Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My current Evil Stunty list

So managed to get in some practice games with my CDs with some mates that came down from Wellington with their VC and Beastmen we all played 2 games each, I won both, but lets be honest, I'm not putting my skills on those wins, I just managed to get like 3 lucky Flames of Azgorth put on them and some well placed Ash Storms, and my K'daai just ran around all afternoon curb stomping 'erthing'. But the games I played with them were with a different list. I changed it because I in my opinion, and this is only my opinion, I think Bull Centures are just shit (some agree, some don't, I'm just might be shit at them seeing how I'm just discovering this called the "M..ovem..ent phase?" They have good sustain, with the 2+ and the T5 but with only 2 attacks, they do about fook all damage wise, even with a great weapon!. At 55pts a model (that's if you include Shield and GW) I expect to see 3 attacks. Forge World should errata them and just swap the Inv and attacks around and don't touch the point values. And, I the goblin block out this time around. And with those points gone I put in another Infernal Guard unit with a razor standard, plus some wolf riders for more coverage on the K'daai. And I tell you, two solid blocks really go's a long way. I did miss the 30 shots for chaff murdering though

Sorcerer Prophet-375
Level 4, Hashut
Earthing Rod
Enchanted Shield

Infernal Castallen-202
Mask of the Furnace
Ironcurse Icon

level 1, Metal

Hobgoblin Khan-61
Giant Wolf
Charmed Shield

35 Infernal Guard-452

30 Infernal Guard-442
Razor Standard

Magma Cannon-145

x2 Death Rocket-200

K'daai Destoryer-325

6 Wolf Riders-78

On a completely off topic note though, saw the hobbit with a friend of mine on DVD dont know why I didn't watch in the theater. I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan, read all the books and have watched the trilogy like 40 times, was the Hobbit was amazing, mainly for the fact I got to see a big ass Dwarf hold (Erabor - The Lonely Mountain) and I got to watch a dozen Dwarfs kick the shit out of a bazillion goblins, was great. The story was great and the effect were awesome, can not wait for part 2. MORE DWARFS PLEASE! One of my fav bits by the way was the echo song that went on, fantastic it was, check it out.

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  1. Interesting list...I like it!
    Oh and as a massive Lord of the Rings fan I too haven't seen the Hobbit yet...must check it out!