Sunday, 7 July 2013

No Call to Arms :(

Hey guys, some good news, other then the title... lol. I found a job, HOORAY! But unfortunately, I'm working the Saturday of the tournament, I don't feel like it would set a good impression if I asked for a day off already so unfortunately I'm going to have to miss oot this time, I'm really disappointed because CTA is my favorite tournament which sucks, but I knew at some point I would to miss one at some point...

At least I found job... which screws me lol

In other non-wargaming news, I applied for the Territorial Reserves (nice and early) in November for some extra cash and a different experience, so I'll be playing real soldiers for a 8 weeks.

Also, ordered my Centaurs 2 days ago so hopefully they get in on Saturday of next week!



  1. My Dwarves will miss you. I was hoping for a chance to axe some race traitors, but I guess I'll have to do it another time...

    1. I was about to say the same thing Tane, but instead, replace axe with K'daai and traitors with Royalists. ;D

  2. Good news on so many levels.

    I'm incredibly interested to hear how 8 weeks of military training goes for you. My advice:

    1. Start practising your press-ups now.
    2. Between now and november, everytime you want to ask a question or make a clever comment; say nothing and stare blankly right ahead of you.

    These two things could make your life a lot easier.

    1. Yea, I've been practicing for 2 and half weeks on press ups alone, I also got given an 8 week training program from the recruitment officer, at the 8th week,you just repeat that for the following weeks.

      Do you do any of the training Jeff?

    2. I'll do the occasional PT session when I'm at work, but I do crossfit and lift weights 5-6 times a week and run.

      How many pressups can you do and what's your 2.4km time?

    3. Pressups, at the moment... 20 before I hit the wall (shite, I know), but I got plenty of time improve

      2.4k time: Fastest was 9.55, but I average like 10.30, not sure if that's where I want to be at, but again, plenty of time to get better.

  3. Jeff gives good advice. Especially point 2. Turns out that NCOs don't appreciate constructive feedback or jokes from recruits.....

    As for your fitness, go for a run every day (not 2.4km, probably 5km minimum, preferably 30 minutes) and do as many pushups as you can on completion. Aim for one higher every time. Compete with yourself to run further and do more pushups than you did last time, and you'll be surprised at your progress.