Tuesday, 18 December 2012


So I managed to get snag the last spot for HomeCon which is sort of a casual thing at Peter Dunns place (12/13 January with a BBQ as well... awwwwesome) so I'll bring my Dwarfs down most likely, I really want to try my new 2013 tournament list, but that all depends on when my 42 hammerers come in (around early Jan hopefully) and how long it can get me to get them painted. I've decided that I won't play with unpainted armies anymore which is quite a revelation for me really, but a good one :D. So If I don't get them painted in time, I'll just have to rule with my normal artillery park and constantly laugh at opponents. Until they reach my lines and I realize my three blocks just won't cut it! (3 units 30 I noticed just won't do it for some reason...). But my army will be ready in time for Natcon and the rest of the year.

Monday, 17 December 2012

FoW Update!

So here are the pictures for the Infantry and Bren Carrier models I got last weekend or the weekend before. re-based the Infantry and repainted the Brens.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Quick Update

So I managed to get my hands on a infantry platoon and three Bren Carriers for only $20 which is a fantastic deal! The Infantry were painted nicely and I just needed to re-base them and repaint the Brens.

On another note I've ordered some Warmachine Models - 10 Winterguard, Winterguard Officer + Standard, 3 Rocketieers, Jozef Grigorovich and Epic Warcaster Sorscha and some 30mm and 50mm bases all for $120 which isn't bad at all (All from Waylandgames)

left: What the models look like that I have ordered (exluding the Warjack (Destroyer) Model.)

I'll also post some pictures of the FoW models I got later tonight when I can get my hands on the camera :D.


Friday, 7 December 2012

Chirstmas break for blog

Hey guys, sorry for not posting in a while, due to Chirstmas coming up, I'll be taking a short break just until boxing day, then I'll be posting pic on all the new goodies I got from Santa... erm... my parents I mean*.

With the Warhammer tournament season being over for a while there won't be to much to post, cept pictures of recently painted models and such or some army list that pops up in my mind that I think can work (most of the time I'm just full of crap though lol). However, I might post something soon if anything pops up that is worth any interest :D.


I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Master's Results

Well the Masters have gone and past and the here are the results. Masterton's very own Peter W came second which is awesome due the underdog status giving to him because of his list. I thought it looked fine. But then again, who gives a crap about a Dwarfs opinion eh?

Congrats to Tom Dunn for taking out the fantasy tournament. Tom, Peter would be proud :D.

I have strong beliefs that I have some (a little) chance of getting to the Masters next year. Just got keep my head and the game, if Runefang (March I think), and the nationals (Easter Weekend) do me well, I should be in a good spot :D.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Flames of War update!

So here is the current state of my Flames of War army. I've played a few games (proxying some models like Russian infantry for the Rifle platoon and what not), the army will be finished around late December as I'm getting some 8 25" Pdrs and an infantry platoon from Santa *cough* *cough*... my parents, which will round out the entire army from 1750pts to 2000pts.

Note: Exclude the SP 25" Pdr Sextons, I won't actually be using these models, to expensive points wise for what they do, I just really like the models.

My Current lists;


2 Sherman V's, 2 .50 cals
3 Sherman V's, 1 Firefly, 2 .50 cals
3 Sherman V's, 1 Firefly, 2 .50 cals
3 Sherman V's, 1 Firefly, 2 .50 cals
3 Stuarts
4 M10 Achilles (17" Pdr Variant)
4 25" Pdrs
Full Strength Infantry Platoon


2 Sherman V's, 2 .50 cals
3 Sherman V's, 1 Firefly, 4 .50 cals
3 Sherman V's, 1 Firefly, 4 .50 cals
3 Sherman V's, 1 Firefly, 4 .50 cals
3 Stuart V's
2 Staghound I's, 1 Dingo, 1 .50 Cal
4 M10 Achilles (17" Pdr Variant)
8 25" Pdrs
Full Strength Infantry Platoon

I've tried other lists like the Guards Armoured Div from Hells Highway and the British Armoured lists from Fortress Europe but the costs for Vets are waaaaaay over priced and they just don't work in my opinion. Where as trained get a lot more for what they are worth... ergo, "Trained" but its not just that, the points that they are worth are actually about correct where as Vet Brit tanks shouldn't be what they are, which are 370-385pts where trained they are only worth 275-290pts.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Good luck to all the Masters contenders

Hey guys, quick shoutout to all the Masters contenders, I wish you all the best and hope you guys kick some ass. Specially Skaven ass ;D.

Good luck :D.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Vermintide Results

I would have posted yesterday but I was zonked and wasn't up to typing lots of words. But here are some Batreps.


James and his High Elves.

Never played James before, but he's a really nice guy and I was happy I got to play him for once (He was also kind enough to not count my cannon as burning as I didn't mean to even submit a list with a single burning cannon!). So the game was Dawn Attack and was lucky enough to get all my stuff deployed in the middle, right in front of a forest which was awesome! I was tad bit scared of the Dragon Princes and the Lord, but James hid them behind a building, choosing not to engage my Dwarfs, naturally. I then shot up the White Lions enough  to comfortably engage them with my warriors, killing them, along with the BSB. The Lord also died due to a cannon shot in the balls! 14-6 win to me.

Game 2!

Sam Whitt and his Orcs and Goblins (YUUSSSSSSSSSSSSS!)

I was finally determined to get some goddamn tournaments off him. The game was Meeting Engagement. We rolled to see who was in reserve, I rolled a one for my cannon... BUT nothing else, Sam rolled a one for one of his Pump Wagons. I did my classic sand castle move, deploying my whole army (besides the cannon...) right in the corner, everyone pissed and moaned about it, some took pictures... I loved it. I truly love the fact when people complain about an army who's book is outdated and its units under powered... the attention is great... IT FEEDS ME! the only real part of Sam's army the scared me were the Trolls and the Savage Orc Big Un's. Every thing else was just candy for my cannon. My cannon shot up all the chariots and my Quarrelers killed both the Pump Wagons, while the Pump Wagons killed two Quarrelers. I managed to run down (RUN DOWN!!!!) the trolls with my Dwarfs due to me winning combat on turn 4 giving enough points to secure a tie... so I thought! Until I realized I didn't have an Engineer on my cannon (my cannon had one wound left at the end of the game) so I gave 130pts to Sam giving him the victory, 11-9 loss, STILL A TIE for Dwarfs! My mission was complete... I finally got some tournament points off these elusive Orcs and then bare foot general.

Game 3!

David Appleby and his Skaven

I always like playing David, great player and always fun to play against. The game was Watch Tower and I won the roll to control it. I put my Quarrelers in it hoping they could hold out for a few turns. I manged to socre three wounds with my cannon onto the Doomwheel until those damn poison pansies killed the cannon, but my warriors finished it off. David managed to dislodge my unit from the tower, I then thought the game was lost, but I then charged the tower with one of the warrior blocks, two combats laters and some failed stubborn tests, the Skaven BSB was gone, and the tower was MINE! 15-5 win for me!

Game 4!

Peter Williamson and his Tomb Kings

I've been playing Peter at the Marauders for ages, but never got the chance to play him at a tournament, probably because he was up at the top I was cruising around the middle/bottom. But now was my chance, now was the chance for COMPLETE VICTORY! I back lined my entire army to give my cannon some time to kill the Necrosphinx and the Knights. Peter went first, moved up, then casted some magic to give him a second move, so I had once chance with my cannon to kill the damn Necrosphinx and failed, he then charged into a block of warriors, failing there terror, running off the board, GOOD START! My turn was me just shooting some X-bows into the Knights, causing a wound. Peters second turn saw him charging his Knights into my Quarrelers, killing them, failed my break test, running off the board, my last warriors block failed its panic test due to the Quarrlers poping... running off the board... GAME. 20-zipp to Peter by turn two. The first thing I said after that was "I NEED A PISS!"

I was about to walk out of the hall and just yell something fierce, but after my pee, I was back my happy little self. I knew I had no chance of getting into the top three after that.


Matthew Collet and his High Elves

Going into the game I thought, take out the Eagles, Dragon Princes and BSB and then GRAVY! This idea game to fruition on turn 6 after he killed off my Quarrelers, I won buy 500pts. 18-7 for me.

Well, my goal was to get into the top five at the end of the tounrament (to finally prove that Dwarfs CAN make it into the top five). I came 6th (out of 20)... which is great because it's my best score yet, but I still really wanted to come 5th.

Big thanks to Neil Williamson for organising and umpiring the event, he did a fantastic job.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Who put burning on my cannon!

Well I just realised I put burning on my cannon as a part of my 1200pt list. I usually don't do this unless I have to cannons. And now I'm facing Dragon Princes and a Lord with a Dragon helm on the first game! The exact reason I don't take burning on a loan cannon! Oh well.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vermintide lists and first round match ups

Well the first round match ups along with lists were sent out yesterday or the day before, and I'll be facing High Elves, with a lord choice, WHOOPY! Played by James Milner, never played him before, should be interesting :D.

Good to see that Dwarfs are the favored lists.. tied with High Elves. And I thought I would talk about the three Dwarf lists, just put in my opinion really ;D.

Matthew Hassel: Top bloke, but his list, interesting, the "Thane of Pane" interests me a lot, but if against other "dedicated" killy heroes, it really doesn't stand a chance. The GT over the cannon really comes down to the situation he's in, he could really have GT or a cannon, a cannon is a tad more accurate when trying to hit single targets, but the GT can block smash as well Monster hunt, so it really comes down to the person's taste. I chose a cannon simply because it's more accurate at taking down key targets, like other artillery, lords and heroes. I can't say much about the Runelord, I almost took one, but I can see the others point, to many points in a 1200 game. Runesmiths can still be quite good at anti-magic. The Organ Gun is always a nice touch, good chaff/block killer until the damn thing blows up.

Adam Richards: Plenty of drops, but I think those blocks of Quarrellers will die pretty quickly. I never really see Quarrellers as good dedicated shooting units, but as small combat blocks capable of shooting a few shots. That's why they should always be kitted out with Great Weapons so they are actually able to kill something. I tend to see Quarrllers as small flanking units, I know, Dwarfs and flanking is pretty bold but none the less, I stick by what I say. The Bolt Throwers are a good call, you could get three for one cannon almost, but those things work on ballistic skill, but hey if they work, THEY WORK! However, if they don't, they're only a 45-60pt loss. He shouldn't have put burning on one of them, just in case someone brings along regen and what not.

My list. I'm happy with what I'm bringing, two units of 30 guys in only 1200pts is pretty scarry as they can lost quite long and still return a solid punch and then a small block to get around the sides hopefully. A cannon to take out key targets and then some cheap heroes.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Flames of War

Quick update

So getting my first real games of FoW with my army! Well, with Russian infantry being posed in for Canadians...

Got introduced to a chap named Warren Hart through my stepdad Vince Cholewa who go's to the Hutt Club as well (Vince is a avid Historical Wargamer who used to play with Peter Dunn and when they were young, but then Peter went to go play with Big Boy toys, FANTASY, WOOT! And Warren just lives in Featherston so, he's going to come around and we'll play a few games of FoW, familiarize myself with the rules a bit better, and have a good time!

Monday, 5 November 2012


Just got an email from Mike King talking to us about the nationals coming up in April of next year at the Hutt Club (which I am a member of) so I'm defiantly in on the three days (8 Games) of wargaming. Well, after five games I end up feeling like crap and once I get home from a tournament I usually just end up falling a sleep so I'll be sure to stack up on sugar and energy drinks for sure. But it got me to thinking about lists. They also raised the bar making the cap at 2500pts giving me another 100 to play with but nocking down warmachines to only four :(. I tell you, when ever I have spare time, I am constantly thinking 'aboot' lists, tactics and way to beat people.... *cough*...SAM! I have got two lists worked out.

Runesmith, Scroll, Stone, Shield-102
Thane, BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge-165
40 Warriors, Std, Mus-415
40 Warriors, Std, Mus-415
36 Hammerers, Std, Mus-450
36 Hammerers, Std, Mus-450
Cannon, Forging, Burning-130
Cannon, Forging-125
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

Runesmith, x3 Scroll, Shield-147 (HAHA!)
Thane, BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge-165
Dragon Slayer, Rune of Speed, Rune of Fire-60
Dragon Slayer-50
Dragon Slayer-50
40 Warriors, Std, Mus-415
15 Rangers, Crossbows, Great Weapons, Mus-215
36 Hammerers, Std, Mus-450

36 Hammerers, Std, Mus-450

Cannon, Forging, Burning-130
Cannon, Forging-125
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

The second list is more flexible in the sense where I can chuck some unbreakable single models at some chaff or some big str 3 hordes that can only get 6 attacks on to them. But the other list is more sturdy and can hold better (both lists can do that pretty well but another block of 40 warriors sorta takes the cake in the category). I'm also starting to go with just double cannons and double organ guns instead of the all or nothing double GT's + Master Engineer, saves me points are more reliable in taking out monsters and key units.

Now, back to thinking about Vermintide and how I'm going to make this 1200pt list kick some ass!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Quick change of list

Now Neil was kind enough to let me quickly change my list. After some persuasion from John and and Sam from my Warmachine/Hero heavy list (hey I thought it would be hilarious, but that was as far it was going to get!) So I've changed it up some.

Runesmith, Stone, Scroll-100
Thane, BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge-165
29 Warriors, GW, Std, Mus-305
29 Warriors, GW, Std, Mus-305
15 Quarrallers, GW, Mus-200
Cannon, Forging-125


Muuuuch better :D.

Just on a side note, I so would be taking a level 4 if I could with metal and just throw 6 dice final trans at heavy thing that breathes and then yelling "TAKE IT OFF!"

Friday, 2 November 2012

Vermintide List and some practice

Got some practice in against Aaron and his Ogres for Vermintide. He tried a few lists, but he list with 9 Ogres, a level 4, BSB, 3 Sabre Tusks, and a big ass Thundertusk he seemed to enjoy more.

I won 2 of the three games quite comfortably so its a good sign. I've already sent in my list so I don't see why I can' show it off now!

Runelord, Mro Balance, Stone, Shield-197
Thane, BSB, Stone, Shield-97
Runesmith, Stone, Shield-77
Master Engineer, Stone-75
30 Warriors, GW, FC-325
Grudge Thrower, Ro Pen x2, Ro Accuracy, Engineer-170
Grudge Thrower, Ro Pen, Ro Accuracy-130
Cannon, Ro Forging-125

I was hoping Neil would be nice to us Dwarfs and let us bring more then just three warmachines, because then I would have brought along two Organ Guns as well. But alas, the world is cruel and unfair...

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Skitterleap Game 3

Dark Elves, Watch Tower, Sam Whitt. I was determined to finally get a friggen tournament point off him.

Now I had a saved draft of a current game three post, which some how got deleted (I was going to finish it when I got home from school which is pissed me off a tad bit because I wrote something like 400 words) So what I'm going to to is give a break down on how Sam played his units and how I tried to deal with them and my overall plan for the game.

Deployment was quite standard, deployed everything in defensive formation to protect the warmachines and won the role to control the watch tower so I put a unit of 20 gobbos in it. I was hoping they'd hold long enough for my K'daai and Bull Centaurus to close in and support them before they ran off. That was the plan  overall plan, hold the watch tower and then hang on and keep as much alive as possible...

His first units that got me thinking were his fast Cav and Shades, at the start of the game I figured they would be quite easy to take on and remembering they're not tough, nor are they are strong, just really friggen annoying. But the mistake I made was trying to face them, and what I mean by this was when he scouted his shades around my warmchines, specifically my magma cannon, I was dumb enough to try to turn and face them to scare them off.

His Flying BSB with the Pendant I had almost no answer for, unless Sam got really unlucky with rolling. And I knew he would run the thing straight into my K'daai first chance he got. And I could do nothing about it because during deployment, I had less drops and he would just simply line his bsb up with my K'daai where ever I put the damn thing.

The Lord on Dragon was also quite difficult to handle (though I put a few wounds on through goblin shooting!) and he had a crazy ward save and the dragon had 6 wounds.

The Hydra didn't scare me that much, he hid it behind the watchtower and kept throwing it at the gobbos inside killing like 8 each go knowing at some point he would just kill them (I also found out you could thunderstomp in a building, I owe a person an apology! What I should have done, was indirect fire it once or twice to get it out of the way and help my goblins hold on longer.

The power of hindsight!

His magic didn't worry me, he had a level two and no scroll. So I thought I would get off a few spells during the coarse of the game.

The problem I faced was that his army was much faster then mine, heaps of Fast Cav and flyers... damn elves. During the coarse of the game I found my self getting redirected quite easily and put into situations I didn't want to be in, I was playing Sam's game from the outset. My Centaurs were distracted by my own fault so they couldn't support the goblins. (Back at camp the centaurs promised the goblins they would relive them at first light and having this in their minds they held on with grim and 'green' determination when the shit it the fan but the promise was never fulfilled and the goblins went MIA shortly after *sniffles*) 

My K'daai was trapped and could only hold on and try and live as much as he could, but combat res got the best of the him and he was killed after three rounds of combat... did I have ever tell you I hate elves?

All the Warmachines were gone my turn five and both goblin units melted. I did however ever manage to shoot off one unit of fast cav with the level 2 as well, and also managed to kill the unit of Cold One Knights.

But all that was left at the bottom turn five was my block of infernal guard and the the lord and hero inside, so they caned the mission and did a mad dash to the watch tower only to be beaten by shades and trapped, the hyrdra shortly charged the them in the front with the BSB and Lord in their backs. I'll tell yea, they've seen better days.

0-20 loss... Sam, I WILL GET A DAMN point off you one day, your just lucky we're not aloud grudge matches at Vermintide! But in all, it was a fun game and it's always a pleasure playing Sam and he is always in good spirits, even when he's caning my ass... every time and though I had to suffer through another big loss, I really enjoyed the game.

Day 1 ended! Quick story, me, Neil, Peter W and Sam were having a chat at the Khandalla pub/restaurant and Peter W felt like calling me out that I only had 15pts at the end of the first day. So I assured and promised him two 20-0 wins were coming up. Did I follow through.. wait and see!

P.S: Speaking of Vermintide, registrations close this Saturday and at the moment there are only have five people registered, which is not enough and there are people who want to but are have registered yet, me being one of  them, but I just sent Neil an email confirming I'll be going and my army list as well.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Game 2 Skitterleap

This one is a quick one.

Hamish and his Warriors of Chaos.  Blood and Glory

We deployed and Hamish got to go first.

WC Turn 1: Nothing much happened, moved up, and missed the the hell cannon shot.

CD Turn 1: Moved up a tiny bit, didn't move the K'daai because for some reason I wanted to play him safe, lord knows why. Magic phase; casted Curse of Hashut (Sniping spell, 2d6 hits -targets Toughness) rolled double 6's, then rolled a 4 on the 2d6, so got no dice to snipe with... I then roled a 3 on the miscast table, blowing up 14 infernal guard, 9 Hobgoblins and sucking my Sorcerer into the warp. How I love magic. No combat.

WC Turn 2: Hamish moves up more, fire's his hellcannon, hits and wounds K'daai I fail my 4+ ward and he rolls a 6 for wounds... how I love artillery, IRONY?!

The rest of the game was pretty much a clean up session, I thought I could still grab a few points, but being down 790pts in turn 2 was quite demoralizing. But I tried anyways. At the end of turn five all the wast left for me was my Dreadquake Mortar. To be honest it was still a fun game and Hamish was one of the funner guys to play against

Magic eh...

Sam Whitt next, I was determined to a get a bloody tournament point off him this go around!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tournament (Game 1) and expectations met?

Well Skitterleap went down on the weekend and I enjoyed it heaps, Bo Patterson go best sports, Sam Whitt  got best painted (Dark Elves) and Joe Dixon got first overall with his Warriors of Chaos. I came 14th which I'm happy with, as I can see I'm still slowly improving, from Runefang with 5 losses, Horned Rat with 1 win 4 losses, CTA with 2 wins and 3 losses and now Skitterleap with 3 wins and 2 losses. I totally met my expectations, I enjoyed my self heaps while leaving with three wins (15-5, 18-2, 14-6)

Game 1! (I'll be describing each game in their own post because I won't have time to post all games or the first day and second day)

My first game was against Bo Patterson and his Lizardmen. Since it was my first game, I was looking forward to using the K'daai and could finally see it in action, this thought was shortly cut down at the top of turn two! But anways, it was dawn attack, and Bo seemed to deploy alright, I however, managed to get everything in the middle besides the Rocket Launcher. and I had to deploy my K'daai facing his flank to Bo's army... 1st turn goes to Bo. He moved his skinks in position to take the big guy down and my warmachines, and I could see this happening but could pretty much to nothing about it besides run the guy away but then that would be a waste of 325 points. I would simply just be stalling the K'daai's demise. He moved his salamanders up to burn my goblins and turn the air into a burning, hot green mess. He casted some magic then he shot his skinks at my warmachine but only doing one wound to the magma cannon with 40 shots was it? No combat.

My turn 1 consisted of me turning my K'daai around and throwing the thing in his face as best as I could. Moved my infernal guard up a little, I casted Ash Storm on the unit of 40 Saruas which were on the far flank so I wouldn't have to worry about them for a little bit, I tried casting fireball on one of the units of skinks but it got dispelled. My shooting phased consisted of me turning his temple guard into a fine paste, that Slann was GOING DOWN! He only had like 6-8 Temple Guard left at the end of the first turn.

I would go into other turns, but what really happened for the next five turns was me trying to shoot at his damn Slann putting it on to one wound, TWICE. while he regenerated them back, when I finally, at the bottom of turn five (our last turn because we ran out of time) casted Flames of Azgorth and turned the Frog into some sort of goo. On his side, he was trying to posion my WM's to death my only could get the Magma Cannon. The only other thing that has not been addressed his Bo rolling three 6's on his break test on his unit of 40 saraus at the bottom of turn 5 as well, then me running them down.]

15-5 win.

Game two to follow

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My list and "expectations" for Skitterleap

Sorcerer Prophet, level 4 Hashut, Peservation, Enchanted Shield, Channeling Staff-370
Infernal Castallen, BSB, Mask of the Furance, Shrieking Blade, Shield-207
Daemonsmith Sorcerer, level 1 Fire, Scroll-120
27 Infernal Guard, FC, Razor Banner-401
20 Hobgoblins, Bows-100
20 Hobgoblins, Bows-100
6 Bull Centaurs, GW, Std, Mus-315
Magma Cannon-145
Deathskrieker Rocket Launcher-100
Dreadquake Mortar, Slave Ogre-215
K'daai Destroyer-325

2393 Overall

So, if you haven't noticed, its pretty much the exact same list Sam Whitt used back at Horned Gobbo/Rat. But what I have changed is that I've dropped the shields on the Centaur unit (I mean they still have a three up against shooting and are T5 with 3W which I think is enough to get into combat quick enough) in exchange for a skrieking blade, was it a good decision, I'll find out, a infantry unit that causes fear could always come in handy. The Channeling staff was sort of a Dwarfy touch on my end, I'm still not used to the fact that I can't dispel everything that comes at me and it always catches me by surprise when someone gets off more then two spells a game :P. So an extra dispel dice once every often is nice.

My expectations for the tournament are not big nor are they small. I do hope I end up somewhere in the middle as that would be a great placing for me :D. My expectations for the list are well, I'm not sure, the list it self looks fine, but they aren't Dwarfs, well they are kinda, maybe... a litte? So I don't know them off the back of my hand. I'm slowly learning each units strengths and weaknesses and I'm sure I can do well. Just gotta think a bit harder which is fine.

But hey, at least I get to play with the other two phases in the game, what are they called again? Movement and Maa..g..ic?

On another more off topic note, I just found out I passed NCEA level 3 which is great.

Now... exams *groans as typing*

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Sherman V

 Well, I've built all my Sherman V's and Firefly's that I got for my birthday and now I have painted my first one! It's incomplete though because I have planned to drape over the back the old Dominion Flag of Canada, since the tank in the picture is my CnC and all :D.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Good looking WoC army on Trademe

I just had a look on trade me and there is this very nice looking army going up on trademe for 500 bucks (currently has 3 bids), now I'm not going to bid on it because I cannont afford nor does WoC appeal to me but just thought I would inform you guys and post a link if your interested.


Monday, 8 October 2012

M4A4's and Firefly's have come in

So I picked out my models today at the post office and everything is in one piece, at the moment, I've built the all the Fireflys the CnC and the 2iC. Once I finish all the models and paint them up, I'll post some pictures up.


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Chaos Dwarf list for Skitterleap

Now before I send in my money to Pete Dunn I thought I would just quickly post my list up for all you guys to see.

Sorcerer Prophet, level 4 Hashut or Metal (Haven't decided yet), Talisman of Preservation. Enchanted Shield-355
Infernal Castellan (Stubborn Thane pretty much with better armour), BSB, shield, Mask of the Furnace (4+ Ward, 2+ Ward vs Fire)-202
Daemonsmith, level 1 Fire, Scroll-120 (Master Engineer with the ability to throw fire balls!)
27 Infernal Guard, FC, Razor Banner-401 (Shield Warriors with 1+ Strength and Save and AP)
20 Hobgoblins, Bows-100 (My Super Duper Killer unit that everyone should go for first)
20 Hobgoblins, Bows-100 (Same as above... I mean it!)
6 Bull Centaur Renders, Std, Mus, Shields, GW-345 (CAVARLY, with 2 strength 6 attacks each with 2+ saves against shooting and 3+ in combat, T5 as well )
Magma Cannon-145(Works like the old Dwarf Flame Cannon)
Deathshrieker Rocket-100 (works like a cannon and has the ability to shoot a large blase str 3 flaming thing)
Dreadquake Mortar, Slave Ogre-215 (A 6 wound artillery piece that works like a str 5 grudge thrower and has the quake rule)
K'daai Destoryer-325 (The thing that NOBODY should attack and just ignore because its crap and I only put it in the army because I'm a good sport)... serious :D.

It also seems that I'm 8 points over, but I'll fix that. But regarless of the points be over, the list will pretty much look like this with the fix as well.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012


As some of you may know ('video' gamers) Mists of Pandaria was released on the 25th and I've been really enjoying it, I've been playing World of Warcraft since its release way back in 04 so I might be a tad bit more distracted then normal, so blog posting might be at a minamal but all my wargaming porjects will remain on track!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Current and Future Plans

Just thought I'd do a quick update on what I'll be doing wargaming wise from now and to the end of the year.

So at the moment my 18th Birthday is coming up in eleven days and other then the boozing that comes along with it I'll also be playing with some new models! So I've asked my parents very kindly to buy some models for the occasion, so what I'll be getting is 11 Shermans, 3 Fireflys, an OP Sherman, a Rifle Platoon and another Sexton (which works out to around 145 dollars NZD, oh and also a bottle of Lindower Reserve lol!)which will round out my 1750pt Canadian armoured which I'll try and paint before the 31st of this month which will be a mission but I think I can get it done.

The next tournament I'll be participating in is Skitterleap (Run my Peter Dunn) which I'll be using Sam's Chaos Dwarfs that he is kindly letting me use for the tournament, I've been proxying with my Dwarf models for practice.  I think it is on October 17th ... I think, I'll have to check the little peice of paper I got at CTA's to be sure. The second one I'll be attending is Vermintide (Run my Neil Williamson) which is on the 17th of November which is my favorite one because I think 1200pts is a really good points level, and its a one day tournament with five games squeezed into it which gives me my sunday free to other things.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pics of Current FoW Army

Hey guys, just thought I would post some pics of the all the stuff I've got painted for my Canadian/Polish Armored LW.

Sorry about the quality and quantity of pictures, I had quite a few more, but these were of the best quality so I thought I would just put these up.

Note: The reason my Stuarts look quite dirty is because I was thinking these things things are used for Recon and speed, so I thought I would paint as it has just been fighting through Normandy from June-July 1944. I think they came out quite nicely.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Old Glory Sextons just came in

Well, my Sexton 25" SPG just came in yesterday, so along with building and undercoating them, I did them same with my Stuart V's. So All I need to do is paint those up and purchase 11 Shermans, 3 Fireflys and an ARV.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Been gone for a while

Hey guys, sorry for not posting for almost a week, I've been down in Taupo for a hockey tournament and internet usage was at a minimal (we were seeded 13th out of 16 teams and came 5th which was pretty kick ass 2 wins, 2 losses and 2 ties. Very good result).

Just thought I would let you all know.


Monday, 27 August 2012

Two Lists, very much the same, working on a thought

Heres my thought, In the usual list I take "Go big or go Home" is what I call, meaning I take five warmachines (two OG's, two GT's and a Cannon for good measure.) I put in a unit of 14 Quarrallers to use as my only infantry shooting unit to kill off the odd knight or chaff, but what I am noticing is that these guys just don't kill enough for their points (173pts) (I also can't make them rangers or give them GW because with this type of list, something has to give pts wise, and its the no GW's on Quarrallers) and it got me thinking. Why not add in some characters? Maybe two Slayers and another Master Engineer?

Here's my current list:

Runelord, Balance, Spellbreaking, Resistance, Stone, Furnace, Shield
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge
Master Engineer, Stone
30 GW Warriors FC
30 GW Warriors FC
29 Hammerers FC
14 Quarrallers, Shields, Mus
Str 5 GT, Accuracy, Engineer
Str 4 GT, Accuracy, Engineer, Burning
Organ Gun
Organ Gun
Cannon, Forging, Engineer


Runelord, Balance, Spellbreaking, Resistance, Stone, Furnace, Shield
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge
Master Engineer, Stone
Master Engineer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
30 GW Warriors FC
30 GW Warriors FC
29 Hammerers FC
Str 5 GT, Accuracy, Engineer
Str 4 GT, Accuracy, Engineer, Burning
Organ Gun
Organ Gun
Cannon, Forging, Engineer

So I'm thinking those dragon slayers will . . . (I think) work better for protecting my warmachines/redirecting and a second reroll on the artillery dice is always nice to have as well.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

No Vermintide for me!

Well I just found out that MOD 1 of the Army Reserve forces are on the 17th of Nov, so I won't be able to attend the tournament which is really unfortunate because its my favorite one and I really enjoy the premise of 1200pts and 5 games in a day.

My twin brother also planned on attending with Chaos Dwarfs, but as he is going to the reserve as well he won't be able to as well, team Canada is going to have to call it a miss this year :(

I even had T-Shirt ideas ... *sigh*

Friday, 24 August 2012

Desperate times call for ... Cardboard!

Well, some of you may know already that Sam Whitt, is being very kind in letting me use his Chaos Dwarfs for Skitterleap which will be a very nice change for once. So I be get practicing with the army, which I will be proxying with my 'good' dwarfs, but I still don't have some of the models like; The Magma Cannon, Deathskrieker Rocket, Dreadquake Mortar, Bull Centaur Renders and the K'daai Destroyer Model ... SO! I'll be using card board bases that are measured out to the correct base size, like the K'daai's 100m X 150mm etc and righting down on them what they are yada yada yada. When I'm playing with the army, I'll feel quite silly, but its all for the greater good and I don't really mind doing that until October

On another note, I've been looking through the CD book that Sam let me borrow and the army looks really really fun to play and at some point I'll end up buying the actual Throne of Chaos book for ... an arm and a leg (45 pounds = 90 flippen dollars). And for my 18th birthday coming up on the 28th of Sept I'll be buying some CD, specifically 30 Infernal Guard, 40 Hobgoblins, Infernal Castallan, Sorcerer Lord and Engineer Sorcerer model, oh and 6 Bull Centaurs! I'm hoping to get those guys finished and painted/based around the end of November which will be my goal setting!

So there it is, my second army will be ... more bloody Dwarfs, HA!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Army

Hey guys, just thought I would post a few pics of my army. I was meant to do this Friday last week as a I finished the entire thing but ran out of time and needed sleep for CTA's the next day lol.

Note: 18 of the hammerers are borrowed from Peter Williamson which I must return at some point and buy the rest and paint them up!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Team Tournament in Feb 2013

I'm still meaning to put up some batreps from CTA's, buuuuut, I recently read on Pete Dunn's blog (Fields of Blood) that he will be running a teams tournament in 2013. I'm really keen for this so if anyone is looking for team mates come close to the date or even now just send me an email (jands-switzer@hotmail.com)


Monday, 20 August 2012

Call to Arms Results!

Slowly improving on my 2012 results, Runefang ... I was last, Horned Rat I think I was 4th last, but now, I'm 17th! Good stuff. I'll post 'full' batreps tomorrow as I will have plenty of time because I don't have many moc exams to do so I get a day off!

1TimJossTomb Kings86.3551.352510
1TomDunnDaemons of Chaos86.3551.352510
3Sam WhittOrcs & Goblins80.5045.502510
4Joelvan de Ven-LongHigh Elves78.5543.552510
5ReidPittamsVampire Counts74.0039.002510
7RaymondDickVampire Counts73.3538.352510
8BasilMoskovisVampire Counts71.4036.402510
9HamishGordonWarriors of Chaos69.4534.452510
11MichaelVercoeWarriors of Chaos68.1533.152510
16JamesMilnerHigh Elves63.5530.55258
19Alistair DennisonWarriors of Chaos61.0026.002510
20KentJacksonVampire Counts59.9527.95257
21AaronHodsonOgre Kingdoms49.2018.20256
22NicholasJebsonOrcs & Goblins47.3014.30258
23JoshuaKennedyDark Elves46.1520.15251
24MathewCollettHigh Elves40.4010.4025