Tuesday, 18 December 2012


So I managed to get snag the last spot for HomeCon which is sort of a casual thing at Peter Dunns place (12/13 January with a BBQ as well... awwwwesome) so I'll bring my Dwarfs down most likely, I really want to try my new 2013 tournament list, but that all depends on when my 42 hammerers come in (around early Jan hopefully) and how long it can get me to get them painted. I've decided that I won't play with unpainted armies anymore which is quite a revelation for me really, but a good one :D. So If I don't get them painted in time, I'll just have to rule with my normal artillery park and constantly laugh at opponents. Until they reach my lines and I realize my three blocks just won't cut it! (3 units 30 I noticed just won't do it for some reason...). But my army will be ready in time for Natcon and the rest of the year.

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