Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Vermintide lists and first round match ups

Well the first round match ups along with lists were sent out yesterday or the day before, and I'll be facing High Elves, with a lord choice, WHOOPY! Played by James Milner, never played him before, should be interesting :D.

Good to see that Dwarfs are the favored lists.. tied with High Elves. And I thought I would talk about the three Dwarf lists, just put in my opinion really ;D.

Matthew Hassel: Top bloke, but his list, interesting, the "Thane of Pane" interests me a lot, but if against other "dedicated" killy heroes, it really doesn't stand a chance. The GT over the cannon really comes down to the situation he's in, he could really have GT or a cannon, a cannon is a tad more accurate when trying to hit single targets, but the GT can block smash as well Monster hunt, so it really comes down to the person's taste. I chose a cannon simply because it's more accurate at taking down key targets, like other artillery, lords and heroes. I can't say much about the Runelord, I almost took one, but I can see the others point, to many points in a 1200 game. Runesmiths can still be quite good at anti-magic. The Organ Gun is always a nice touch, good chaff/block killer until the damn thing blows up.

Adam Richards: Plenty of drops, but I think those blocks of Quarrellers will die pretty quickly. I never really see Quarrellers as good dedicated shooting units, but as small combat blocks capable of shooting a few shots. That's why they should always be kitted out with Great Weapons so they are actually able to kill something. I tend to see Quarrllers as small flanking units, I know, Dwarfs and flanking is pretty bold but none the less, I stick by what I say. The Bolt Throwers are a good call, you could get three for one cannon almost, but those things work on ballistic skill, but hey if they work, THEY WORK! However, if they don't, they're only a 45-60pt loss. He shouldn't have put burning on one of them, just in case someone brings along regen and what not.

My list. I'm happy with what I'm bringing, two units of 30 guys in only 1200pts is pretty scarry as they can lost quite long and still return a solid punch and then a small block to get around the sides hopefully. A cannon to take out key targets and then some cheap heroes.

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