Monday, 1 July 2013

Hobby Update

Just a quick update lads.

1. Almost finished painting my unit of hobgoblins, well they are all painted just needing to be based, will post some pics once I base them :D.

2. Ordered my Bull Centaurs from Mantic, got 10 of them for 55 bucks which includes shipping so not bad at all. However, I though they came on the correct bases, turns out they don't :L (you were right Sam) so I cut some 3mm MDF out for 6 bases 

Also on a side note; getting some more practice games in with my CD's which is always good, the count is 4 games post Horned Gobbo. I want to get it up to 12 or even more before Call to Arms which is reachable. Tuning the CD list, I'm happy with the current one. I won't post it now because, lie I said before, it's still in the tuning stages but I should hopefully have the concrete one soon.  


  1. Try out the Bull Centaur heroes. They are gold my friend...GOLD!!!

    1. Already have mate, they're pretty friggen awesome.

      Ran him the other day with:
      Blackshard Armour
      Dragonbane Gem
      Crown of Command
      Armour Piercing Magic Item

      The Taur'uk is pretty pricy, but ups Centaur units effectiveness MASSIVELY, didn't give him great weapon because I didn't think he needed one and the CoC just helps the unit for those moments when they get flanked or lose combat due to fluff rolls.

      What do you think about the build, how do you normally run them?

    2. One thing though, I'm having trouble fitting putting him in to the the list though, having to drop quite of bit of stuff for him, and still thinking if he's worth it or not.

      For nthe game I played with him, my BSB was less defensive, razor standard was gone off the IF block, had no khan, and had to drop one death rocket, it seemed to work out OK, but just wondering on how he would do against 5 other lists sorta thing.