Saturday, 17 November 2012

Vermintide Results

I would have posted yesterday but I was zonked and wasn't up to typing lots of words. But here are some Batreps.


James and his High Elves.

Never played James before, but he's a really nice guy and I was happy I got to play him for once (He was also kind enough to not count my cannon as burning as I didn't mean to even submit a list with a single burning cannon!). So the game was Dawn Attack and was lucky enough to get all my stuff deployed in the middle, right in front of a forest which was awesome! I was tad bit scared of the Dragon Princes and the Lord, but James hid them behind a building, choosing not to engage my Dwarfs, naturally. I then shot up the White Lions enough  to comfortably engage them with my warriors, killing them, along with the BSB. The Lord also died due to a cannon shot in the balls! 14-6 win to me.

Game 2!

Sam Whitt and his Orcs and Goblins (YUUSSSSSSSSSSSSS!)

I was finally determined to get some goddamn tournaments off him. The game was Meeting Engagement. We rolled to see who was in reserve, I rolled a one for my cannon... BUT nothing else, Sam rolled a one for one of his Pump Wagons. I did my classic sand castle move, deploying my whole army (besides the cannon...) right in the corner, everyone pissed and moaned about it, some took pictures... I loved it. I truly love the fact when people complain about an army who's book is outdated and its units under powered... the attention is great... IT FEEDS ME! the only real part of Sam's army the scared me were the Trolls and the Savage Orc Big Un's. Every thing else was just candy for my cannon. My cannon shot up all the chariots and my Quarrelers killed both the Pump Wagons, while the Pump Wagons killed two Quarrelers. I managed to run down (RUN DOWN!!!!) the trolls with my Dwarfs due to me winning combat on turn 4 giving enough points to secure a tie... so I thought! Until I realized I didn't have an Engineer on my cannon (my cannon had one wound left at the end of the game) so I gave 130pts to Sam giving him the victory, 11-9 loss, STILL A TIE for Dwarfs! My mission was complete... I finally got some tournament points off these elusive Orcs and then bare foot general.

Game 3!

David Appleby and his Skaven

I always like playing David, great player and always fun to play against. The game was Watch Tower and I won the roll to control it. I put my Quarrelers in it hoping they could hold out for a few turns. I manged to socre three wounds with my cannon onto the Doomwheel until those damn poison pansies killed the cannon, but my warriors finished it off. David managed to dislodge my unit from the tower, I then thought the game was lost, but I then charged the tower with one of the warrior blocks, two combats laters and some failed stubborn tests, the Skaven BSB was gone, and the tower was MINE! 15-5 win for me!

Game 4!

Peter Williamson and his Tomb Kings

I've been playing Peter at the Marauders for ages, but never got the chance to play him at a tournament, probably because he was up at the top I was cruising around the middle/bottom. But now was my chance, now was the chance for COMPLETE VICTORY! I back lined my entire army to give my cannon some time to kill the Necrosphinx and the Knights. Peter went first, moved up, then casted some magic to give him a second move, so I had once chance with my cannon to kill the damn Necrosphinx and failed, he then charged into a block of warriors, failing there terror, running off the board, GOOD START! My turn was me just shooting some X-bows into the Knights, causing a wound. Peters second turn saw him charging his Knights into my Quarrelers, killing them, failed my break test, running off the board, my last warriors block failed its panic test due to the Quarrlers poping... running off the board... GAME. 20-zipp to Peter by turn two. The first thing I said after that was "I NEED A PISS!"

I was about to walk out of the hall and just yell something fierce, but after my pee, I was back my happy little self. I knew I had no chance of getting into the top three after that.


Matthew Collet and his High Elves

Going into the game I thought, take out the Eagles, Dragon Princes and BSB and then GRAVY! This idea game to fruition on turn 6 after he killed off my Quarrelers, I won buy 500pts. 18-7 for me.

Well, my goal was to get into the top five at the end of the tounrament (to finally prove that Dwarfs CAN make it into the top five). I came 6th (out of 20)... which is great because it's my best score yet, but I still really wanted to come 5th.

Big thanks to Neil Williamson for organising and umpiring the event, he did a fantastic job.


  1. Fantastic results for you mate well done

    1. Thanks for that Peter, I am really pleased with the final result.

  2. Hi Simon, it was a good game as always. I don't know why but we always seem to have very bloody, close & most importantly fun, battles :)

    We've both been playing since Vermintide last year and I think we've played each other in pretty much every tournament we've attended since!

    Until next time.....

    Dave :)

    1. It's always a pleasure Dave, you and Sam are my favorit opponents to play against.