Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Warmachine models are here!

So my Warmachine models have come in, and everything is here which is great! What I got was:

1. Winterguard Infantry Squad (5 Grunts + Sargent)
2. x2 Winterguard Infantry sets (4 Grunts)
3. x3 Winterguard Rocketeers
4. Platoon Commander and Banner Bearer
5. Konick Joezef Grigovich
6. Epic Warcaster - Foward Commander Sorcha
7. Some extra bases (for use as proxies while I get the other figs in need for the rest of the army

So what I started with is the "Winterguard Deathstar". I've done my research and this setup is one powerful unit, really tough to kill with all the DEF bonus's they get and very killy when it comes to combined ranged attack.

At the moment I've assembled all the models except the 3 rocketeers. I'll start with undercoating them white and Ill start painting them in a few days.

I have an idea with what type of red I want to see on them. I'm going to use the "Global Colours" "Deep Red" and paint on several layers. After the 2-4 layers have been painted on. It comes out with a very smooth and deep looking red!

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