Monday, 29 October 2012

Game 2 Skitterleap

This one is a quick one.

Hamish and his Warriors of Chaos.  Blood and Glory

We deployed and Hamish got to go first.

WC Turn 1: Nothing much happened, moved up, and missed the the hell cannon shot.

CD Turn 1: Moved up a tiny bit, didn't move the K'daai because for some reason I wanted to play him safe, lord knows why. Magic phase; casted Curse of Hashut (Sniping spell, 2d6 hits -targets Toughness) rolled double 6's, then rolled a 4 on the 2d6, so got no dice to snipe with... I then roled a 3 on the miscast table, blowing up 14 infernal guard, 9 Hobgoblins and sucking my Sorcerer into the warp. How I love magic. No combat.

WC Turn 2: Hamish moves up more, fire's his hellcannon, hits and wounds K'daai I fail my 4+ ward and he rolls a 6 for wounds... how I love artillery, IRONY?!

The rest of the game was pretty much a clean up session, I thought I could still grab a few points, but being down 790pts in turn 2 was quite demoralizing. But I tried anyways. At the end of turn five all the wast left for me was my Dreadquake Mortar. To be honest it was still a fun game and Hamish was one of the funner guys to play against

Magic eh...

Sam Whitt next, I was determined to a get a bloody tournament point off him this go around!

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