Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hammerers have come in!

So my two boxes of Hammerers came in from Waylandgames on Saturday. 40 models in all, and its costed me 40 bucks. not bad at all I must say! They are the Mantic variant I only need 35 of them for Saturday so I just get a few extra bits really.

They have all been built and undercoated (Flat White), I usually do a lightish grey undercoat, as it does both affects of black and white pretty well. However, I've run out so went to my backup supply. I've just started to give all the models a base coat of boltgun metal, around 75% of the model is armor so there's not much of a point base coating any other colour.

My Goal is to finish these guys by Thursday night, which is quite reachable. Because I'm catching the train Wellington then on to Pete Dunn's place on Friday. Normally I would go to the event on Saturday morning but I don't have a ride, so the train is the way to go this time around! And Weekend trains are at like 10:30am.


  1. you have no time to be posting status updates... PAINT ... :)

  2. To right!

    Oh wait, doing it again! Damn