Thursday, 24 January 2013

Market Garden (Allies) My take on the book

 WARNING - This will be rather long, enjoy!

Well, having a look at the new Market Garden set (Market Garden: Allies and Bridge by Bridge: Germans), their new rules, army lists etc. My one and only wish was that the Canadians got put up to veteran from trained (Turning Tide) and that was about it. Anything else was just gravy onto the already, tasty bacon!

Now when I got a chance to finally look at the Army lists, I just headed straight in and jumped to the Canadian Armoured/Rifle Companies (No need to piss around and fuss about, on to the real MENS army!). And had a look at things they got/changed:

 Not changed:

1.Assault Troops special rule (Re-roll skill checks to UN-bail and pinned down results) (Good :D)

2.Woodsmen special rule (there are other things in Canada besides tree's guys!) Giving them the German Mission Tactics special rule (Good rule)


1. Veteran Status (Hooray!)

2. The Ability to take 2 Firefly tanks instead of 1 (Nice :D)

3. Duckbills (Is that a Canadian Goose REFERENCE HUH!?!!?!?) Giving them the ability to re-roll bogging checks but giving them slow movement

4. Land Mattress's (The equivalent to the German Nebelwerfer Rocket Launchers) (Very nice!)

5. Our Firefly tanks being equipped with APC rounds instead of the old ones, giving them AT-15 from the old AT-13 from Turning Tide (Holy crap... awesome)

6. Canadian Armoured Recce Platoons (Typically, 2 Sherman, 2 Firefly tanks) have now been given the Cautious Movement (Always considered Concealed and Gone to Ground if not fired or assaulted that turn) and Eyes and Ears special rule effectively making them recon units and NI UNSTOPPABLE (I mean at long rang they cant be hit Vet (4) + 2 (Concealed & Gone to Ground) + 1 (Long Range) = 7's!) Which is just friggen amazing and at half range still needing sixes!)


1.Points values... well duh, Vets, better FF's, Cautious Movement on tanks (no wonder their 455pts a unit) - If the 2 Sherman, 2 Firefly unit is taken that is.

I mean number 6 is just awesome. It's nice for a change for a British army to be quite effective and deadly and people should really take caution when playing against and MG lists now. It's good to finally not be the spare tire of the FoW world.

I see a very quick end for German Panthers in LW now because of the ability for British Firefly's being able to stand back, Semi-Indirect Fire and put holes in these damn things, and if they get close, then its just more of a chance for them to die. forcing German players to take King Tigers instead (I really don't mind if they do, less tanks on the ground while making them spend more points!)

So my new list is defiantly going to incorporate at least, and at the most two squads of Armoured Recce in my 1750pt lists. But instead of taking an armoured company, I will take a Canadian Rifle, because even in an armoured recce I wont take any more then 2 units of those things so why not just take a Rifle instead, reducing points from the HQ section, and having a better chance to defend in defensive missions!

Here's the list I was thinking about

Canadian Rifle Company (1st Canadian Army, 1st Canadian Rifle Division)
CV Full Rifle Platoon-190
CV Full Rifle Platoon-190
CT Carrier, 1 .50 Cal-110
CV Mortar Platoon, 2 3" Mortars-75pts
CV Armoured Recce, 2 Sherman, 2 Firefly-455
CV Armoured Recce, 2 Sherman, 2 Firefly-455
CV Rocket Battery, 4 Land Mattress's-245

Mortars to supply smoke, Rockets to pin troops and waste any that poke their heads out of cover, carriers for a dedicated Recce unit and 2 of those ever so sexy Armoured Recce platoons to push the main objective and/or hold theirs. The infantry will either push If I have a obvious (big) advantage or they just hold the objective or the hard flank.


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  1. Must admit what you are saying is rather fearful to the Germans, especially the prospective tank duel as the German Panthers and Tigers are now dropped to 'trained' status, so range and cover and your hitting me on a 5, not good!... so the only decent tank force for Germans to take perhaps is the Schwere Panzerjaeger - Jagdpanthers, still rated veteran...
    I am beginning to feel its going to be a tough campaign for Germans to get any wins...