Sunday, 19 May 2013

Submitted list for NiCon

Submitted my list for NiCon yesterday... same deal as Runefang, RS with three scrolls, BSB with Challenge rune and defensive stuff lol. Two hammerer blocks, warrior block, small shooty rangers block, double cannon and double organ gun. BANG. This will be the furthest tournament I've been to so far (usually just stationed in Wellington for my competitive scene) so this will be a nice change of scenery. I'm hoping to make a least one Auckland tournament in the future, and maybe one down south, gotta save all my pennies, so we'll see! :D.

Really looking forward to the trip up there, gotta remember to bring some road trip music "On the Road Again", "I've been everywhere man" and some generic trucker music lol

And because I'm such a champ, I'll post my list again just so you guys don't have to scroll all the way down my blog (because you know, a lot of effort that takes lol)

Runesmith, x3 Scrolls, Shield-147
BSB, MR Gromril, MR Challenge, Ro Resistance-165
42 Warriors, GW, FC-445
15 Quarrallers, Rangers, GW, Mus-215
35 Hammerers, FC-450
35 Hammerers, FC-450
Cannon, Forging, Engineer-140
Cannon, Forging, Fire, Engineer-145
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

Total: 2397


  1. Who are you staying with up there, and who you going up with?

    1. Going with Aaron (Ogres player), still working out a place to stay.

      Probably some cheap motel or something along those lines

    2. Man, i really wanna go to this.

    3. Would be mean to see you come along as well man.

      You do something else on the Queen Birthday or?

    4. If I could get a ride, cheap accommodation, I might be able to talk the wife around. Also if I am allowed to enter as lists have already been subbed.