Monday, 27 August 2012

Two Lists, very much the same, working on a thought

Heres my thought, In the usual list I take "Go big or go Home" is what I call, meaning I take five warmachines (two OG's, two GT's and a Cannon for good measure.) I put in a unit of 14 Quarrallers to use as my only infantry shooting unit to kill off the odd knight or chaff, but what I am noticing is that these guys just don't kill enough for their points (173pts) (I also can't make them rangers or give them GW because with this type of list, something has to give pts wise, and its the no GW's on Quarrallers) and it got me thinking. Why not add in some characters? Maybe two Slayers and another Master Engineer?

Here's my current list:

Runelord, Balance, Spellbreaking, Resistance, Stone, Furnace, Shield
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge
Master Engineer, Stone
30 GW Warriors FC
30 GW Warriors FC
29 Hammerers FC
14 Quarrallers, Shields, Mus
Str 5 GT, Accuracy, Engineer
Str 4 GT, Accuracy, Engineer, Burning
Organ Gun
Organ Gun
Cannon, Forging, Engineer


Runelord, Balance, Spellbreaking, Resistance, Stone, Furnace, Shield
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge
Master Engineer, Stone
Master Engineer
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer
30 GW Warriors FC
30 GW Warriors FC
29 Hammerers FC
Str 5 GT, Accuracy, Engineer
Str 4 GT, Accuracy, Engineer, Burning
Organ Gun
Organ Gun
Cannon, Forging, Engineer

So I'm thinking those dragon slayers will . . . (I think) work better for protecting my warmachines/redirecting and a second reroll on the artillery dice is always nice to have as well.


Saturday, 25 August 2012

No Vermintide for me!

Well I just found out that MOD 1 of the Army Reserve forces are on the 17th of Nov, so I won't be able to attend the tournament which is really unfortunate because its my favorite one and I really enjoy the premise of 1200pts and 5 games in a day.

My twin brother also planned on attending with Chaos Dwarfs, but as he is going to the reserve as well he won't be able to as well, team Canada is going to have to call it a miss this year :(

I even had T-Shirt ideas ... *sigh*

Friday, 24 August 2012

Desperate times call for ... Cardboard!

Well, some of you may know already that Sam Whitt, is being very kind in letting me use his Chaos Dwarfs for Skitterleap which will be a very nice change for once. So I be get practicing with the army, which I will be proxying with my 'good' dwarfs, but I still don't have some of the models like; The Magma Cannon, Deathskrieker Rocket, Dreadquake Mortar, Bull Centaur Renders and the K'daai Destroyer Model ... SO! I'll be using card board bases that are measured out to the correct base size, like the K'daai's 100m X 150mm etc and righting down on them what they are yada yada yada. When I'm playing with the army, I'll feel quite silly, but its all for the greater good and I don't really mind doing that until October

On another note, I've been looking through the CD book that Sam let me borrow and the army looks really really fun to play and at some point I'll end up buying the actual Throne of Chaos book for ... an arm and a leg (45 pounds = 90 flippen dollars). And for my 18th birthday coming up on the 28th of Sept I'll be buying some CD, specifically 30 Infernal Guard, 40 Hobgoblins, Infernal Castallan, Sorcerer Lord and Engineer Sorcerer model, oh and 6 Bull Centaurs! I'm hoping to get those guys finished and painted/based around the end of November which will be my goal setting!

So there it is, my second army will be ... more bloody Dwarfs, HA!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

My Army

Hey guys, just thought I would post a few pics of my army. I was meant to do this Friday last week as a I finished the entire thing but ran out of time and needed sleep for CTA's the next day lol.

Note: 18 of the hammerers are borrowed from Peter Williamson which I must return at some point and buy the rest and paint them up!

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Team Tournament in Feb 2013

I'm still meaning to put up some batreps from CTA's, buuuuut, I recently read on Pete Dunn's blog (Fields of Blood) that he will be running a teams tournament in 2013. I'm really keen for this so if anyone is looking for team mates come close to the date or even now just send me an email (


Monday, 20 August 2012

Call to Arms Results!

Slowly improving on my 2012 results, Runefang ... I was last, Horned Rat I think I was 4th last, but now, I'm 17th! Good stuff. I'll post 'full' batreps tomorrow as I will have plenty of time because I don't have many moc exams to do so I get a day off!

1TimJossTomb Kings86.3551.352510
1TomDunnDaemons of Chaos86.3551.352510
3Sam WhittOrcs & Goblins80.5045.502510
4Joelvan de Ven-LongHigh Elves78.5543.552510
5ReidPittamsVampire Counts74.0039.002510
7RaymondDickVampire Counts73.3538.352510
8BasilMoskovisVampire Counts71.4036.402510
9HamishGordonWarriors of Chaos69.4534.452510
11MichaelVercoeWarriors of Chaos68.1533.152510
16JamesMilnerHigh Elves63.5530.55258
19Alistair DennisonWarriors of Chaos61.0026.002510
20KentJacksonVampire Counts59.9527.95257
21AaronHodsonOgre Kingdoms49.2018.20256
22NicholasJebsonOrcs & Goblins47.3014.30258
23JoshuaKennedyDark Elves46.1520.15251
24MathewCollettHigh Elves40.4010.4025

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Call to Arms News special

T.V 3 came along and did a short little story on wargaming and CTA. Its presented quite well so I'd advise to go have a look.

I'll post some stuff on how I did tomorrow, I'm tired at the moment so can't really be asked to remember a lot of stuff right now.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

CTA's and 40k

There has been lots of discussion on the numbers count for the 40k comp at CTA and as to why it is so low. (lower then 16 I think) Some suggest a lack of advertisement, others say that people aren't so keen anymore (I tend to see it that way) but I'm starting to think that quite a few are indulging to deep into the why. I mean I think the most plain and simple thing is that 40k 6th edt has only been out a few months now and lot of competitive (and even the sem-competitive) people haven't had much time to get to grips with the new rules and its changes ... and there have been a lot of changes!

But I'm just a silly fantasy player, what do I know? :D

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A bit off topic army list thinking

Now usually I don't tend to think to far ahead, and that's with pretty much everything. But in saying that, I am thinking about the next fantasy tournament in which I will be attending in October (Skitterleap). And I was having a think about what type of army I should bring. Here is what I've come up with

Runesmith, 3x Rune of Spellbreaking, Shield-147
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge-165
36 Hammerers, Standard & Musician-450
36 Hammerers, Standard & Musician-450
40 Warriors, GW, FC-425
16 Rangers, Crossbow, GW, Musician-229
Cannon, Forging, Burning, Engineer-145
Cannon, Forging, Engineer-140
Organ Gun-120
Organ Gun-120

The idea behind this was twofold. First, I usually don't do to well against highly competitive army lists, so I wanted something stable that would be very hard to get points out of (yes, a points denial army) but something that can dish out damage. It is also very important to avoid big losses especially against these very tough lists which exploit those losses very well. Second (which I'm assuming) every army is limited to the 450pt max per unit as per tournament rules, I decided to fill those out with two Stubborn Hammerer blocks to hold the flanks (and hold it they shall!), and like always bring the steady kills of the organ guns and the stability and accuracy of the cannon over the go big or go home grudge throwers. Hopefully, this would deplete everything that would come my armies way to a size that's comfortable and less scary for my blocks to handle. The double Organ Guns also provides protection for my cannons against warmachine hunters that are present in EVERY list that includes something worth killing off with a cannon. On and added bonus, there are just some builds that will have a really tough time dealing with my army. Lastly, the Rangers put some pressure on my opponent during his deployment and its pretty easy to find a safe haven where they can preserve their points if needed.

I'll need to buy another 36 more hammerers (Mantic of course, works out to be only 50 bucks instead of GW's 363 dollars ...) for this list, I need to actually put my money where my mouth is and paint them up as skitterleap has a fully painted army requirement, but I'm pretty confident I can get another 36 models painted up in time. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

The Greyness is almost gone!

Well, I'm down to my last 10 figures unpainted/not based and I am going to finish those buggers over the weekend. Once I do, I'll post some pics of the army in all its glory, really exited, will be my first fully painted army ;D.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Call to Arms draws closer

Call to Arms is only 'aboot' a fortnight and a bit away. I do wish the numbers for fantasy were better but all is well. As long as I'm getting five games and a good time, with pies and 'energy' drinks... *cough* *cough* booze on the side, it will be a really good tournament. Hopefully the bring and buy table has some stuff that I might like.

Current list (and most likely one that will come with me to the tournament) is:

Runelord, Balance, Resistance, Scroll, Stone, Furnace, Shield
BSB, Gromril, Resistance, Challenge
Master Engineer, Stone, GW, Pistols
30 Warriors, GW, FC
30 Warriors, GW, FC
29 Hammerers, FC
14 Quarallers, Shields, Musician
Grudge Thrower, Str 4, Accuracy, Burning, Engineer
Grudge Thrower, Str 5, Accuracy, Engineer
Cannon, Forging, Engineer
Organ Gun
Organ Gun

Let the eyes.................... ROLL!