Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Skitterleap Game 3

Dark Elves, Watch Tower, Sam Whitt. I was determined to finally get a friggen tournament point off him.

Now I had a saved draft of a current game three post, which some how got deleted (I was going to finish it when I got home from school which is pissed me off a tad bit because I wrote something like 400 words) So what I'm going to to is give a break down on how Sam played his units and how I tried to deal with them and my overall plan for the game.

Deployment was quite standard, deployed everything in defensive formation to protect the warmachines and won the role to control the watch tower so I put a unit of 20 gobbos in it. I was hoping they'd hold long enough for my K'daai and Bull Centaurus to close in and support them before they ran off. That was the plan  overall plan, hold the watch tower and then hang on and keep as much alive as possible...

His first units that got me thinking were his fast Cav and Shades, at the start of the game I figured they would be quite easy to take on and remembering they're not tough, nor are they are strong, just really friggen annoying. But the mistake I made was trying to face them, and what I mean by this was when he scouted his shades around my warmchines, specifically my magma cannon, I was dumb enough to try to turn and face them to scare them off.

His Flying BSB with the Pendant I had almost no answer for, unless Sam got really unlucky with rolling. And I knew he would run the thing straight into my K'daai first chance he got. And I could do nothing about it because during deployment, I had less drops and he would just simply line his bsb up with my K'daai where ever I put the damn thing.

The Lord on Dragon was also quite difficult to handle (though I put a few wounds on through goblin shooting!) and he had a crazy ward save and the dragon had 6 wounds.

The Hydra didn't scare me that much, he hid it behind the watchtower and kept throwing it at the gobbos inside killing like 8 each go knowing at some point he would just kill them (I also found out you could thunderstomp in a building, I owe a person an apology! What I should have done, was indirect fire it once or twice to get it out of the way and help my goblins hold on longer.

The power of hindsight!

His magic didn't worry me, he had a level two and no scroll. So I thought I would get off a few spells during the coarse of the game.

The problem I faced was that his army was much faster then mine, heaps of Fast Cav and flyers... damn elves. During the coarse of the game I found my self getting redirected quite easily and put into situations I didn't want to be in, I was playing Sam's game from the outset. My Centaurs were distracted by my own fault so they couldn't support the goblins. (Back at camp the centaurs promised the goblins they would relive them at first light and having this in their minds they held on with grim and 'green' determination when the shit it the fan but the promise was never fulfilled and the goblins went MIA shortly after *sniffles*) 

My K'daai was trapped and could only hold on and try and live as much as he could, but combat res got the best of the him and he was killed after three rounds of combat... did I have ever tell you I hate elves?

All the Warmachines were gone my turn five and both goblin units melted. I did however ever manage to shoot off one unit of fast cav with the level 2 as well, and also managed to kill the unit of Cold One Knights.

But all that was left at the bottom turn five was my block of infernal guard and the the lord and hero inside, so they caned the mission and did a mad dash to the watch tower only to be beaten by shades and trapped, the hyrdra shortly charged the them in the front with the BSB and Lord in their backs. I'll tell yea, they've seen better days.

0-20 loss... Sam, I WILL GET A DAMN point off you one day, your just lucky we're not aloud grudge matches at Vermintide! But in all, it was a fun game and it's always a pleasure playing Sam and he is always in good spirits, even when he's caning my ass... every time and though I had to suffer through another big loss, I really enjoyed the game.

Day 1 ended! Quick story, me, Neil, Peter W and Sam were having a chat at the Khandalla pub/restaurant and Peter W felt like calling me out that I only had 15pts at the end of the first day. So I assured and promised him two 20-0 wins were coming up. Did I follow through.. wait and see!

P.S: Speaking of Vermintide, registrations close this Saturday and at the moment there are only have five people registered, which is not enough and there are people who want to but are have registered yet, me being one of  them, but I just sent Neil an email confirming I'll be going and my army list as well.


  1. Great results at Skitterleap mate - really hope they get more than 5 (Im one of them) for Vermintide, going to feel like a wasted trip if I head down there for such a small turnout.

  2. She'll be right mate, I a few others got our crap together and put our names and lists in last night so I predict everything should be fine.

    Last yea it was 14 people which was OK but it was still really enjoyable