Thursday, 26 April 2012

Upcoming Marauders Meeting

Well the next Marauders meeting will be a good one! We've got Mike King, Peter, Tom Dunn coming along to the meeting for some WHFB, Mike and Tom are looking for some doubles play, I'm sure that won't be to hard to find. And... *gasp* I'm facing Peter Dunn and his Dwarfs... erm I mean mice-men. Really looking forward to it and it should be a good game.

                               Come on guys! They don't look to bad...

List sent!

Well, just emailed my list to Raymond... for the second time. I made some silly mistakes like forgetting to count the points for the shields on the Rangers, and the "Rule of 3", DOH!

Well its final, I'll be bringing double miners, double organ gun, double GW warriors and lots of other goodies. But no Anvil of Doo(kaboooom)

Oh, some time today I'll take a picture of one of my finished mining groups. Not golden daemon stuff, but still :D.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Just a thought

Today, for about a good 20 minutes I was thinking about the possible Dwarf units that we might see in the up and coming book. Some of these might be a pipe dream but I'll list them anyways.

Stat lines are M-WS-BS-S-T-A-W-I-LD

Armored Bear-12pts
"Heavy Armour", Impact hits, Great Weapon, Command Group, units size of 3+
Rider: 3-4-0-4-4-1-1-2-9
Bear: 7-3-0-3-4-1-1-2-9

Lave/Molten Dragon-35pts
Molten Armour-3+ AS, 5+ WS, Breath Attack Str5

Mammoths 15pts, Unit size of 3+
AS 5+, Impact Hits

Those are just some of the ideas I had, I also think all Dwarfs should be two points less (but not the ones I listed) because we are now paying for stuff that used to be good, but in 8th Edition, are well... crap, so a drop in points won't be a huge surprise. Also, Thanes and Lords should be allowed to be placed on mounts, like Bears and Mammoths for example! And for pete sake, give our BSB a shield!

We also need some sort of spell/rune that blows up the entire opposing army in one go. But that might be going a bit far.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

Updated list

OH LOOK! Another list. My last game went really well, but what I couldn't help notice is that my big expensive 170 and 150 point Grudge throwers did well, nothing, cept kill mabye 21 Marauders during a six turn game. And even with all the reroll's my grudge throwers get, I still only have a 33% chance of hitting my target. So I figured I might as well drop one of the grudge throwers and drop most of the runes on the other. And another thing, I think adding engineers is a waste of points to be quite frank, I mean sure they do re-roll the misfire results, but the odds of a rune of forging failing me is rather low. So a second Organ gun has taken one of the GT's place, and two groups of 5 miners has also been put in.

Just another reminder if people would like to have a game with me, just give me a email at I can promise you that the low rolls will come my way. And I could always use more practise ;D.


Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday nights game

Had a game against Neil Williamson and his Warriors of Chaos. It was a really fun game and I enjoyed it heaps, I think a managed to pull a 20-0 or 19-1 win off which was good, but I have to take this with a grain a salt because I seem to do good during my per-tournament games and not my actual tournament games which I will be getting better on doing ;D.

In all honesty I really thought Neil had the game pretty much after I deployed, I thought I deployed horribly (I pretty much just castled right in the center of my deployment zone). And also, my 150 and 170pt Grudge throwers just did well... blah. They just seemed to miss everything and also fail their panic tests (NOT my fault I swear).

Neil's tactic was just to in-circle me, kill all my warmachines and then back off the rest of the game leaving my warriors and hammerer blocks thinking (I'm sure there were some WM's behind us.) He did achieve this task by some extent, he managed to kill all my warmachines, but nothing else, and he also couldn't successfully get away from my blocks. What was a game changer in my opinion was when around turn two, I MRo Challenged on of his blocks of 30 Marauders into combat with my hammerers, drawing in the rest of his army so he could support them. But to be fair on Neil, he was REALLY REALLY unlucky with his Armour save rolls on his General (Level 1 Sorcerer) and his BSB, I managed to kill his BSB with a one up re-rollable armour save with Str-5 GW's and then I managed to kill his general with some more GW's. ;D

Good game Neil :D.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

World of Tanks

Bit off topic from Dwarfs but I'll talk about it anways. I have found this game called World of Tanks which is a free to play WWII tank fighting game (But a lot of the tanks are "Make belive" and "What if tanks"). I've been really enjoying myself with this game and highly recommend people try this game out. If anyone who already plays the game and would like to ride around and blow things up with me, my username is Rogueyopants (dont ask lol) and I have a M36 Slugger, Easy 8, VKH (Some sort of German Tiger varrient) and a T25 AT. So just send me a reguest in game or even here if you'd like to :D.


Monday, 9 April 2012


Had a game with Stuart Robertson and his Beastmen on Friday last week. It was a very good game and I really enjoyed it. He managed to get a 15-5/14-6 Win on me, but to be fare I had one unit fleeing with one model left and another with only a few left, and his general on ONE WOUND! (Managed to get a cannon shot in there when he failed a "Look Out Sir!" but I only rolled a two.) I managed to stop all his magic which was quite good, MRo Balance really comes in to play and is well worth the 50 points.

I think one of the major turning points in the game was when my GW warriors block was about ready to charge into the flank of his Gore block... but then they failed their panic test due to the organ gun being destroyed, Ugh. And then therefore, let his Gore Blocks destroy my hammers block. Damn! Oh and also, my Rangers did not get to scout at the begining of the game because they rolled a one on the setup for "Meeting Engagement".


Monday, 2 April 2012

Horned Rat V Expectations.

Well, my next tournament is about a month away and well, I expect that I will be someone where down the bottom, but hopefully not right at the bottom... I expect most of the same players that went to Runefang to come to this one and bring their A game. So I took the liberaty of... *cough* downloading all the books so I can study most of the armies, their rules, stats and etc. But what I can see happening is that there will be a big difference in reading the books, then actually playing agianst them and their generals. But least it gives me something to work with and some grounds work for bigger things ;D.

But other then that I think it will be a great and enjoyable tournament for me and hopefully I'll learn a lot like I did at Runefang. Damn Brass orb and "Skitterleap" (I think thats the spells name).