Thursday, 24 May 2012

Warhammer Rulebook

Hey guys, just thought I'd quickly put this out there. If anyone has a spare 8th Ed Fantasy Rulebook laying around, possibly the Island of Blood soft cover one or even a second hardback one. I'd be willing to buy it off you for an agreed price.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Five Warmachines!?

I had a couple of games against a WE army last weekend, and under the Call to Arms comp, I decided I would try and play with five warmachines (without a Master Engineer). Specifically... Two Grudge Throwers with Accuracy, one with one pen rune (one with burning as well), and the other with two. Two Organ Guns, and a cannon with forging (and maybe burning) all with Engineers besides the Organ guns.

Now against WE's this worked really well, the first game I never miss-fired so that was a bonus, but the second game still saw them as M.V.P of my army. Tress don't like fire. Now when it comes to five warmachines and really only four blocks to protect them, one with scout so I the Rangers might not always be there to cover a flank.

Things like the Comet will just ruin my day, like they always have ;D. So theres a nice tip... DON'T bring the comet ;D.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Army update and DIABLO III!

I've managed to get 75.165111% of my army painted (calculater accurate!) which is good progress and only need to paint about 23-25 more figs before August 18th which should be plenty of time :D.

And on other news, Diablo III has just been released and if I don't post a lot for about two weeks, it will be beacuse of that! But within two weeks I should be at the stages of burnout and remeber I have models to paint ;D.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hutt Valley Meeting

Well Saturday's meeting was great, there was a big intro to V3 FoW with 10 tables just for it, got to play my second game of FoW and I really really enjoyed it. I was playing a Grenadier Company with two squads of Grenadiers, three Pak40's, two Lorraine Shelpers, four Panzer IV's and a King Tiger! (It only killed three shermans so meh...). Its one thing knowing your military history, but to put the tactics you read about is a whole different story! Which explains why I put all four of my Mark IV's up a road which funneled them into four M10's. Needless to say that all the Panzers magically exploded. Maybe I'll invest in a 1500pt army (Canadian Armoured LW) it will only be about $150. The Plastic Soldier Companies $90 fifteen tank deal is just fantastic.

Here are some pics of the day. Notice what lurks in the hedgerows on the right of picture two ;D.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Horned Rat V first two games

Well, Horned Rat was a complete success... for me anyways. Got my first tournament win, and it was a 20-0!... it was woddies, but we'll just not mention that ;D. I also almost tripled my VPs from Runefang (14 or 16) and got 39 this weekend! Which was all very good :D.

Here is my analysis of the first two games.

Game 1: Tom Dunn's Daemons, well lets face it, I had no chance of pulling a win or even a tie out of this, his list was solid az! (But his 5+ Daemonic saves were just criminal) The only things I managed to kill was some chaff... and Billy (Bloodthirster General) but other then that it was pretty much just eye bleed for the rest of the game, in a seance I mean. I really enjoyed the game though and Tom was a great opponent. 19-1 LOSS! (I was quiet pleased I got a point out of that game. lol

Game 2: James Millington's Skaven. No Bell, no abom, no gutter-runners. WTF. He did have a double doomwheel though. But the game was close has they could come, it really came down to a banner in the last turn to decide it. Even with James not bringing the "Must haves" I still had a hell of time killing anything. One thing that I did wrong was that I lost my nerve and used my challenge rune one the first turn, should have waited... BUT... oh well. Combat was pretty straight forward, Stormvermin went into the hammerers, Slaves went into one warriors block, clan rats went into ANOTHER warriors block, and the Slaves went into... AW... aw, you guessed it, a warriors block. Combat ensued and at the end of turn 3 there was lots of dead little people. At the end of turn 4, I had my hammerers chasing down a unit of Clanrats with a character in it, and he had his units of Rat Ogres with a Killy warlord chasing down a unit of warriors, he also had some his last Slaves unit and his last Doomwheel cleaning up my artillery, but just before my cannon died, I managed to snipe the last Stormvermin with it to get the points :D.
12-8 LOSS!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Horned Rat lists

I have had a look through the lists that have been emailed and some of them look pretty nasty. The theme is looking like a lot of shooting, which I have contributed to with my two organ guns...hehe :D.

One of the wood elf lists is something like 60+ shots a turn, ouch... Other lists consist of just Skinks and Slann basically, I can see that list doing very well accept for the fact that it won't be able to pull of a 20-0 because in my opinion its lacks the punch to do so, or I could be very wrong.

Tom's list just make's sad, I mean If I do come up against this list, I'll really have to think fast (Like Peter Dunn posted on his blog) that an army which consists of what, 4+ units that move 20" and one of them being a Bloodthirster! Yikes.

Sam Whitts list... traitorous swine's (Chaos Dwarfs)... well lets see, this is just my theory, lets the Destroyer run around and wreck house, while his range units give it support. Hold back any melee units UNLESS (that's a pretty big unless mind you) the Destroyer comes into a bit of trouble.

The one that grabs my interest the most is the other Dwarf list (Matthew Hassall's). His lists consists of some Shields warriors (28) and a block of GW warriors (29) pretty standard, but then, he's also included some Thanes of pain, including his BSB. Intriguing, I'm not saying its bad or a stupid idea, its just an interesting idea on Matt's part. Also a group of 15 miners, this block can be very dangerous against an army who has left a gap open or a warmachine that has not been covered properly. He's also spotting a group of 20 Hammerers, in my opinion, I don't think it has enough bodies, 30-40 is where you want to be at 2400 points, I mean that wood elf army with a bazillion shots could make easy work of it, mind you if the dice odds are with him.

But it shall be an interesting couple of days and I'm really looking forward to it! 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Horned Rat draws ever close

Only three more days till Horned Rat and I'm really looking forward to it.

OH how I do hope I get to play one the WE armies... not cause there book is in worse condition or mine. Pfft not even!

Weeeeeeeell... maybe just a little?