Saturday, 24 August 2013

I'm back... for now

Hey guys, not getting to much done in the modelling or wargaming section, 6 day shifts really start to put a halt on other projects, the one day off see's me sleeping or getting ready for the next weeks of work. Trying my best to get stuff going, painting and building wise. Also trying to get a day off (swap shift) to get to warpfire, but finding that difficult to.

Was planning on bringing something like this



29 Warriors-315
Full Command

29 Warriors-315
Full Command


Not sure if its a 'fun' army or not, but then again people would just argue that Dwarfs aren't fun and yada yada. I'll tell you right not there will be a few people who will bring not 'fun' armies that just slip by the veto's and argue that its fluffy as f*** and make a bunch of excuses but whatever, I'm just ranting now lol

And besides... I only brought on cannon and no organ guns, I mean, how fluffy and underpowerd can I be without putting a 20kg weight on my own balls and wagging them around saying Free Shots.

Simon :D


  1. I like it - personally id say screw them and bring something horrible I mean can you imagine what the Skaven and DoC guys are bringing?

  2. Cheers John. Typical "Simon boring as f***" list (named by others) I like it though. I'm really really really hoping I can make it out to this one. Still kicking my self about not making it out to CTA. :(

    Yea the DoC and skaven are going to be a tough match up. I know there is talk about vetos and all that that. But regardless of that, Skaven still excel at 1000pts. I mean, that's still ALOT of Slaves and Clanrats.

    On an unrelated note. Me and my twin-brother are hoping to make it out to Panzershreck next year. Bring the O' Canadian Inf/American TD list out.