Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tournament (Game 1) and expectations met?

Well Skitterleap went down on the weekend and I enjoyed it heaps, Bo Patterson go best sports, Sam Whitt  got best painted (Dark Elves) and Joe Dixon got first overall with his Warriors of Chaos. I came 14th which I'm happy with, as I can see I'm still slowly improving, from Runefang with 5 losses, Horned Rat with 1 win 4 losses, CTA with 2 wins and 3 losses and now Skitterleap with 3 wins and 2 losses. I totally met my expectations, I enjoyed my self heaps while leaving with three wins (15-5, 18-2, 14-6)

Game 1! (I'll be describing each game in their own post because I won't have time to post all games or the first day and second day)

My first game was against Bo Patterson and his Lizardmen. Since it was my first game, I was looking forward to using the K'daai and could finally see it in action, this thought was shortly cut down at the top of turn two! But anways, it was dawn attack, and Bo seemed to deploy alright, I however, managed to get everything in the middle besides the Rocket Launcher. and I had to deploy my K'daai facing his flank to Bo's army... 1st turn goes to Bo. He moved his skinks in position to take the big guy down and my warmachines, and I could see this happening but could pretty much to nothing about it besides run the guy away but then that would be a waste of 325 points. I would simply just be stalling the K'daai's demise. He moved his salamanders up to burn my goblins and turn the air into a burning, hot green mess. He casted some magic then he shot his skinks at my warmachine but only doing one wound to the magma cannon with 40 shots was it? No combat.

My turn 1 consisted of me turning my K'daai around and throwing the thing in his face as best as I could. Moved my infernal guard up a little, I casted Ash Storm on the unit of 40 Saruas which were on the far flank so I wouldn't have to worry about them for a little bit, I tried casting fireball on one of the units of skinks but it got dispelled. My shooting phased consisted of me turning his temple guard into a fine paste, that Slann was GOING DOWN! He only had like 6-8 Temple Guard left at the end of the first turn.

I would go into other turns, but what really happened for the next five turns was me trying to shoot at his damn Slann putting it on to one wound, TWICE. while he regenerated them back, when I finally, at the bottom of turn five (our last turn because we ran out of time) casted Flames of Azgorth and turned the Frog into some sort of goo. On his side, he was trying to posion my WM's to death my only could get the Magma Cannon. The only other thing that has not been addressed his Bo rolling three 6's on his break test on his unit of 40 saraus at the bottom of turn 5 as well, then me running them down.]

15-5 win.

Game two to follow

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