Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I've been ordering from Wayland since I've gotten into wargaming, from all types of goods, cards, models, paints, etc and they've been quite good with the orders and shipping and what not. However, until recently (post Maelstrom liquidation) they've been, well.... shite. I've ordered several things from them recently, mainly books, and one of them have come in after 3 months of waiting after they said they had them in stock (15 to be precise), which was a total porky, because... I waited 3 months for it, I even paid 1 pound 50p extra for better shipping. And now with my Flames of War books (Market Garden), which I thought had arrived, I had to wait to pick it up from my local post office due to it being closed and I couldn't get into the post box. SO WHEN I DID, It was a slip of paper saying that my package/delivery was canceled and a refund would arrive and some other type of bullcrap. So, naturally I'm really really really pissed off about it and after this, I will probably never ever fething order from these liars (that's what they are, they say they items are in stock and then say they are not and are not sure when they will be). Since late December they've been just total pillocks and lie about everything.

Just thought I would post this to try and warn you guys if you ever think about ordering from these guys. I'm doing everything in my power now to try and stop people from ordering from them.

I'll just by my books and cards from local places now.


  1. That sucks mate but Im not that surprised. Maelstrom were great up until a year before they closed when they went downhill. Wayland I never had a good experience with and they kind of fell over when GW imposed that ban a while back.

    Personally I get all my FOW stuff straight from BF - sure prices are higher but the service is first rate. Ordered some Tigers on Mon and they turned up yesterday avo for example.

    Sometimes ordering from overseas just isnt worth the hassle not unless your saving 25%-30% on a big order. I always do a quick cost comparison and if the difference is within $5-10 then I order locally - beats waiting 1-3 months.

  2. Yea, I'm starting to look at the price comparison as well now. When I ordered my Mantic Chaos Dwarf stuff, I paid an extra... 15 buck? And it arrived in a week from the UK. I do think proper companies offer quality service while only charging a fraction bit more.