Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My list and "expectations" for Skitterleap

Sorcerer Prophet, level 4 Hashut, Peservation, Enchanted Shield, Channeling Staff-370
Infernal Castallen, BSB, Mask of the Furance, Shrieking Blade, Shield-207
Daemonsmith Sorcerer, level 1 Fire, Scroll-120
27 Infernal Guard, FC, Razor Banner-401
20 Hobgoblins, Bows-100
20 Hobgoblins, Bows-100
6 Bull Centaurs, GW, Std, Mus-315
Magma Cannon-145
Deathskrieker Rocket Launcher-100
Dreadquake Mortar, Slave Ogre-215
K'daai Destroyer-325

2393 Overall

So, if you haven't noticed, its pretty much the exact same list Sam Whitt used back at Horned Gobbo/Rat. But what I have changed is that I've dropped the shields on the Centaur unit (I mean they still have a three up against shooting and are T5 with 3W which I think is enough to get into combat quick enough) in exchange for a skrieking blade, was it a good decision, I'll find out, a infantry unit that causes fear could always come in handy. The Channeling staff was sort of a Dwarfy touch on my end, I'm still not used to the fact that I can't dispel everything that comes at me and it always catches me by surprise when someone gets off more then two spells a game :P. So an extra dispel dice once every often is nice.

My expectations for the tournament are not big nor are they small. I do hope I end up somewhere in the middle as that would be a great placing for me :D. My expectations for the list are well, I'm not sure, the list it self looks fine, but they aren't Dwarfs, well they are kinda, maybe... a litte? So I don't know them off the back of my hand. I'm slowly learning each units strengths and weaknesses and I'm sure I can do well. Just gotta think a bit harder which is fine.

But hey, at least I get to play with the other two phases in the game, what are they called again? Movement and Maa..g..ic?

On another more off topic note, I just found out I passed NCEA level 3 which is great.

Now... exams *groans as typing*


  1. Hope you enjoy yourself mate - good luck with the ugly Stumpies

    1. Thanks John. They are beautiful in their own way :D.

  2. The Mask of the Furnace make the bearer cause fear anyway, so you could have kept the shields on the centaurs. Now your Castellan is extra scary!!

    1. ... dammit. I knew that, I was only testing you at my own expense Sam. (Does it not make him cause terror with two fear or am I just shooting in the dark?)

      Now I'm a bit annoyed. Jezz.