Saturday, 24 March 2012

25th Marauders Meeting

Didn't get much done fantasy wise at today's Masterton Marauders meeting. There was two fantasy games happening but they were only 1200 points. So I had two games of 40k with another chap's Necrons and helped another young bloke out with his new dwarf army, which consisted of 2 units of 14 Thunderers, 3 cannons, organ gun, gyrocopter, 10 quarallers, and a thane, unh.... Well to be fair, shooty dwarfs can work, but without any grudge throwers or anything to counter close combat units, it didn't.

Some 15mm DBA was happening along with some Wings of War.

Oh, and also, if anyone is looking for a game of fantasy in the Wairarapa, or are just passing through with their figures at hand (not sure why you would but we'll chuck that factor in) I've got two big tables and a truck load of really nice terrain. So if you'd like a game just give me an email and we can work something out. (Mine is

And on another note, I here that Peter and Tom Dunn will be coming down from Wellington to our meeting on April the 28th (but this has yet to be confirmed). More info will follow along as the day gets closer

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The 15 Commandments for Dwarfs

Saw this on a forum (Bugmens Brewery) and thought it was clever ;D.

Thou shalt not take non-ranger Longbeards with Great Weapons.
Thou shalt not take lots of bolt throwers.
Thou shalt not take the Flame Cannon of your minuature shelf.
Thou shalt not fail to put protection on your characters, especially your BSB.
Thou shalt not take runic banners on your BSB unless you are working a Strollaz list.
Thou shalt not take Thanes of Pain as a general.
Thou shalt not take Thunderers without shields, unless you are taking 40+, which isn't the smartest idea, unless you have a specific strategy.
Thou shalt not take Daemon Slayers unless it's for the giggles.
Thou shalt not go to war without lots of Great Weapon dwarves.
Thou shalt not put full commmand on units of 10 dwarves.
Thou shalt not overspend on characters.
Thou shalt not take 20 strong combat units in 2k+ games. Thou should take 25+, preferably 30+ unless gun-lining missile units.
Thou shalt not play Warhammer sober, unless you are under the drinking age.
Thou shalt take at least one Runesmith. In competetive environments, thou shalt take Runelord equivalent anti-magic.
Thou shalt never take a cannon without forging, or a grudge thrower without accuracy.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Flames of War

Well "The Plastic Soldier Company" has released its new box of 15mm Firefly/M4A4 tanks (Five tanks in a box for 17.50 quid). And for 66 NZD I can have a 715pt Army. Fantastic price I think. But I'll bring it up to 1000pts by purchasing a rifle platoon and a few Stuart VI's.

Latest Work

Well, my new goal for the Horned Rat is to field an entirely painted army (It will be my first one). And so far I've got around 53% of my army finished. I just finished my unit of Ranger so here it is. :D

Sad face :(

Well I just noticed that I missed the dead line for those free FoW mini rulesbooks from Maelstrom games. (At some point this year I was going to start FoW with the 4th Canadian Armoured.) I could have just bought a a packet of 3 Universal Carriers and get the rule book along with them for free.

But no...


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tweeks to my current 2400pt list

Well, just got the players pack for The Horned Rat V... or Horned Rat V. And I had a look at my 2400 list and the first thing I said was "Bye Bye shield warriors". I really only ever used them for and organ gun guard. I also gave a very sad wave good bye to the Anvil of doom, sure its a really cool item and can do lots of tatical stuff, but for a 175 points, I can afford a grudge thrower with two runes of pen and burning on it, including an engineer for thet price of the AoD.

So here is my list that I've fixed up

Runelord, MRo Balance, Spelleater rune (or 2x spellbreakers), Ro Stone, Shield-248

Thane, BSB, MRo Gromril, MRo of Challenge, Rune of Reistance-165
Master Engineer, Brace of Pistols, Ro Stone-85

30 GW warriors, FC-325
30 GW warriors, FC-325
18 Rangers, Crossbows, Shields, Banner & Musician-285

29 Hammerers, FCG-378
Cannon, Ro Forging, Ro Burning, Engineer-145
Grudge Thrower, Ro Accuracy, x2 Ro Penetrating, Engineer-170
Grudge Thrower, Ro Accuracy, Ro Penetrating, Ro Burning, Engineer-150

Organ Gun-120

As you guys can also see, I've droped the MRo Grugni off the Hammerers, It really only helped prevent the deaths of mabye 5 Dwarfs through a shooting fase or two. Increased the number of rangers by one, added a banner and shields to them as well. Replaced HWS warriors with GW Warriors... really should have done that for runefang but meh. I also added a a grudge thrower AND ADDED runes to both! instead of just one GT with just Ro Burning on it, I've got to deadly horde killers. Also added a master engineer to baby sit all the warmachines... damn gutter runners. With a 129 Dwarfs in total, they should be 'right

Now, If I've done my maths correctly (if I havent, I blame the fact that I havent taken maths in two years) the points total should en up around 2396. But if you guys see different, please to tell me ;D 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Runefang highlights

Well, Runefang went great! (enjoyment wise I mean ;D) I really enjoyed the whole thing. My opponents were really fun to play against and I enjoyed it heaps. But, while enjoying learning new armies and and enjoying the thing, I sorta got my butt handed to me. First Game was against Joel and his Empire army (in which I've never played Empire) and I learned pretty damn quick... damn rocket battery. The Game ended in a 20-0 loss

Second game was against Matthew Hassel and his Dwarfs at which at the begging of the game I though I would win because his Infantry blocks were much smaller then mine, but his "Killy" BSB and Thane (which were attached to a unit of 20 Shield Warriors) really put a number on my GW Warriors. And I was silly enough to charge my Shield Warriors into a wood against his Quarrelers, losing my rank bonuses. The Game ended in a 14-6 loss

The hird game was against Daniel B and his skaven. (again never played this army before) (Dan was also a great opponent by the way, extreamly friendly and a good opponent to play against. The game was really decided when he managed to get a Brass orb onto my Anvil, misfiring and then hitting my anvil and grudge thrower, killing both. BUT I did manage to take out his Abom and a unit of gutter runners AND hold the keep. The game ended in a 15-5 loss

The fourth game was against Hagen Kerr and his Lizards, at which he played extreamly well and gave me dwarfs a beating. The game ended in a 19-1 loss

The last game was against Stuart R and his Warriors of Chaos. This game I enjoyed! Lots of Dead Dwarfs and Warriors. My Faviourt part of the match was when I manged to Rally mu GW warriors, swift reform my Hammers AND then use an extra powerful rune from my anvil, charging, my hammerers into the flank of unit of Chaos warriors, and then charging my GW warriors the front of the same unit! But I also managed to miss twice with my anvil, once with my organ gun, and practically did nothing when it came to shooting! The game ended in a 16-4 loss.

I came second to last in battle points and then I was knocked down to last because of my painting score (I only has about 55% of my army painted)

The tournament was fantastic and I really learned a lot from it. I mean I can't get any better unless I take a few thumps here and there. I was in fact the youngest, and most inexperience player there. But that didn't stop my dwarfs from giving a couple thumps back ;D


Thursday, 1 March 2012

Weather warning!

Well it looks like Saturday is going to be a piss fest with a nice storm coming. Southeasterlies with strong wind, 150mm of rain. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to make to make over the hill along with Neil and others that will be traveling to Wellington.