you know, a lot of effort that takes lol)

Runesmith, x3 Scrolls, Shield-147
BSB, MR Gromril, MR Challenge, Ro Resistance-165
42 Warriors, GW, FC-445
15 Quarrallers, Rangers, GW, Mus-215
35 Hammerers, FC-450
35 Hammerers, FC-450
Cannon, Forging, Engineer-140
Cannon, Forging, Fire, Engineer-145
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

Total: 2397

Monday, 6 May 2013

The High Elf Book

So instead of going on about stuff I really don't know about, I've had a read of the book once and to me it looks like a general improvement from the last one. But like I said instead of going on about stuff that I'm still not tuned to yet I thought I would just post some links of other blogs who have done a good job in explain the book its power level and etc.




But aside from the links, I really do like the new book, I really enjoyed reading the fluff, and I think the book will do well in an competitive environment. Also, as the saying has already been overused like a street girls mouth, I thought I'd be a bit different.... and add a meme instead!

*cough* The Dwarf book will be much better by far though *cough*

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My current Evil Stunty list

So managed to get in some practice games with my CDs with some mates that came down from Wellington with their VC and Beastmen we all played 2 games each, I won both, but lets be honest, I'm not putting my skills on those wins, I just managed to get like 3 lucky Flames of Azgorth put on them and some well placed Ash Storms, and my K'daai just ran around all afternoon curb stomping 'erthing'. But the games I played with them were with a different list. I changed it because I in my opinion, and this is only my opinion, I think Bull Centures are just shit (some agree, some don't, I'm just might be shit at them seeing how I'm just discovering this called the "M..ovem..ent phase?" They have good sustain, with the 2+ and the T5 but with only 2 attacks, they do about fook all damage wise, even with a great weapon!. At 55pts a model (that's if you include Shield and GW) I expect to see 3 attacks. Forge World should errata them and just swap the Inv and attacks around and don't touch the point values. And, I the goblin block out this time around. And with those points gone I put in another Infernal Guard unit with a razor standard, plus some wolf riders for more coverage on the K'daai. And I tell you, two solid blocks really go's a long way. I did miss the 30 shots for chaff murdering though

Sorcerer Prophet-375
Level 4, Hashut
Earthing Rod
Enchanted Shield

Infernal Castallen-202
Mask of the Furnace
Ironcurse Icon

level 1, Metal

Hobgoblin Khan-61
Giant Wolf
Charmed Shield

35 Infernal Guard-452

30 Infernal Guard-442
Razor Standard

Magma Cannon-145

x2 Death Rocket-200

K'daai Destoryer-325

6 Wolf Riders-78

On a completely off topic note though, saw the hobbit with a friend of mine on DVD dont know why I didn't watch in the theater. I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan, read all the books and have watched the trilogy like 40 times, was the Hobbit was amazing, mainly for the fact I got to see a big ass Dwarf hold (Erabor - The Lonely Mountain) and I got to watch a dozen Dwarfs kick the shit out of a bazillion goblins, was great. The story was great and the effect were awesome, can not wait for part 2. MORE DWARFS PLEASE! One of my fav bits by the way was the echo song that went on, fantastic it was, check it out.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Runefang Results

So Runefang has gone and past and I had a blast! Managed to get Three wins, a loss and and a draw.
Game 1 was against Mal and his Steg List, pulled a 14-6 victory against him, game 2 was again Joel and his empire, lost 11-9, game 3 was against Hamish with his Skaven, just pulled out with an 11-9 win, 4th game was against Hugh and his Daemons, shot a cannon off each and called it game, 10-10 draw, and my last game was against Mike King, getting a 16-4 win.

So my biggest loss was only an 9-11 which is awesome. AND IF I ONLY KEPT my my second hammerer unit alive and I would been third equal... oh the woes of the world... the shame. But its is still awesome to see Tane on 4th place position with his Dwarfs, and I'm still really please with a top 10 finish.

More description on my games later to come, still recovering from the weekend. to much fooking thinking.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Runefang Tomorrow

So we got Runefang coming up in less then 24 hours. Really looking forward to it, I think there are 28 participants, maybe even 30. So a big field with a lot of the players being seasoned vets of the tournament scene. So this won't be a happy magic fun time bunny field at all, but full of cold heartless bastards! Kidding

To be honest, I've got high hopes for my self this time around. I would really like to well this tournament. A podium spot is the goal but doing so with Dwarfs against all these other copy and paste meta lists will be a  hard job, maybe to hard of a job. But I have proven to the world that a big win with the Dwarfs can happen, and can happen consistently. I'm very happy with my list and I think it can preform well against most other lists. As always my warmachines are Runed up and ready to go!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Runefang and Misc

So not much happening in the hobby life at the moment. Packed my army ready for Runefang already. Won't be getting any games in unfortunately so might as well do it now. I managed to get down to Wellington last weekend to catch up with Bo (he'll be at Runefang as well with his Lizzies) and I picked up this cool model from (Bull/Yak) Toy World for 15$ that will be my K'daai Destroyer model, It was already done up quite nicely so I just added a little demonic edge to it, painting its horns, nose and hooves all fiery looking and what not. Also going to add some steam/smoke coming out its nose and around its base which I hope comes out OK.

I've also been managing to get some more Magic Games in which is good and I also conviced my Twin brother to starting getting into it now. Which is good so at least I have someone to play magic with on a regular basis.

Other then that, not much else, doing a little bit of painting and that's aboot it. Really looking forward to Runefang, it will be loads of a fun and my Dwarfs get to kick some more 'anything but a Dwarfs ass!'

Sunday, 7 April 2013

List for Runefang

Submitted my list to Peter W a few hours ago, and it's pretty much what a brought to NatCon cept I swapped the Runelord for a Runesmith with three scrolls. But here it is anyways for anyone that didn't see my list before.

Runesmith, x3 Spellbreakers, Shield-147
Thane, BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge-165
42 Warriors, FC, GW-445
15 Quarallers, GW, Rangers, Musician-215
35 Hammerers, FC-450
35 Hammerers, FC-450
Cannon, Forging, Burning, Engineer-145
Cannon, Forging, Engineer-140
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

Big Blocks supported by reliable shooting. Three scrolls, to deny 3 magic phases and the +1DD is nice.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

NatCon Day 2

Game 4: Joel McNelly and His Warriors of Chaos - Meeting Engagement

First time playing Joel, and I really enjoyed playing against him, very nice bloke and a good opponent to play against. His army was Greek mythology themed and it looked very nice. The his list was very different from what you see from most WoC lists. His General and Caster were both mounted on Chariots, and he also had 5 normal Chaos Chariots. Two units if 20 Chaos Warriors, 6 Trolls/Ogres and some chaff everything with Tzeentch. I managed to take out the Caster and all the other chariots by turn two with cannon fire, besides one that died in combat. I also managed to inflict two wounds onto his general turn 1 and blowing up the chariot. The general then died to a challenge with a Hammerer champion due to some unfortunate rolling by Joel, one hit and no wounds. I managed to get all units besides his unit of Chaos Ogre/trolls without losing a single point! 20-0 Win. Everything managed to go my way in this game. Cannons vs Chariots was a good eal from the beginning with me. And my blocks could easily take on the two Chaos Warrior units without to much trouble. Joel did have some unlucky rolling throughout the game which didn't help his cause to.

Game 5: Samuel Campbell  (Runeflames - his blogname) and his Daemons of Chaos - Blood and Glory

First time playing Samuel and was hoping I could play him at some points, but he used Daemons so BLAH! ... Daemons, I really hate playing Daemons, there is no answer for Dwarfs, there blocks are better point for point, and there especially trying when the opponent desides to rolls well on his ward saves. It took till turn two to get into combat with one of his blogs, and failed charge by the other due to my MR of Challenge, I managed to take of like 25+ Bloodletters before combat ensued from Organ gun and cannon fire, no look out sirs failed though. I knew once he got into combat he would win the game, but it would take a while as my units are stubborn. I managed to get one unit of blood letters plus the bsb and some chaff and a flying level 2 but other then that Samuel did managed to break my army giving him some much needed points. 14-6 loss. I felt like there was not much I could do in this game, as Samuel got an extra 3" deployment range I knew he would get into combat nice and quick, and I knew I would lose combat unless Samuel rolled REALLY badly, which wasn't the case... quite the opposite really! but I was happy that I managed to get some points out of the game. Samuel is a really nice opponent and good fun to play against, grats on third place man, well deserved!

Game 6: Bo Paterson and his Lizardmen - (Battle of the Pass) fook yes!

Meeeean, I got to play my boy Bo, playing against Bo is always fun, we always end up dancing throughout the game, arguing who's rolls are worse and who has the worst luck... I now know its Bo. I knew I had an advantage against Bo, with three big targets to shoot at (Slann, Steg + EoG and the Dread Saruen) which is worth a lot of points altogether, I was going into the game pretty confident. HOWEVER, turn one saw both my organ guns misfiring, with one being ok, and one not being able to fire next turn, my cannons didn't do jack either. Not a good start, to follow up on that, Bow put both organ guns to two wounds, one cannon to two, and other to three, on the first damn turn. At this points I though I was in the shitter, so I decided to move my army up and engage his line as a desperate effort. My other organ misfired again and wasn't allowed to shoot, but my cannon however managed to take out the Dread Saruen which was pleasing to watch get taken off the table, that thing would have wrecked anything I put infront of it. Bo didn't manage to to kill any of my warmachines with shooting which was good for me BUT very unlucky for Bo, he should have killed both Organ guns but didn't roll well... rolled really bad actually... poor Bo :(. Next turn saw my warriors flank charging a unit of Sarus (the Challenge rune doing what it does best, giving me flanks for hordes to charge into!) in the flank and in the front by the hammers, all in horde. The combat saw me kicking some lizard ass and Bo didn't manage to rolls double ones on his rally so fled, I caught them with the hammerers who also ran into the Slann, awwwwesome. I also Cannoned off the Steg with everyone top which was VERY lucky, couldn't believe me cannons, I decided to love them again for finally hitting something. Next turn saw my running down the Slann and killing the last group of warriors. Everything of Bo's was off the table besides three units of skinks. He was close to getting my BSB hammerer unit leaving them with three left + the BSB from all that peppering from poison shots and flame templates but they manage to escape by the kin of their teeth. 20-0 win for me. I felt really lucky that I managed to pull off a win, and I was friggen surprised that I could pull off that kind of win. Bo was unlucky that he couldn't kill my WM's fast enough to stop them from taking off the Steg and Dread Saruen. Nonetheless, I was stoked to get that win.

So Day two saw me walk away with 46 points and and 72 points overall, I was quite a ways up the table which was pleasantly surprising. I bet their was some guys who though "What the fu** is he doing there?!?!?". I was very please on how I preformed on the second day, and was feeling happy and confident for day number 3.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

NatCon Results and Games (Day 1)

Sorry for not posting earlier, was extreamly exhausted when I got home and felt quite down due to the last game but I'll go into that later. Overall.... VERY PLEASED on how I did. I managed get my first award which was the 'Butcher' (most kill points) and won by quite a few thousand points apparently. I'm very happy with this because you don't see Dwarfs getting heaps of kill points naturally. But I managed to pretty much table three of my opponents with them only have 0-1 units left at the end of turn 6. 4 Wins and 4 losses, averaged 11.1 (around that I think) which makes me even more happier. All my wins were big (20-0,  20-0, 18-2, 15-5) and my losses were OK (16-4, 16-4, 14-6, 18-2) I managed not to get completely destroyed during the losses  maybe besides game 8 when Mal tabled me...

So here are some descriptions of all 8 games.

Day 1, Game 1: Sam Whitt and his Dark Elves

(Grudge Match) I was really looking forward to this game as Sam is one of my favorite opponents to play against and I always finish the game happy and I always learn something new. Don't know how Sam puts up with it though, me constantly bringing Dwarfs and talking loads of crap about them, and just generally  talking loads of crap, but he's a champ and puts up with it!. So Sam's list consisted of 9 Cold on Knights with a BSB and a badass Lord mounted on Cold Ones as well. With I think 3-4 units of Darkriders, 20 crossbows CoB,  TWO hydras, and Owl Flying Pennant of all this anti Dwarf! There might have been other stuff in his list but those units played the only relevance  Turn one went to me and I took a chance and fired my cannons at the Cauldron of Blood a and managed to three wounds to it but never managing to get the last one, dammit. I was expecting to get 0-20 just due to his list against mine. I knew my list would have a very hard time against it his unless somehow I got lucky. And speaking of luck, Sam proceeded to fail a a charged in which he only needed to roll a max of 4 on three dice on his cold one bus and let me open up my organ gun killing like five of them and taking his BSB with them as well (I must say Sam, you took that like a champ, I would have been fuming man, first failing the charge, but then eating a ass full of artillery, took it like a pro!). I was through the moon at that point, I thought I had a really good chance at beating him but one of the hydras managed to make it in and caused a butt load of wounds and the remainder of the cold ones managed to get in next turn and destroyed all hopes of that aspect. My 40 Man warrior unit which never took a single wound or did anything at all the whole game failed a Ldr 9 roll for my Hammerer unit + BSB being destroyed and fled off the table. And that pretty much sealed the deal there really. 16-4 loss. Overall, pleased with the match, and looking back, the only thing I could have changed was to deploy my organ guns sideways on the 12" mark of deployment then come my 1st turn, pivot the organ guns to face the barrels straight (measure distance from the barrels with warmachines, its gamey, but it's legal. Not sure if Sam would have liked that to much) at his cold ones giving me another 1.5" of shooting length, giving me a turn 1 organ gun salvo! I think if I had killed the Cauldron turn one and opened up the organ guns on the same turn, I would have walked away with a 20-0, but oh well. Some people we're wondering why I accepted to grudge Sam because of his skill level and my odds on beating him... you know, some times, um, just possibly, I just like playing the dude and I'm not just out to win and would only accept grudges by people that I know I can beat, a hard game is way more worth it. Even though I lost, I still really enjoyed it and I enjoyed it so much I even gave him best sport. I will beat you one day Sam! With Dwarfs...while sitting in a corner, while shooting you with awesomeness, all with a smirk on my face... one day!

Game 2: Mark Skilton and his Vampire counts - Watchtower

This was my first time playing Mark and he was a really nice fellow to play with, and he was very tolerant with me as I was being unusually slow, cheers for that Mark! He had a Nightmare Colossus from the Monstrous Arcaneum book and it was hell of a thing, very cool crafted model made by Mark himself. Mark did manage to get the damn thing into combat due to my cannons being lazy and not wanting to kill it before that happening. But my hammerers got very lucky and managed to take it 'oot' themselves while sustaining few casualties, I think like 10 died but I was expecting more. Mark had a Black Knight bus + BSB and Vamp Lord in it with so many rerolls I began to lose all faith in life itself. After watching about the 50th reroll I think I almost turned my own cannon on my self. I guess I got a taste of my own medicine... perhaps... Mark managed to get a unit of Ghouls into the tower and they pretty much sat there the entire game, only to trade off with the 2nd unit of Ghouls when I managed to get them low... hooray! I did manage to get the Black Knight unit but none of the characters. 16-4 loss. I feel like I did the best I could, with really only 1 bad call (not charging one of the hammerer blocks into the tower, I think I could have beat him out of there but I was playing two defensively. He managed to get first turn so there was no way I could stop him from getting to the tower first. Good game nonetheless.

Not doing the best at the moment but I kept saying to my self... 6 more games, 6 more games! So I was ready for...

Game 3! Neil Williamson and his Dwarfs

So this was the second time I got face my fellow Wairarapian in a tournament and was looking forward to it and he brought along his Dwarfs for the first time. But this was no ordinary Dwarf list, this was the dreaded, NO DEPLOY Dwarfs, with units of Miners and Rangers at its core, along with an Anvil and some warmachines. Going into the game I knew I had the upper hand in combat with my body number superiority so my plan was to move move move right up to his most expensive unit with all his characters in it. We both had scouts and I won the roll to put mine down first. I knew Neil Would try to throw his Longbeard Ranger unit down along with Characters right in front of my warriors unit and anvil charge them into them. So I just chucked my rangers into a position to stop him and forced his LB Rangers back into his deployment zone. I also managed to get the first turn even with Neil having +1 one. I followed up on this and destroyed on of cannons and then his Dragon Slayer, then his Gyrocopter the following turn. I managed to get my BSB hammerer unit close enough to Neil's normal Ranger unit and challenge them with my MR of Challenge which Neil chose to flee from (it was the best decision) unfortuantly he rolled very high on his flee leaving him very close to the board edge and to far away from his BSB for the reroll. He then failed to rally them next turn and they fled of the table... phew, easy pickns' I guess. Very unlucky for Neil. He also tried charging his 20 man miner units into my warriors backs, but then me managing to beat them both on the second round of combat and running them both down. Neil took a risk and it didn't follow through. I managed to get all the  blocks and all the Characters minus the Anvil. 18-2 win to be. I felt like I did everything right in this game, charged the right units, shot the right units and so on, Neil was unlucky not to go first so that set him back. Any Dwarf that doesn't go first really sucks and really disadvantages us... MAJORLY. We need the first turn to get the first round of shooting in, I know that sounds really naff, but it needs to happen, of we're pretty much on the back foot.

End of the first day and I was on 26pts, a little poor, but I was OK with it, 4pts short of 10-10 average. I had a good day, and I was happy I got to see all the Familiar faces again. I really do enjoy that part of the hobby, making mates through gaming and meeting up with them to see whats going on and how they've been doing and talking a whole lot, and as most people know, I 'fooking' talk ALOT! (Hence the blog, lol). Playing games, hopefully thrashing their army If I play them and taking off all their toys, but most importantly, talking bucket loads of shit about my Dwarfs and how they are the best and that nobody will ever get to cast magic onto them, and that my shooting is superior to everyone else's, stuff like that.

Day 2 coming tomorrow. So to remember to actually do it, I'll just stick I big yellow sticky on my computer screen reminding me, I'll still probably forget until 11:30pm... like tonight.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

My view on the Dwarfs (update)

Since there has been some recent discussion on the local blogs about the current state of Dwarfs, I thought I would 'quickly' (kidding, this might be long) add a little to it.

First off, let me just say that I choose armies on their fluff, and what their models look at the time, I don't or will never play an army solely based on the current "meta" or how powerful/OP/broken it is. Since I was little and to the present, while playing videos games, cards or reading books, if it had anything to do with a fantasy world, I was always hoping it would Dwarfs, I was always interested in them, what they did, where they live and so on. The thought of this stalwart warrior/craftsmen hammer wielding great bearded race living in mountain homes with great furnaces within them, Thanes, Kings and Lords leading them with special rune crafted Armour and Weapons was always very appealing to me. Side Note - As some of you may not know, I'm an avid World of Warcraft player, been playing that game for 6 years and bout 90% of my characters are Dwarfs. So when it came to Warhammer Fantasy, well, the choice was pretty clear, and besides, most of the other armies didn't appeal to me, maybe cept for the Tomb Kings and Chaos Dwarfs (MORE DWARFS!).

An example of a potential Dwarf Hold? (Image is really the Dwarf capital 'Ironforge' from WoW
Now on to how the Dwarfs are actually seen within the 8th Ed. Warhammer World. Well, their pretty much seen as the spare tire, most people think their boring, unappealing and just not fun at all. Why are they boring you ask, well we have restricted movement, everything in the book is M-3 we have no cavarly and one flyer that is very expensive and at the most, sub-par. So Dwarf players tend to stay behind (usually in the corner of the table) and then move very little through out the game or not at all. However, we do have a good shooting phase (not strong an OVER POWERED as some might say), just good. We have 5 warmachines (not counting the Anvil or Gyro) to choose from at which three are the most used and the other two, well, are shite. And most Dwarf players will tend to carry between 3-5 of these in a competitive list along with some Quarrelers (crossbowmen) along side them. Now with this very low movement and good shooting phase, this is where the Dwarf players resorts to the tactic of 'castling' or in my words 'The Soul Destroyer!'. Because naturally, you don't want to move your warmachines, because that will hamper their shooting capabilities so we resort to buying troops to protect these warmachines from certain destruction (they usually die anyways due to the hordes of poison missile troops that everyone and their mother has (besides the DWARFS!). And a lot of people get frustrated when playing against that type of army with that type of tactic, they push their models down the board while getting them shot off while not being able to really do anything about, which is a perfectly reasonable. But if we Dwarf players don't apply that tactic then we pretty much are dropping are pants, bending over and turning to the opponent saying "alright bud, make sure to put a little lube on it before you start!". What I really mean is that we leave are selves open to being flanked very easily due to our slow movement and if we screw up in the movement phase, there is no going back.

BUT! Our army is no more frustrating then playing against others, what we bring to the table is over costed infantry, heroes and lords and we have to manage to beat off a unit of, oh, lets say 40 Savage Orc Big Un's with a 5+ Wards kitted out with heroes and what not inside of it... you've got to friggen kidding me, that is not going to happen... EVER! Even our elite Hammer units struggle to go toe to toe against an average unit of Chaos Warriors (and lets say they have the Mark of Khorne). How can you expect us to compete with most other armies that can bring cheap costed, multi purpose blocks against out slow moving always strikes last dudes? Now that, is frustrating.

This is why we play the way we do. And some may ask "But isn't that boring to play with as well?", yes... and no, it is boring not being able to participate in 2 phases of the game, and annoying not being able to compete in another (combat). People tend to think Dwarfs as an aggressive race, that can put out the hurt and take it as well, this is partially true, however, Dwarfs are in fact, a very defensive race, they'd rather being mining for gold, crafting cool things or generally going about their own business within their mountain homes (Hell, they live in mountians! How much more defensive can you get for a settlement/town!?!?), but when they are attacked, that's when the Dwarfs start to turn bloody. I always imagined the Dwarfs being more focused on defensive tactics. Setting up huge gunlines, and after the smoke and ash settle, all that is left of the enemy is a fine red mist. I for one, don't see the Dwarf game play as boring, I rather enjoy it and generally see it "As to their lore" so whats to complain about, an army that sticks true to its fluff and behaves like their fluff says (besides that fact that they should be 20x better in the combat phase then they are at the present... *grumble* *grumble* *grumble*)

Monday, 18 March 2013

NatCon Lists

So the NatCon lists have been emailed out. And all the lists look pretty standard as to what you'll see. Cept for the two Ogre lists without a Slaughter Master which is bold by all means, but I guess I can work, it it allows for the points to spent else like the Stornhorn or Tuskhorn or whatever which Aaron is bringing. My Cannons would love to face that puppy.

The main thing that caught my eye was Neil's "SURPRISE" Dwarf army or the "No Deployment". Two groups of Rangers and 2-3 Miner units + an Anvil made me a giggle as this (I Think) is the first time Neil is playing Dwarfs and this is not the type of list you would normally see from a first time Dwarf player... but hey, the brave and bold tactics always seem to pan out for the best right?!

Other then that, everything else is the same as usual... getting a bit boring really seeing the same armies, but I guess there were a few that are a bit different which is nice for a change.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

NatCon and other tournaments

NatCon is getting ever closer and I'm really looking forward to it. Yes I'm bringing my Dwarfs, so everyone can look forward to that. I think my first round is a grudge against Sam and his CD's/O&C's/DE's or whatever he brings, all I know is that I'm going to hopefully... kick some ass. It will be a fun three days. Then I got O' Runefang to look forward to after that, then hopefully the tournament up in Napier... NiCon I think it is called?

be a jammed packed few months, but it will be fun indeed!

For NatCon and Runefang I'll be bringing my Dwarfs, hopefully I'll be able to finish my Chaos Dwarfs for NiCon, show them Napier boys how the Evil stunties do it!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Magic at NatCon

Hey guys, was wondering if any of you magic players that will also be attending NatCan are interested in a few games in between rounds and what not?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I've been ordering from Wayland since I've gotten into wargaming, from all types of goods, cards, models, paints, etc and they've been quite good with the orders and shipping and what not. However, until recently (post Maelstrom liquidation) they've been, well.... shite. I've ordered several things from them recently, mainly books, and one of them have come in after 3 months of waiting after they said they had them in stock (15 to be precise), which was a total porky, because... I waited 3 months for it, I even paid 1 pound 50p extra for better shipping. And now with my Flames of War books (Market Garden), which I thought had arrived, I had to wait to pick it up from my local post office due to it being closed and I couldn't get into the post box. SO WHEN I DID, It was a slip of paper saying that my package/delivery was canceled and a refund would arrive and some other type of bullcrap. So, naturally I'm really really really pissed off about it and after this, I will probably never ever fething order from these liars (that's what they are, they say they items are in stock and then say they are not and are not sure when they will be). Since late December they've been just total pillocks and lie about everything.

Just thought I would post this to try and warn you guys if you ever think about ordering from these guys. I'm doing everything in my power now to try and stop people from ordering from them.

I'll just by my books and cards from local places now.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Recent Events

Hey guys, sorry for not posting in a while, just been busy with some things, trying to find some work, doing some training to find work. All that jazz. In wargaming news; haven't been doing heaps really. Built my Chaos Dwarf Warmachines, haven't managed to start painting them yet however. Finished my Dwarf Warriors unit filler which will be showcased at NatCon and the center of attention of my Dwarf army! My Market Garden Books came in from Wayland games (finally... I may add) took a damn while, but their here and they're really good quality, plenty of history in them which is good, as I love me some WWII, Favorited thing of all time to read and study about, other then warhammer of course. I've also been working on some Magic the Gathering stuff, bought my self the "Rally and Route" event deck and been adding some cards into and trying it 'oot', been really enjoying MTG, fun game.

So for NatCon, I'll probably be bringing my Dwarfs which ISN'T a bad thing which some may believe! So I'll save me Chaos Dwarfs for (hopefully) Horned Rat. I won't be bringing them to Runefang VI due to me having a grudge note written in because that was my very first 2400pt Tournement... which I came last in. And so, I must revenge my Dwarfs and kick some ass and hope to come first, as you do.


Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Chaos Dwarf Warmachines are here!

 So my order of two Death Rockers and two magma cannons from Mantic Games have come, so I'll start the build on them tomorrow. The look easy enough. Hopefully get them done in under an hour. Will post some pics of them built and a pic of the new unit filler I have made for my Dwarfs!



Thursday, 21 February 2013

Two Dwarf lists but which one!

So I've registered and paid for NatCon, and as I was working on my Chaos Dwarf for the tournament but then when I took a break from doing all that thinking/math-hammer, which I am really shit at by the way lol. I had a look over my Dwarf NZTC list, thinking about how it preformed and such and how it will preform in the future in solo tournament play, had a play around with it making it fit in the 2500pts that NatCon is doing and came up with a list a really do quite like. I know most people will be shouting at me to take CD's because their more 'interesting' and what not, but to be honest there about as static as normal Dwarfs, cept they have a K'daai and maybe some Bull Centaurs running around, while the rest of the army sits and back and peppers the opponent with 3-5 WM's with just as many reroll as Dwarf WM's. Regardless, I still find them both very fun to play. It's just hard to decide one what to bring.

My two lists are as follows:

Chaos Dwarfs:
Sorcerer Lord, Level 4 Hushut, Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Ruby Ring, Earthing Rod-400
Infernal Castallen, BSB, Mask of the Furnace, Warrior Bane, Shield-202
Daemonsmith, level 1 Death, Dragon Helm, Scroll-130
Daemonsmith, level 1 Death-95
38 Infneral Guard, FC, Banner of Swiftness-503
30 Hobgoblins, Bows, Mus-154
4 Centuar Renderers, Shields, Mus, Champ, Gleaming Pennant-200
Magma Cannon-145
Magma Cannon-145
Death Shrieker Rocket-100
Death Shrieker Rocket-100
K'daai Destroyer-325

Focused on the WM's plus the rerolls. Also gave some Chaff coverage (BC's) for the K'daai from getting him kitted around the board due to his frenzy. Also gave me Dwarfs some more movement just for some fun.

Runelord, Balance, x2 Scroll, Stone, Shield, Resistance-273
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge-165
40 Warriors, GW, FC-425
14 Quarrellers, Mus, GW, Rangers,-201
35 Hammerers, FC-450
35 Hammerers, FC-450
Cannon, Forging, Engineer, Fire-145
Cannon, Forging, Engineer-140
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

The same as my NZTC list, cept my Runesmith is now a Runelord and I dropped one scroll, I have a little more anti-magic defense for when I run out of scroll. Ahhhhh much more safer isn't, lol.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

NZTC Results!

Table from Fields of Blood
I was in the 'Over the Hill' team. Very very very proud how we preformed. We ranked better then expected and that alone makes the weekend worth while. Managed to beat one of the contenders "Nerdymen" which was also fantastic I must say. All in all, awesome tournament.

Huge thanks to Pete Dunn for orginising it, Locky Reid and Ryan Lister for umpiring/reffing. Big effort guys.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

NZTC + Chaos Dwarfs

Hey guys, so the NZTC has been and gone with 6 games down and I had a really awesome time, got to catch up with everyone and got to whine about how my Dwarfs are awesome and that Bear Cavalry are awesome and they'll be coming soon (YOU ALL KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN). I managed to pull out 4 Wins (15-5, 15-5, 13-7, 11-9) and 2 losses (7-13, 0-20 (F****** Daemons)) So I'm very, very pleased on how I did. And I'm really happy in how my list preformed, cept on the 5th game where one of my Hammerer blocks failed their rerollable Ldr 9 break test! Game breakdowns and placement table will be soon (probably tomorrow).

On to the Chaos Dwarf subject. So today when I was putting my Dwarfs back into the display cabinet I was having a look at my Mantic Hammerers and thought... hey, these guys could quite well do for looking like their evil cousins far east from their mountain home and realized that I had about 75% of my CD army that I planned on building at home! I've got my 40 Hobgoblins with about 12 painted, all my Infernal Guard which are painted and my Lords/Heroes which I pulled out all needing to be painted. And as of five minutes ago, I've just ordered two Deathskricker Rocket Launchers and two Magma Cannons from Mantic Games, for about $110NZD. So all that is left needed is my K'daai Destroyer model which I plan on getting soon. It will either be a big bull/ minotaur it fits in with the lore, the descriptions at least), a big ass fiery looking bear, that's right... a bear, WON'T IT LOOK JUST BAD ASS. Or a big ass fiery moose, again... will also looking flippen *go's into a high pitched voice* AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING. And it also adds in some Canadian flavor.

At some points their will be a video covering the NZTC from Sam Whitts channel -

And you'll get to see my pretty face a view times, I know.... so privileged you all are! 

See yea tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New Hammerer Unit pics

Just to prove to you guys, 35 models in 2 and half days!


One up close

Thought I'd through in a picture of my painting/modeling area


Its 1:32 in the morning...anyways, so it's only been 2-3 days from when my Hammerers arrived and I have painted all 35 of them! And not a speedy half ass effort, but a good solid 20 hours of painting put into from the day they arrived. Excellent!

I'm going to bed, good night.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hammerers have come in!

So my two boxes of Hammerers came in from Waylandgames on Saturday. 40 models in all, and its costed me 40 bucks. not bad at all I must say! They are the Mantic variant I only need 35 of them for Saturday so I just get a few extra bits really.

They have all been built and undercoated (Flat White), I usually do a lightish grey undercoat, as it does both affects of black and white pretty well. However, I've run out so went to my backup supply. I've just started to give all the models a base coat of boltgun metal, around 75% of the model is armor so there's not much of a point base coating any other colour.

My Goal is to finish these guys by Thursday night, which is quite reachable. Because I'm catching the train Wellington then on to Pete Dunn's place on Friday. Normally I would go to the event on Saturday morning but I don't have a ride, so the train is the way to go this time around! And Weekend trains are at like 10:30am.

Sunday, 3 February 2013


I've noticed for some time. Well, since I've started playing Dwarfs actually. That people just don't like the Dwarf castle, and consistently piss and moan about it. And what is a Dwarf castle you may I ask.

Well, I'm more then happy to expand on this.

The Castle, is, in simpler terms. A  branch of the refused flank deployment (Oblique Order) but used in a much more heavy defensive way. Commonly used by such generals as Alexander the Great, Dyius Scipio, Krischev of Russia, Bernard Montgomery and etc. What the castle is, is the concentration of troops into a small area with one flank covered my impassible terrian or some other form stopping the other side from getting around (or in wargaming terms, the edge of the damn broad!) and the other flank covered, typically, by a fast moving cavalry unit to broaden the angles of attack for your main force and offer suppression when, and if the rest of the army chooses to advance.

Now in relation to Dwarfs in Warhammer Fantasy. This is our fallback deployment, and most commonly used as well. Why you may ask. Well under the current edition of Warhammer and the current army book being used my Dwarfs. It is, logically, the best thing to do. Dwarfs aren't fast. lets face it, movement 3 with -1 when pursuing and fleeing.  So if a Dwarf army does go on the advance, we open are selves up to being flanked. And with such low movement, we have no room for error, so once flanked, its down hill from there. (This is why I keep whining (most of the wellington (and further) fantasy community can back that statement) about Dwarfs getting Bear riders or some form of cavalry so WE CAN MOVE and experience another level of the game!  And with the current edition of the Warhammer rules. there are so many things that point into the direction of castling for us Dawi. One of the major ones. Being Steadfast. Why move when we can sit there, take a beating and still be Leadership 9!

So instead, our army build tactics tend to revolve around stacking a bunch of warmachines behind 3-4 units of Warriors/Hammeres and shooting the balls off our opponent until they are at a size which is most comfortable to engage at. Yes this sounds boring to play against and even play with. And by all rights, it is, and I can see people's points about why they are boring and yes, whine about it... ALOT. However, there are some people who enjoy playing a defensive game and a shooty game (like me!) and apparently I'm sick in the head for enjoying it, aw well. I guess I'm just one F'ed son of gun then.

My Dwarfs need one of these!
What is also an bonus is I get to see the shree terror when someone gets told that they get to face and my Dwarfs. Not for the fact that I might beat them. But how they have to push their army along while getting shot at by seven different kinds of Dwarf shit and when finally making into combat, their units are either dead, or so low there was no point engaging after all! Which I find quite satisfying indeed.


Friday, 1 February 2013

NZTC list

So for not posting for a bit guys. was engaged in other stuff for a bit but I have some spare time! So with only two weeks to go until the event. I'll show my list. The secret is out!

Runesmith, Spellbreaker/Scroll x3 (HA!), Shield, Great Weapon-151
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Preservation, Fire, Furnace-165
40 Warriors, Great Weapons, Full Command-425
16 Quarallers, Rangers, Great Weapons, Musician-229
35 Hammerers, Full Command-450
35 Hammerers, Full Command-450
Cannon, Forging, Engineer-140
Cannon, Forging, Burning, Engineer-145
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

Total: 2395

So there it is, in all its awesomeness, greatness and glory!

I think I'm going to end up moving with this army across the table quite a bit (that's right, a Dwarf that moves,  damn shocker isn't?) Because people will not want to engage this army on my terms, at all (two fat units of Hammerers should really get the water (Blood for you New Zealander's) flowing on the other side of the table! I also could just sit in the corner and go for those 10-10's. After all, all the battle's are all "Battleline" which just makes me droll. Oh yes it does.

We really need one of these in our new book! (100pts for a Castle sounds reasonable to me!)
What a lot of people need to remember is that this is a team event. And all it takes is for the majority or the team to get a small win and they'll be able to do quite well. 20-0's are always nice and they are always a swinger but I think people will be less brash and more.... Dwarf if you know what I mean.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Market Garden (Allies) My take on the book

 WARNING - This will be rather long, enjoy!

Well, having a look at the new Market Garden set (Market Garden: Allies and Bridge by Bridge: Germans), their new rules, army lists etc. My one and only wish was that the Canadians got put up to veteran from trained (Turning Tide) and that was about it. Anything else was just gravy onto the already, tasty bacon!

Now when I got a chance to finally look at the Army lists, I just headed straight in and jumped to the Canadian Armoured/Rifle Companies (No need to piss around and fuss about, on to the real MENS army!). And had a look at things they got/changed:

 Not changed:

1.Assault Troops special rule (Re-roll skill checks to UN-bail and pinned down results) (Good :D)

2.Woodsmen special rule (there are other things in Canada besides tree's guys!) Giving them the German Mission Tactics special rule (Good rule)


1. Veteran Status (Hooray!)

2. The Ability to take 2 Firefly tanks instead of 1 (Nice :D)

3. Duckbills (Is that a Canadian Goose REFERENCE HUH!?!!?!?) Giving them the ability to re-roll bogging checks but giving them slow movement

4. Land Mattress's (The equivalent to the German Nebelwerfer Rocket Launchers) (Very nice!)

5. Our Firefly tanks being equipped with APC rounds instead of the old ones, giving them AT-15 from the old AT-13 from Turning Tide (Holy crap... awesome)

6. Canadian Armoured Recce Platoons (Typically, 2 Sherman, 2 Firefly tanks) have now been given the Cautious Movement (Always considered Concealed and Gone to Ground if not fired or assaulted that turn) and Eyes and Ears special rule effectively making them recon units and NI UNSTOPPABLE (I mean at long rang they cant be hit Vet (4) + 2 (Concealed & Gone to Ground) + 1 (Long Range) = 7's!) Which is just friggen amazing and at half range still needing sixes!)


1.Points values... well duh, Vets, better FF's, Cautious Movement on tanks (no wonder their 455pts a unit) - If the 2 Sherman, 2 Firefly unit is taken that is.

I mean number 6 is just awesome. It's nice for a change for a British army to be quite effective and deadly and people should really take caution when playing against and MG lists now. It's good to finally not be the spare tire of the FoW world.

I see a very quick end for German Panthers in LW now because of the ability for British Firefly's being able to stand back, Semi-Indirect Fire and put holes in these damn things, and if they get close, then its just more of a chance for them to die. forcing German players to take King Tigers instead (I really don't mind if they do, less tanks on the ground while making them spend more points!)

So my new list is defiantly going to incorporate at least, and at the most two squads of Armoured Recce in my 1750pt lists. But instead of taking an armoured company, I will take a Canadian Rifle, because even in an armoured recce I wont take any more then 2 units of those things so why not just take a Rifle instead, reducing points from the HQ section, and having a better chance to defend in defensive missions!

Here's the list I was thinking about

Canadian Rifle Company (1st Canadian Army, 1st Canadian Rifle Division)
CV Full Rifle Platoon-190
CV Full Rifle Platoon-190
CT Carrier, 1 .50 Cal-110
CV Mortar Platoon, 2 3" Mortars-75pts
CV Armoured Recce, 2 Sherman, 2 Firefly-455
CV Armoured Recce, 2 Sherman, 2 Firefly-455
CV Rocket Battery, 4 Land Mattress's-245

Mortars to supply smoke, Rockets to pin troops and waste any that poke their heads out of cover, carriers for a dedicated Recce unit and 2 of those ever so sexy Armoured Recce platoons to push the main objective and/or hold theirs. The infantry will either push If I have a obvious (big) advantage or they just hold the objective or the hard flank.


Friday, 18 January 2013

Down to the wire!

The NZ Fantasy team champs is coming up in a little under a month and I am no part of Peter Williamson's team (along with Dave Appleby and James Millington) and I'm really looking forward to it.

I've got my list sorted... but I'm not going to say what it is until we submit them so you'll have to wait and see.  Anyways, I'm a few models short so I ordered 40 hammerers (I need 36) off waylandgames from the Mantic games selection and it came around to 40NZD which is a damn good price (a dollar a figure, can't argue with those prices), however. With three weeks and a bit (I think) until the tournament, I really need this package to show up fast, the shipping was free but I paid an extra 3 pound, 50p to make it top priority (as they call it, I don't really believe it will be one of their top priorities but it should get it here quicker). So I estimate that it should arrive 5-7 days before the tournament starts to I'll have that much time to get those things built and painted.

I trust that I can do that with out to much trouble so fingers crossed!

On a slightly better note. I finally got a job interview scheduled at a Turkish resteraunt in my town so I'm really really really please with that, because after this order of Hammerers, I'm pretty much broke! More money, more figures!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Warmachine models are here!

So my Warmachine models have come in, and everything is here which is great! What I got was:

1. Winterguard Infantry Squad (5 Grunts + Sargent)
2. x2 Winterguard Infantry sets (4 Grunts)
3. x3 Winterguard Rocketeers
4. Platoon Commander and Banner Bearer
5. Konick Joezef Grigovich
6. Epic Warcaster - Foward Commander Sorcha
7. Some extra bases (for use as proxies while I get the other figs in need for the rest of the army

So what I started with is the "Winterguard Deathstar". I've done my research and this setup is one powerful unit, really tough to kill with all the DEF bonus's they get and very killy when it comes to combined ranged attack.

At the moment I've assembled all the models except the 3 rocketeers. I'll start with undercoating them white and Ill start painting them in a few days.

I have an idea with what type of red I want to see on them. I'm going to use the "Global Colours" "Deep Red" and paint on several layers. After the 2-4 layers have been painted on. It comes out with a very smooth and deep looking red!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Natcon 2013

From Mike King

Natcon - WarhammerThe cut-off for early registration is approaching, $50 up until 25th January.Go to to register.The Warhammer Players Pack can be found at’ve been asked one question via email which wasQ: Do you allow all Bound monsters since there are ones in White Dwarf Mags, Storm of Magic and Monstrous Arcanum?A: Just those in Monstrous Arcanum.

I was also quizzed a little a Homecon over weekend as what sort of list I might veto, I have no preconceived builds in mind, as the pack says, lists that would be absolutely horrible and not enjoyable to play against will be my main consideration
I'll defiantly be going. Ordered my last group of 36 Hammerers which will be 100% ready for Natcon . Really looking forward to it. The dinner thing sounds nice and hopefully my step-dad will be able to make it for the DMM Ancient wargaming. But he's got to get it through the wife/mum lol 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

HomeCon III results

So HomeCon III has been and gone. Had a great time, good to see all the guys again.

My Predictions were semi on target. Pete came first with Joel getting second (great job Joel by the way) and Tom Dunn getting third. All three are very good players and did a really good job getting their places. With Pete a full 20pts from the second position.

My performance... to be honest I'm not to disappointed with it. I mean I knew going into that I needed my artillery to be on the ball and for 4 of the games it just wasn't (8 miss-fires in 2 turns against David Appleby for example!). The game against Mike however, everythinge managed to hit, even without the re-rolls, but then he managed to hold the watchertower, turning the almost 20-0 - 19-1 win for me into a 14-6 (or was it 16-4) win for me. Still a win I guess. I guess another positive thing to come out of my games was that I did managed not to get 20-0 in any of the games, even managing not to get 19-1 or 18-2ed which is good.

However, this event wasn't ranked so it won't come to bite me in the ass in the future which is good (my main goal was to ruin people's weekends by forcing them to play Dwarfs and talk a bunch of shit about how Dwarfs are the ultimute faction and everyone else is wrong and their armies are misablery boring and mine is the only interesting one, lol) That's not to say I did not try to do well, I was hoping to get around the 6-10th positions as a goal but just didn't manage to. But oh well. I still had loads of fun.

I also spent a lot of time talking about my new list (the one with two hammerer blocks) which I still will be using defiantly. I've ordered the last 36 hammerers I needed and hopefully I'll get them all built, painted and based around the middle of February which seems very manageable.

Another good note is a finally got to play Neil Williamson at a tournament for the first time. We always play at home but never away which was a nice change. But he manage to beat 11-9! but a tie is actually a victory for the Dwarfs as we all know! (And yes I consider 11-9 a tie dammit!)

Until next time!

Friday, 11 January 2013

HomeCon III tomorrow

So HomeCon is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. lots of awesome wargamers to chat to and lots of armies that are as subtle as a brick... MINES NOT! Nonetheless, it shall be be fun. The lists have were released yesterday, you can find them on

Looking at the lists and players my guess's for top 3 will

1st - Simon Switzer (Dwarfs).... HA!

The real 1st position - One of the Dunn's (Pete/Ogres, Tom/Daemons) or Sam (Orcs and Goblins.
2nd - Again... One of the Dunn's
3rd -  Joel (Empire)

Tom's list just... well... dumb! and It would be a laugh if I got put up again him first. He's got three units that all he has to with is close his eyes and start screaming Daemons in a mentally challenged kind of way! However, he's a very good player to, and combining those things together just makes for... BLAH!

Sam's list is (in my opinion) is very balance list that can almost or if not CAN deal with everything. He's got a big ass killy (that quells animosity) unit that I think gets 4 attacks a models... or 3. He's got 6 WARMACHINES! God knows why everyone is not moaning about that. A big fat troll unit that vomits on everyone and dishes out the hurt. Yup very killy indeed. Again like Tom, he's equally as good as player and I can see him doing well in this one... like always!

Joel's list very well balanced as well. Big tar pit unit that can also hurt (somethings) the dedicated Inner Circle hammer unit, some chaff, two great cannons (which I must stress as a bigger ranged then my "OP cannon".. thought I'd throw that in there) I can see him doing well.

I'm using the same army that I took to Call to Arms and I expect it will preform the same or a tad better depending on the lists I put against. I find a really fun list and I enjoy it heaps, five warmachines is a hell of thing to turn down when you have the option! And as an added bonus, I've already got heaps of people moaning about it!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

First game of 40k in a while

So had my first game of Warhammer 40,000 in quite some time, I stopped playing 40k when I got into Fantasy around September 2011. I've had few games here and there but not a lot, and I haven't played one in around 4-5 months unit last night (or should I say morning?) around 1 am. The new 6th edition rules sorta pissed my off in the beginning, that was why I quit and went cold turkey initially. The ally system was just silly... you play with ONE army of your choice, not a mixture of guardsmen and... Ghazskull Thraka! Another thing that got to me was that everything in the front row must die first when being shot at, that is just a really dumb rule. I don't really see the point? Most people would argue that "Its more realistic and adds a bit more depth." Sure it adds depth, but it's not needed, its just adding rules for the sake of adding rules. And for the realism part... its a game, when realistic values start playing bigger parts in wargames, things start to get dull, and I mean really dull. (All of this is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt)

But anyways, enough with the pissing and moaning.

I really did enjoy last nights game. I played my orks (Which I will always consider my babies... more then my Dwarfs! I've had then for about 5 and half years) And they are always a really fun army to play and to read about.

I ran my usual horde style list - 4 groups of 30 Boys, 2 Big Meks with Kustom Force Fields plus some flamers attached to them from spare points. I also ran 2 looted wagons with boomguns (some say they are uncompetitive and unreliable... at Str-8 AP-3... A lot of SM's would argue that.) It was 1280pts game because my opponent only had that much built and ready to go. He was running a Dark Eldar list with Eldar ally (Eldrad Ulthren, 10 Dire Avengers and a Wave Serpent) Ravenwing Jet fighter, 2 Dark Eldar Transports which I forget the name with Witches + some heroes which I forget the name of as well that were attached to the transports.

The game was really fun. I had plenty of bodies to soak up those Large Blast Templates from the Ravening and the shots from the Dire Avengers but Gavin still managed to take out like 90 boys (however they were split around all four squads and he didn't fully kill one) he got both my Wagons with the Ravenwing because I forget to keep them in range of the Kustom Force Field. I Witches were a pain when they chose to roll good dice (Gavin throughout the game just had REALLY bad dice roles so I got quite lucky throughout the game). Overall, plenty of fun and its nice to know my Orks can still dish out damage in 6th Edition.

I am quite keen to play some other games, and when I finally find a job, I might invest in some more boys, my goal for my army is to 6 squads of 30 boys, and three squads of 15 loota boys. Will have total of like 227 bodies on the ground in a 2000pts game (ignoring the double force chart because that thing is just dumb.)