Sunday, 17 February 2013

NZTC + Chaos Dwarfs

Hey guys, so the NZTC has been and gone with 6 games down and I had a really awesome time, got to catch up with everyone and got to whine about how my Dwarfs are awesome and that Bear Cavalry are awesome and they'll be coming soon (YOU ALL KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN). I managed to pull out 4 Wins (15-5, 15-5, 13-7, 11-9) and 2 losses (7-13, 0-20 (F****** Daemons)) So I'm very, very pleased on how I did. And I'm really happy in how my list preformed, cept on the 5th game where one of my Hammerer blocks failed their rerollable Ldr 9 break test! Game breakdowns and placement table will be soon (probably tomorrow).

On to the Chaos Dwarf subject. So today when I was putting my Dwarfs back into the display cabinet I was having a look at my Mantic Hammerers and thought... hey, these guys could quite well do for looking like their evil cousins far east from their mountain home and realized that I had about 75% of my CD army that I planned on building at home! I've got my 40 Hobgoblins with about 12 painted, all my Infernal Guard which are painted and my Lords/Heroes which I pulled out all needing to be painted. And as of five minutes ago, I've just ordered two Deathskricker Rocket Launchers and two Magma Cannons from Mantic Games, for about $110NZD. So all that is left needed is my K'daai Destroyer model which I plan on getting soon. It will either be a big bull/ minotaur it fits in with the lore, the descriptions at least), a big ass fiery looking bear, that's right... a bear, WON'T IT LOOK JUST BAD ASS. Or a big ass fiery moose, again... will also looking flippen *go's into a high pitched voice* AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING. And it also adds in some Canadian flavor.

At some points their will be a video covering the NZTC from Sam Whitts channel -

And you'll get to see my pretty face a view times, I know.... so privileged you all are! 

See yea tomorrow.


  1. I gave you a bear dude. Nice to see it on the table in a couple of vids.

  2. Yea, made into a unit filler for my Dwarf warriors. Covers about 8 of them!