Monday, 18 March 2013

NatCon Lists

So the NatCon lists have been emailed out. And all the lists look pretty standard as to what you'll see. Cept for the two Ogre lists without a Slaughter Master which is bold by all means, but I guess I can work, it it allows for the points to spent else like the Stornhorn or Tuskhorn or whatever which Aaron is bringing. My Cannons would love to face that puppy.

The main thing that caught my eye was Neil's "SURPRISE" Dwarf army or the "No Deployment". Two groups of Rangers and 2-3 Miner units + an Anvil made me a giggle as this (I Think) is the first time Neil is playing Dwarfs and this is not the type of list you would normally see from a first time Dwarf player... but hey, the brave and bold tactics always seem to pan out for the best right?!

Other then that, everything else is the same as usual... getting a bit boring really seeing the same armies, but I guess there were a few that are a bit different which is nice for a change.


  1. To be honest Simon I think there are quite a few different armies which is good.

    1. Do you really think so? There are like three that stand out to me as "different" not including mine!

    2. Are we still on for a Grudge????