Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year

So first post of the the new year and not a lot to say just now. The family is heading north to the Coramandel (spelled wrong me thinks!) While I stay here and hold down the fort (reason I'm not going is that HomeCon is next Saturday and I wouldn't be until that Saturday morning and I'm a keen wargamer and took the wargaming option :D.

Still waiting on those warmachine models that I ordered for my 'big' Christmas present. Usually the Royal mail is quite fast but its was a week before Christmas when I ordered them so I'm not surprised I'm still waiting :D.

For HomeCon I thought I would just bring my 5 Warmachine + Master Engineer list. I always enjoy that and have heaps of fun with it. I had the option of trying out my new list that included my two Hammerer blocks but that would mean having to borrow figures from someone else (Tane) and I was keen do it, but then I gave it some thought, and borrowing other peoples figures is a bit lame on my part, I need to make the effort shouldn't I. And for safety reasons... I don't want to be damaging anyone's models. It's not that I'm a clumsy person, but why take the chance?

Looking forward to next weekend!

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