Sunday, 13 January 2013

HomeCon III results

So HomeCon III has been and gone. Had a great time, good to see all the guys again.

My Predictions were semi on target. Pete came first with Joel getting second (great job Joel by the way) and Tom Dunn getting third. All three are very good players and did a really good job getting their places. With Pete a full 20pts from the second position.

My performance... to be honest I'm not to disappointed with it. I mean I knew going into that I needed my artillery to be on the ball and for 4 of the games it just wasn't (8 miss-fires in 2 turns against David Appleby for example!). The game against Mike however, everythinge managed to hit, even without the re-rolls, but then he managed to hold the watchertower, turning the almost 20-0 - 19-1 win for me into a 14-6 (or was it 16-4) win for me. Still a win I guess. I guess another positive thing to come out of my games was that I did managed not to get 20-0 in any of the games, even managing not to get 19-1 or 18-2ed which is good.

However, this event wasn't ranked so it won't come to bite me in the ass in the future which is good (my main goal was to ruin people's weekends by forcing them to play Dwarfs and talk a bunch of shit about how Dwarfs are the ultimute faction and everyone else is wrong and their armies are misablery boring and mine is the only interesting one, lol) That's not to say I did not try to do well, I was hoping to get around the 6-10th positions as a goal but just didn't manage to. But oh well. I still had loads of fun.

I also spent a lot of time talking about my new list (the one with two hammerer blocks) which I still will be using defiantly. I've ordered the last 36 hammerers I needed and hopefully I'll get them all built, painted and based around the middle of February which seems very manageable.

Another good note is a finally got to play Neil Williamson at a tournament for the first time. We always play at home but never away which was a nice change. But he manage to beat 11-9! but a tie is actually a victory for the Dwarfs as we all know! (And yes I consider 11-9 a tie dammit!)

Until next time!

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