Friday, 24 August 2012

Desperate times call for ... Cardboard!

Well, some of you may know already that Sam Whitt, is being very kind in letting me use his Chaos Dwarfs for Skitterleap which will be a very nice change for once. So I be get practicing with the army, which I will be proxying with my 'good' dwarfs, but I still don't have some of the models like; The Magma Cannon, Deathskrieker Rocket, Dreadquake Mortar, Bull Centaur Renders and the K'daai Destroyer Model ... SO! I'll be using card board bases that are measured out to the correct base size, like the K'daai's 100m X 150mm etc and righting down on them what they are yada yada yada. When I'm playing with the army, I'll feel quite silly, but its all for the greater good and I don't really mind doing that until October

On another note, I've been looking through the CD book that Sam let me borrow and the army looks really really fun to play and at some point I'll end up buying the actual Throne of Chaos book for ... an arm and a leg (45 pounds = 90 flippen dollars). And for my 18th birthday coming up on the 28th of Sept I'll be buying some CD, specifically 30 Infernal Guard, 40 Hobgoblins, Infernal Castallan, Sorcerer Lord and Engineer Sorcerer model, oh and 6 Bull Centaurs! I'm hoping to get those guys finished and painted/based around the end of November which will be my goal setting!

So there it is, my second army will be ... more bloody Dwarfs, HA!


  1. Just be careful that Grimnir and the other Dwarf Gods dont come back to bite you for dabbling in the world of Chaos.

    And props to Sam he's a bloody nice guy

  2. Yea he is. And don't worry about me John, The Dwarf Gods will have to casting magic to harm me, but I got the Master Rune of Balance, so I should be right!