Monday, 17 September 2012

Current and Future Plans

Just thought I'd do a quick update on what I'll be doing wargaming wise from now and to the end of the year.

So at the moment my 18th Birthday is coming up in eleven days and other then the boozing that comes along with it I'll also be playing with some new models! So I've asked my parents very kindly to buy some models for the occasion, so what I'll be getting is 11 Shermans, 3 Fireflys, an OP Sherman, a Rifle Platoon and another Sexton (which works out to around 145 dollars NZD, oh and also a bottle of Lindower Reserve lol!)which will round out my 1750pt Canadian armoured which I'll try and paint before the 31st of this month which will be a mission but I think I can get it done.

The next tournament I'll be participating in is Skitterleap (Run my Peter Dunn) which I'll be using Sam's Chaos Dwarfs that he is kindly letting me use for the tournament, I've been proxying with my Dwarf models for practice.  I think it is on October 17th ... I think, I'll have to check the little peice of paper I got at CTA's to be sure. The second one I'll be attending is Vermintide (Run my Neil Williamson) which is on the 17th of November which is my favorite one because I think 1200pts is a really good points level, and its a one day tournament with five games squeezed into it which gives me my sunday free to other things.


  1. Hey Simon, how have the practice games with the CD's been going for ya?

  2. They've been going OK, it is quite a change from Dwarfs, first off, I have a MAGIC PHASE, I've been swapping between Metal and Hashut, at the moment I'm more for Hashut, Hatred and Ash Storm are to really good spells that I find my self regretting not taking the lore.

    I've still got to be careful with my movement as I think I'm not playing Dwarfs anymore and can just move and try and out manouver people, which in most cases I can't. and I've got to REALLY careful with those bull centures, I keep rushing them into big and hard units thinking they can take them on but I usually end up on the back foot of that idea.

    The Warmachines are doing as they should as well so no complaints there :D.

    The K'daai is doing well, he's killed quite a few units and he's only died once and that was on turn 6 :P.

    Overall I'm enjoying the new change in army and just gotta get used to them.

  3. Nice present your getting there. Still waiting to hear back from Michael about my reg for Vermintide, but assuming its OK will see you there

  4. Thanks, sometimes I think I'm spoiled! I'm slowly trying to hint for another 40 bucks for the registration for Skitterleap, but I think that will be a tough sale for now.