Sunday, 17 March 2013

NatCon and other tournaments

NatCon is getting ever closer and I'm really looking forward to it. Yes I'm bringing my Dwarfs, so everyone can look forward to that. I think my first round is a grudge against Sam and his CD's/O&C's/DE's or whatever he brings, all I know is that I'm going to hopefully... kick some ass. It will be a fun three days. Then I got O' Runefang to look forward to after that, then hopefully the tournament up in Napier... NiCon I think it is called?

be a jammed packed few months, but it will be fun indeed!

For NatCon and Runefang I'll be bringing my Dwarfs, hopefully I'll be able to finish my Chaos Dwarfs for NiCon, show them Napier boys how the Evil stunties do it!


  1. All the best mate its going to be a great weekend. Ill see you at NATCON, Runefang and NICON as well - although only playing WHFB at Runefang planning on taking Dwarfs at this stage.

    Whats your stunty list for NATCON?

    1. Runelord, 2 Scrolls, Balance, Shield, Speed, Stone, Fire
      Thane, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge
      40 Warriors, GW, FC
      16 Quarrellers, Rangers, Mus
      35 Hammerers, FC
      35 Hammerers, FC
      Cannon, Forging, Engineer
      Cannon, Forging, Fire Engineer
      Organ Gun
      Organ Gun

    2. Good luck to you as well John. Kick some ass!