Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting for a while, after NiCon, I've been furiously painting my K'daai model, which I'll post a picture up later today, I mean, it is 1 am at the moment, lol. Then after that I got get through my Death shrieker rockets and magma cannon plus my heroes, so a little ways to get.

So, as you might guess, I'll be taking Chaos Dwarfs to Horned Gobbo/Rat which I'm really looking forward to, it will be a nice change and a bit a fresh air, I love me Dwarfs, but, getting awfully sick of castling, and I need a change for once. My list won't be the most optimized because won't be able to order my Bull Centaurs and have the time to paint them up and what not, I wouldn't even count on them arriving until after the event but that's OK, like I said, at least its a change of armies :D. Here's the list.

Sorcerer Prophet-375
Level 4 Hashut
Earthing Rod
Enchanted Shield

Infernal Castallen-197
Mask of the Furnace

Level 2 Metal

Hobgoblin Khan-61
Gaint Wolf
Dragon Bane Gem

Hobgoblin Khan-61
Giant Wolf
Charmed Shield

34 Infernal Guard-440
Full Command

30 Infernal Guard-442
Full Command
Razor Standard

Death Rocket-100

Death Rocket-100

Magma Cannon-145

K'daai Destroyer-325

I think I'm one point over so I'm going to have to drop something at some point :P. But yea, that's the general Idea, not the most competitive list but I think it will due in terms of killing shit. lol

Also on another topic, been doing a lot more Magic the Gathering stuff lately, went to my first FNM (Friday night Magic) with my twin bro and a mate at Pulsar max in Wellington, got my face slapped and was left crying in the corner.... well, a tad exaggerated, I beaten sorely more like it. Got thrown around like a helpless 'noob'. I thought I brought a reasonably competitive deck (Red./White Aggro) but I guess not, so after some good advice given to me by some of the locals, I have a better idea of what I'm doing. Unfortunately I'm using like 16 proxy cards (out of a 60 card deck) which is really lame but I'll have to roll with it until I can get my hands on the real deal.

Anyways, good to be back typing useless crap for you guys to waste your time on lol, only joking, my input is so intellectual and wise that I'm making your brain explode with new knowledge every new post you read on here

.... you know it's true.


  1. Dude I can help you out.

    Any CD stuff you wanna borrow you can. Bullcentaurs Hobbos etc. Also I would drop the second level on the Metal Daemonsmith, all you really want is searing doom.

    I have heaps of spare MTG cards too if you were ever interested in looking through them. About 3k cards.

    1. I was going to ask you Sam but I thought you were taking your CDs as well.

      Haven't submitted my list yet which is good! Yea, so if you have the Centaurs and a Khan spare, that would be sweet, cheers.

      You staying at Pete's, if you are bring your cards down would love to have a look, I'm after like 16 specifically. I'll bring mine as well.

  2. Yip no worries mate. I didnt think you liked centaurs?

    1. Yea, I didn't but after a while, I realized that they're the only thing in the book to serve the purpose of cavalry/monstrous cav (other then the hobgoblins, but I wouldn't be putting them into combat against anything bigger then a sheep). And that they do work well, but I just have to be a bit careful on where to put them.

      And they're cool looking models so that's help, and they got some mean ass fluff to.

    2. Just let me know what you need. The Bull centaur heroes are awesome too. Do you have the Tamurkhan book?