Thursday, 21 February 2013

Two Dwarf lists but which one!

So I've registered and paid for NatCon, and as I was working on my Chaos Dwarf for the tournament but then when I took a break from doing all that thinking/math-hammer, which I am really shit at by the way lol. I had a look over my Dwarf NZTC list, thinking about how it preformed and such and how it will preform in the future in solo tournament play, had a play around with it making it fit in the 2500pts that NatCon is doing and came up with a list a really do quite like. I know most people will be shouting at me to take CD's because their more 'interesting' and what not, but to be honest there about as static as normal Dwarfs, cept they have a K'daai and maybe some Bull Centaurs running around, while the rest of the army sits and back and peppers the opponent with 3-5 WM's with just as many reroll as Dwarf WM's. Regardless, I still find them both very fun to play. It's just hard to decide one what to bring.

My two lists are as follows:

Chaos Dwarfs:
Sorcerer Lord, Level 4 Hushut, Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Ruby Ring, Earthing Rod-400
Infernal Castallen, BSB, Mask of the Furnace, Warrior Bane, Shield-202
Daemonsmith, level 1 Death, Dragon Helm, Scroll-130
Daemonsmith, level 1 Death-95
38 Infneral Guard, FC, Banner of Swiftness-503
30 Hobgoblins, Bows, Mus-154
4 Centuar Renderers, Shields, Mus, Champ, Gleaming Pennant-200
Magma Cannon-145
Magma Cannon-145
Death Shrieker Rocket-100
Death Shrieker Rocket-100
K'daai Destroyer-325

Focused on the WM's plus the rerolls. Also gave some Chaff coverage (BC's) for the K'daai from getting him kitted around the board due to his frenzy. Also gave me Dwarfs some more movement just for some fun.

Runelord, Balance, x2 Scroll, Stone, Shield, Resistance-273
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge-165
40 Warriors, GW, FC-425
14 Quarrellers, Mus, GW, Rangers,-201
35 Hammerers, FC-450
35 Hammerers, FC-450
Cannon, Forging, Engineer, Fire-145
Cannon, Forging, Engineer-140
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

The same as my NZTC list, cept my Runesmith is now a Runelord and I dropped one scroll, I have a little more anti-magic defense for when I run out of scroll. Ahhhhh much more safer isn't, lol.


  1. How did you find the lack of a Grudgethrower? Cannons are awesome for monster killing, organ guns for getting skirmishers and chaff, did you find you needed something to knock hordes down to size? I'm thinking Bloodletter blocks and the like.

    If you don't need it, then the Dwarf list is pretty damn solid. 4 dice swing in the PD/DD stakes will neuter most phases, and the two Spellbreakers will take care of the rest. Many opponents might fail to even get one spell off (and that's a beautiful thing eh?!) The two Hammerer hordes are pretty golden, even 1+ save Chaos and Empire cav will be packing their plated undies at the thought of that.

    Really it comes down to your experience at the NZTC, as the Dwarf list is much the same, just with better magic defence. At least your Runelord can front it in the first rank and absorb some damage.

    Oh, I did spot one problem; ethereals and magic weapons or lack thereof. How are you going to kill wights and ethereal Slann looking to stop a unit in their tracks. RoFire or RoSpeed on the Runelord for 5 points might be a sound investment.

    My eyes glazed over at the Chaos one, partly 'cause I don't know them, partly because I refuse to acknowledge the existance of bent Dwarves.

  2. Thanks for the advice Tane.

    How I think they preformed at Runefang; well, They did what I expected them to do, and that was for people to want to engage me due to two Str-6 Stubborn blocks and a horde of Str-5 warriors. And instead just sit in the corner while I force look out sirs. Which is fine cause it ends up around 11-9 to 13-7 for me.

    As for the grudge throwers, I feel like there were some moments when I needed them, but not heavily, sorta the same feeling when I thought I needed the challenge run, I wish I had at some points, but overall, not a big deal. In my opinion, I've realized that when it comes to bringing a unit to size so my Hammerers have an easier time dealing with it, only really takes about 10-20 casualties and I'm happy with that, and commonly people deploy their blocks 5-6 wide which makes me happier due to just cannons running through everything.

    Your totally right about the lack of magic runes, should have realized and chucked in Flaming, Speed, or even Might just to help me out when those situations arise.

    Haha, My Dwarfs will always be #1 for me Tane, I just feel like a bit of a change, and what better change to still play with Dwarfs, but with this silly thing called magic and m... movement? But trust me, when our new book that comes out (WHICH WILL BE THIS YEAR DAMMIT and WILL INCLUDE BEARS I SAY!) it will be Dwarfs 24/7 and constant list building and Dwarf-Math Hammer.

  3. Your infernal guard are 3pts too much you naughty little beardling....

    1. I also think you need to drop the death daemon smith. As the prophet will give you a re roll, two will be enough for your machines. You could then drop a magma cannon for a hell cannon? They just got better.

    2. The Chaos Dwarf list that is listed still isn't the final one, still tuning the army out, thinking of adding two groupds of 4 BC's for assured deliverance of the K'daai. I will probably drop one of the Daemonsmiths and a magma cannon, seeing how they are being comped out of the tournaments now. THERE NOT THAT GOOD.... lol. Maybe might throw in a Khan on a wolf for some extra chaff. We'll shall see!

      Looking at it now, I don't think I will be able to bring them to NatCon Finished So I'll most likely bring them to Runefang instead, so they'll be for sure finished and what not!