Friday, 2 November 2012

Vermintide List and some practice

Got some practice in against Aaron and his Ogres for Vermintide. He tried a few lists, but he list with 9 Ogres, a level 4, BSB, 3 Sabre Tusks, and a big ass Thundertusk he seemed to enjoy more.

I won 2 of the three games quite comfortably so its a good sign. I've already sent in my list so I don't see why I can' show it off now!

Runelord, Mro Balance, Stone, Shield-197
Thane, BSB, Stone, Shield-97
Runesmith, Stone, Shield-77
Master Engineer, Stone-75
30 Warriors, GW, FC-325
Grudge Thrower, Ro Pen x2, Ro Accuracy, Engineer-170
Grudge Thrower, Ro Pen, Ro Accuracy-130
Cannon, Ro Forging-125

I was hoping Neil would be nice to us Dwarfs and let us bring more then just three warmachines, because then I would have brought along two Organ Guns as well. But alas, the world is cruel and unfair...


  1. Looks way too character heavy man. I would have dropped the master engineer and the runelord to free up just under 300 more points, then taken all the runes off the war machines. Thats almost 400 more points to play with!!!! I honestly don't think you have enough bodies. Would be interesting to see how my 1200pt list fairs against it....

  2. Warmachines without runes... now me and you both know that's wishful thinking XD. I can see what you mean by character heavy, but there only 77-97 points mainly. But you never know, it may change. It will, but I thought I would try it 'oot' to see how it would preform. Against multi wound armies, i.e Ogres it does great. But yea, I can see what you mean by not enough bodies.

    1. Can you change your list? I thought you had already subbed it?

  3. going to be interesting how u do with it. i agree with sam too many characters. runesmith and bsb all you need. at 1200 u can get 2 blocks of warriors + wuarrellers in there. but if u like it go for it :-)