Friday, 11 January 2013

HomeCon III tomorrow

So HomeCon is tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it. lots of awesome wargamers to chat to and lots of armies that are as subtle as a brick... MINES NOT! Nonetheless, it shall be be fun. The lists have were released yesterday, you can find them on

Looking at the lists and players my guess's for top 3 will

1st - Simon Switzer (Dwarfs).... HA!

The real 1st position - One of the Dunn's (Pete/Ogres, Tom/Daemons) or Sam (Orcs and Goblins.
2nd - Again... One of the Dunn's
3rd -  Joel (Empire)

Tom's list just... well... dumb! and It would be a laugh if I got put up again him first. He's got three units that all he has to with is close his eyes and start screaming Daemons in a mentally challenged kind of way! However, he's a very good player to, and combining those things together just makes for... BLAH!

Sam's list is (in my opinion) is very balance list that can almost or if not CAN deal with everything. He's got a big ass killy (that quells animosity) unit that I think gets 4 attacks a models... or 3. He's got 6 WARMACHINES! God knows why everyone is not moaning about that. A big fat troll unit that vomits on everyone and dishes out the hurt. Yup very killy indeed. Again like Tom, he's equally as good as player and I can see him doing well in this one... like always!

Joel's list very well balanced as well. Big tar pit unit that can also hurt (somethings) the dedicated Inner Circle hammer unit, some chaff, two great cannons (which I must stress as a bigger ranged then my "OP cannon".. thought I'd throw that in there) I can see him doing well.

I'm using the same army that I took to Call to Arms and I expect it will preform the same or a tad better depending on the lists I put against. I find a really fun list and I enjoy it heaps, five warmachines is a hell of thing to turn down when you have the option! And as an added bonus, I've already got heaps of people moaning about it!

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