Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The lists are in!

Well the lists have been made public, and I'll be facing off agianst an Empire army, played by Joel (his surname evades me...) I've played him once before at Vermtide last December agianst his high elves and managed a 10-10 tie with him (In fact, I won my 15pts, so in my mind, A WIN none the less!) :P

Now I have never played Empire before, so I'm going to pretty much ask him to explain the book for me before our game :(. Now from what I've herd, Empire can be a very tough army to beat in the right hands, so I'm going to have to be on me toes for more a less the whole game. And what I'm taking from the list is that its going to be an artillery war, so I pray I get the first turn or if he does, I get lucky and he misfires... And if nothing else works, I've got a plan X... which is... I'm Catholic, so surely god is on my side! lol.

So best of luck to Joel.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Masterton Marauders meeting

Todays meeting at the Masterton Marauders was fantastic. Peter and Chris to a great job at showing people Warmachine, everyone seemed to enjoy the game and it was awesome.

My game agianst Neil Williamson went great... some lucky rolls as well. The game was really decided by turn 5 and before that the game could have gone either way. I ended up snaging a 20-0 win with the help of my Anvil of Doo(kaab)ooom with those charges in the shooting phase (which means the unit can't make a charge reaction and must hold) and with the Peg Knigts fleeing off the table on turn 1! From my shooting with my rangers, which was a big help because I left my right flank wide open. I also figured that if I got in the early charges it would stop his Knights Errant and Realm Knights from getting those devisating charges in. My unit of 30 GW Warriors were held up for 2 or 3 turns agianst 30 Men at Arms, it actually was for the greater good, with my warriors in combat agianst the MaA, the Knights couldn't charge me and when I finally beat the MaA, I managed to reform and then charge into the flank of the General/BSBs unit :D

Good game Neil.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Warmachine comes to Masteron and some more banter about my Dwarf list

This Sunday's meeting at the Masterton Marauders (1:00pm-5:00pm, at the Croquet club in Queen Elizabeth Park) Sean and Chris Otton are coming from Wellington to show us Wairarapa boys the wonder of Warmachine :D. They'll be bringing down everything you need to play (Models, Dice, Rules and etc) and all you need to bring is yourself and some enthusiasm.

I've changed my list a bit from the one I posted a few days ago. I've emailed Peter the list along with the Template so no turning back now! Here is the list along with some quirkiness.

Runelord, Anvil of Dooo(Ka-b)ooommmm, x2 Rune of Spellbreaking, Shield, Rune of Stone, Rune of Striking, Rune of Hydra Protection (curiously this last rune was incorrectly struck, providing great protection FOR any hydras on the battlefield)
BSB, Master Rune of Gromril, Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation, Rune of the Furnace, Rune of Fire, a goodly paragraph of explanations on my army list
33 strong, shields, standard, musician, sense of wonderment that they're still in the list this late in 8th
30 strong, great weapons, full command, sign instructing shooters to target the shield block
19 strong, crossbows, great weapons, musician, a fervent desire for me to not misplay them horribly this time around
29 strong, full command, Master Rune of Grungni, tendency to wave their flag around near friendly artillery
5 strong, musician, the fear and respect of insignificant units everywhere
Rune of forging, rune of burning, engineer, the burden of high expectations
Rune of burning, the burden of incredibly low expectations
Organ gun
Suicide pact
The accumulated experience of a thousand crash landings

Saturday, 18 February 2012

2400pt Tournament list (Dwarfs)

Here is my list I'll be bringing to Runefang V, thought I have not had any practise with the list but with all the reasearching and posting I've dont on various forums, I think this list will do just fine.

Runelord: Shield, Rune of Stone, Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spelleating-248

BSB: Rune of Resistance, Rune of Preservation, Rune of the Furnace, Rune of Fire, Rune of Stone-150
Thane: MR of Challenge rune, rune of stone-95

30 warriors with great weapons, full command-325
34 warriors, shields, musician, standard-321
16 rangers, crossbows, musician-213

5 ironbreakers, musician-70
29 hammerers, full command, 5+ ward to shooting banner-428
Cannon, rune of forging, rune of burning, engineer-145
Grudgethrower, rune of burning-85 (Made from sprue)
Bolt thrower, engineer-60

Organ gun -120

Now the general tactic for this army is not to castle in the corner of one flank (refused flank) but to castle in the centre back of the table, the one thing the worries me is the Lore of Heavens big shasam! Which is the comet, which will just wreck my lines, but thats where the Rune of Spelleating comes into play, gets rid of it for a turn and has a 50/50 chance for an eye roller :D. Now having a grudge thrower without Rune of Accuracy or Rune of Penetration is sort of ify but I seem to have a problem where if I start to spend points on my GT, like for example; adding two runes of pen on it and rune of accuaracy (which is around 150+ points, it becomes target #1 for most oppenents such as Skaven and O&C) and I lose it by turn one or two, where as if I just have it with rune of burning its only an 85pt loss and people will be less inclined on destorying it. The GT in this is list is sort of an inaccurate cannon to hunt army generals with and possibly a horde killer if the dice gods favor me... which in most cases they don't, BUT they love watching me roll two misfires and a one on my cannon on the first bloody turn :(. The challenge thane is just a nice touch so if there is a unit which looks scary and might give my dwarfs the shakes, I can just re-direct them into my shield warriors which should hold them up long enough for back up to arrive... hopefully ;D. Other then that, the rest of the list is pretty basic. Rune lord with MR of balance which is a complete punch in the face to any oppenent that uses magic quite heavly, but I'm still not quite sure if I should stick with the R of spelleating or have two runes of spellbreaking. Some rangers to deploy on week flanks and gyrocopter (which I got off trademe for only $30) will come into play for the first time, I've got high hopes for this flying dwarf and hopefully, the flame gun will do some damage to things like skaven, O&C, Empire, really anything with T-3.

Runefang V and info about me :D

I've bin around the wargaming seen since about September 08 when I moved from Canada to New Zealand in the humble little town carterton where I finally managed to pick up wargaming, with the help of my step-father Vince Cholewa who is a very good wargamer and always keeps me enthuseiastic about the hobby, he always give me heck for my un-painted models, calling them grey spacemen or silver surfers and such.

 I started out playing 40k (still do) with the starter set.. which I forget the name of, with orks (because I lost the coin toss with my twin brother (who now plays SW's) over the spacemarines on our 13th Birthday...) Which I later thought was the best loss in my life, I really enjoy orks (I've got Hundreds of the little buggers) and they'll always have a little place inside me :D

I'm 17 years of age and at my last year of College which I'm dreading, and not because of the work but the thought of finally finishing school. I'm a typical loud teenager who likes to play with toy soldiers, cept for the fact that I'm a history buff and all my friends say I'm slightly old for being so :(.. which explains the grey hairs on the back of my neck!

I've currently bin to one wargaming tourment (Vermintide II) and came 9th out of 14 players, not to bad for my first tournament if I dont say so my self :D. And now I've registred for Runefang V which will be in March and I'm looking forward to it very much. I've also heard there will be around 28 players and half of which have bin to Masters tournaments.... oi. I would really like to paint my entire army before the tournament so I don't get points/my score nocked down because so. But due to school and other things that might not happen, I currently have around 33% done of  my 2400pt army, still a ways to go as you can see.

I also am a member of the Masterton Marauders Wargaming club up in Masterton and also a member of the Hutt Valley Wargaming club as well.

New Blogger here :D

Hey guys, Simon here (Simon Switzer). I'm quite new to blogspot and I thought I would create one that follows me and my Warhammer Fantasy army (Dwarfs).

I'll be doing my best to keep this blog up to date and supply plenty of pictures and the least amount of words possible (I always preferred picture books)

I hope people that eventually read, or possibly follow my blog will have some form of enjoyment/entertainment with my posts, and my many spelling and punctuation errors!