Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Flames of War

Sorry for not posting in a while, just worked 45 hours for my first week which was good, but didn't have time for much else

Quick update, bought loads of Flames of War stuff with some of my first paycheck as you do as a wargamer it seems!

1 Brit Infantry Platoon
1 Brit Infantry Company Command Team
6 Ram Kangaroo tanks
Brit Artillery Platoon (4 25pdrs including Command, Staff and Observer)
Market Garden Book
Canadian Dice & token set

So lots of stuff to build and paint which is good, my current list looks likes this

Canadian Infantry Company (Late War - 1750pts) - (Market Garden Book)

Infantry Platoon, Ram Kangaroos, .50 Cals-225
Infantry Platoon, Ram Kangaroos, .50 Cals-225
x3 Universal Carrier, .50cals-125
Canadian Armored Recce (2 Sherman V's, 2 Fireflys), .50cals-475
Canadian Armored Recce (2 Sherman V's, 2 Fireflys), .50cals-475
Artillery Section, 25pdrs-195

Also, my Centaurs came in so I'll build those and post some pics!



  1. Congrats on the job. Looks like you have a bit of painting ahead of you there!

    1. Yea cheers, really enjoying it at the moment :D. Both the CARs are painted, along with one of the Infantry platoons. I'm also thinking about dropping the Carriers for some 6 pdrs (4 of them to be exact and there painted as well), AP 11 and HE is pretty dang impressive for 150pts and with me on the defensive most of the time, the ambush with them would be nice as well. No dedicated Recce would be the weakness though, along with no AA.

      Have you had a chance to look at those Land Mattresses yet? How are they look, I assume they play almost like Nebs?

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