Sunday, 6 January 2013

First game of 40k in a while

So had my first game of Warhammer 40,000 in quite some time, I stopped playing 40k when I got into Fantasy around September 2011. I've had few games here and there but not a lot, and I haven't played one in around 4-5 months unit last night (or should I say morning?) around 1 am. The new 6th edition rules sorta pissed my off in the beginning, that was why I quit and went cold turkey initially. The ally system was just silly... you play with ONE army of your choice, not a mixture of guardsmen and... Ghazskull Thraka! Another thing that got to me was that everything in the front row must die first when being shot at, that is just a really dumb rule. I don't really see the point? Most people would argue that "Its more realistic and adds a bit more depth." Sure it adds depth, but it's not needed, its just adding rules for the sake of adding rules. And for the realism part... its a game, when realistic values start playing bigger parts in wargames, things start to get dull, and I mean really dull. (All of this is my opinion so take it with a grain of salt)

But anyways, enough with the pissing and moaning.

I really did enjoy last nights game. I played my orks (Which I will always consider my babies... more then my Dwarfs! I've had then for about 5 and half years) And they are always a really fun army to play and to read about.

I ran my usual horde style list - 4 groups of 30 Boys, 2 Big Meks with Kustom Force Fields plus some flamers attached to them from spare points. I also ran 2 looted wagons with boomguns (some say they are uncompetitive and unreliable... at Str-8 AP-3... A lot of SM's would argue that.) It was 1280pts game because my opponent only had that much built and ready to go. He was running a Dark Eldar list with Eldar ally (Eldrad Ulthren, 10 Dire Avengers and a Wave Serpent) Ravenwing Jet fighter, 2 Dark Eldar Transports which I forget the name with Witches + some heroes which I forget the name of as well that were attached to the transports.

The game was really fun. I had plenty of bodies to soak up those Large Blast Templates from the Ravening and the shots from the Dire Avengers but Gavin still managed to take out like 90 boys (however they were split around all four squads and he didn't fully kill one) he got both my Wagons with the Ravenwing because I forget to keep them in range of the Kustom Force Field. I Witches were a pain when they chose to roll good dice (Gavin throughout the game just had REALLY bad dice roles so I got quite lucky throughout the game). Overall, plenty of fun and its nice to know my Orks can still dish out damage in 6th Edition.

I am quite keen to play some other games, and when I finally find a job, I might invest in some more boys, my goal for my army is to 6 squads of 30 boys, and three squads of 15 loota boys. Will have total of like 227 bodies on the ground in a 2000pts game (ignoring the double force chart because that thing is just dumb.)


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