Wednesday, 3 April 2013

NatCon Day 2

Game 4: Joel McNelly and His Warriors of Chaos - Meeting Engagement

First time playing Joel, and I really enjoyed playing against him, very nice bloke and a good opponent to play against. His army was Greek mythology themed and it looked very nice. The his list was very different from what you see from most WoC lists. His General and Caster were both mounted on Chariots, and he also had 5 normal Chaos Chariots. Two units if 20 Chaos Warriors, 6 Trolls/Ogres and some chaff everything with Tzeentch. I managed to take out the Caster and all the other chariots by turn two with cannon fire, besides one that died in combat. I also managed to inflict two wounds onto his general turn 1 and blowing up the chariot. The general then died to a challenge with a Hammerer champion due to some unfortunate rolling by Joel, one hit and no wounds. I managed to get all units besides his unit of Chaos Ogre/trolls without losing a single point! 20-0 Win. Everything managed to go my way in this game. Cannons vs Chariots was a good eal from the beginning with me. And my blocks could easily take on the two Chaos Warrior units without to much trouble. Joel did have some unlucky rolling throughout the game which didn't help his cause to.

Game 5: Samuel Campbell  (Runeflames - his blogname) and his Daemons of Chaos - Blood and Glory

First time playing Samuel and was hoping I could play him at some points, but he used Daemons so BLAH! ... Daemons, I really hate playing Daemons, there is no answer for Dwarfs, there blocks are better point for point, and there especially trying when the opponent desides to rolls well on his ward saves. It took till turn two to get into combat with one of his blogs, and failed charge by the other due to my MR of Challenge, I managed to take of like 25+ Bloodletters before combat ensued from Organ gun and cannon fire, no look out sirs failed though. I knew once he got into combat he would win the game, but it would take a while as my units are stubborn. I managed to get one unit of blood letters plus the bsb and some chaff and a flying level 2 but other then that Samuel did managed to break my army giving him some much needed points. 14-6 loss. I felt like there was not much I could do in this game, as Samuel got an extra 3" deployment range I knew he would get into combat nice and quick, and I knew I would lose combat unless Samuel rolled REALLY badly, which wasn't the case... quite the opposite really! but I was happy that I managed to get some points out of the game. Samuel is a really nice opponent and good fun to play against, grats on third place man, well deserved!

Game 6: Bo Paterson and his Lizardmen - (Battle of the Pass) fook yes!

Meeeean, I got to play my boy Bo, playing against Bo is always fun, we always end up dancing throughout the game, arguing who's rolls are worse and who has the worst luck... I now know its Bo. I knew I had an advantage against Bo, with three big targets to shoot at (Slann, Steg + EoG and the Dread Saruen) which is worth a lot of points altogether, I was going into the game pretty confident. HOWEVER, turn one saw both my organ guns misfiring, with one being ok, and one not being able to fire next turn, my cannons didn't do jack either. Not a good start, to follow up on that, Bow put both organ guns to two wounds, one cannon to two, and other to three, on the first damn turn. At this points I though I was in the shitter, so I decided to move my army up and engage his line as a desperate effort. My other organ misfired again and wasn't allowed to shoot, but my cannon however managed to take out the Dread Saruen which was pleasing to watch get taken off the table, that thing would have wrecked anything I put infront of it. Bo didn't manage to to kill any of my warmachines with shooting which was good for me BUT very unlucky for Bo, he should have killed both Organ guns but didn't roll well... rolled really bad actually... poor Bo :(. Next turn saw my warriors flank charging a unit of Sarus (the Challenge rune doing what it does best, giving me flanks for hordes to charge into!) in the flank and in the front by the hammers, all in horde. The combat saw me kicking some lizard ass and Bo didn't manage to rolls double ones on his rally so fled, I caught them with the hammerers who also ran into the Slann, awwwwesome. I also Cannoned off the Steg with everyone top which was VERY lucky, couldn't believe me cannons, I decided to love them again for finally hitting something. Next turn saw my running down the Slann and killing the last group of warriors. Everything of Bo's was off the table besides three units of skinks. He was close to getting my BSB hammerer unit leaving them with three left + the BSB from all that peppering from poison shots and flame templates but they manage to escape by the kin of their teeth. 20-0 win for me. I felt really lucky that I managed to pull off a win, and I was friggen surprised that I could pull off that kind of win. Bo was unlucky that he couldn't kill my WM's fast enough to stop them from taking off the Steg and Dread Saruen. Nonetheless, I was stoked to get that win.

So Day two saw me walk away with 46 points and and 72 points overall, I was quite a ways up the table which was pleasantly surprising. I bet their was some guys who though "What the fu** is he doing there?!?!?". I was very please on how I preformed on the second day, and was feeling happy and confident for day number 3.


  1. Don't worry Simon, everyone hates my dice.

    You had a good showing despite taking dorfs. Those Organ guns probably stripped me off most my points. They were brutal.

    Congrats on doing so well with Dorfs.

  2. Thanks man, I am really am please on how I did. If only I had just castled behind that mountain last game vs Mal and would have come 4th!