Sunday, 28 April 2013

Runefang Results

So Runefang has gone and past and I had a blast! Managed to get Three wins, a loss and and a draw.
Game 1 was against Mal and his Steg List, pulled a 14-6 victory against him, game 2 was again Joel and his empire, lost 11-9, game 3 was against Hamish with his Skaven, just pulled out with an 11-9 win, 4th game was against Hugh and his Daemons, shot a cannon off each and called it game, 10-10 draw, and my last game was against Mike King, getting a 16-4 win.

So my biggest loss was only an 9-11 which is awesome. AND IF I ONLY KEPT my my second hammerer unit alive and I would been third equal... oh the woes of the world... the shame. But its is still awesome to see Tane on 4th place position with his Dwarfs, and I'm still really please with a top 10 finish.

More description on my games later to come, still recovering from the weekend. to much fooking thinking.


  1. Great results again Simon well done.

  2. Congrats on a strong finish Simon. I kind of snuck into the top five, as I didn't play anyone on the podium. Still, I had some tough opponents and hard matchups, so I'll take my moment of almost glory!

    Right, when can I get away for the next tournament......?