Sunday, 16 December 2012

Quick Update

So I managed to get my hands on a infantry platoon and three Bren Carriers for only $20 which is a fantastic deal! The Infantry were painted nicely and I just needed to re-base them and repaint the Brens.

On another note I've ordered some Warmachine Models - 10 Winterguard, Winterguard Officer + Standard, 3 Rocketieers, Jozef Grigorovich and Epic Warcaster Sorscha and some 30mm and 50mm bases all for $120 which isn't bad at all (All from Waylandgames)

left: What the models look like that I have ordered (exluding the Warjack (Destroyer) Model.)

I'll also post some pictures of the FoW models I got later tonight when I can get my hands on the camera :D.


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