Monday, 2 April 2012

Horned Rat V Expectations.

Well, my next tournament is about a month away and well, I expect that I will be someone where down the bottom, but hopefully not right at the bottom... I expect most of the same players that went to Runefang to come to this one and bring their A game. So I took the liberaty of... *cough* downloading all the books so I can study most of the armies, their rules, stats and etc. But what I can see happening is that there will be a big difference in reading the books, then actually playing agianst them and their generals. But least it gives me something to work with and some grounds work for bigger things ;D.

But other then that I think it will be a great and enjoyable tournament for me and hopefully I'll learn a lot like I did at Runefang. Damn Brass orb and "Skitterleap" (I think thats the spells name).



  1. It's a rule for every army, never let Skitterleap through, it's going to end badly one way or another......

    Reading and knowing the other books is strongly recommended. It's interesting stuff to flick through anyway, but it'll really help your game.

    Don't worry about losing so much at the start. Most new players do, and even the better players with some experience will struggle to do better than a 60% win total. You're also playing an older book too, so that doesn't help.

    The way I look at it, win or lose, you're playing Warhammer, so you're kind of winning anyway, regardless of the VPs at the end of the game.

  2. Ill see you there mate, my Dwarfs will be making a repeat appearance as well. Are you planning on changing your list from Runefang at all?

    And Tane's right if you enjoy the game just play - took me a year to win my first game, and Dwarfs are a hard tournament army to win with but you can do it.

  3. Thanks guys. Great advice :D.

    And Yes John my list has changed a bit. I've not got two grudge throwers that can actually do something, replaced HW&S warriors with GW's and droped the anvil and just chucked on MRo Balance on my Runelord. So Something like two units of 30 GW warriors, Cannon, Organ gun, 2 Grudge Throwers, 29 Hammers, BSB, Master Engineer, Runelord, Rangers.

  4. Sounds good - mine might change, looking at taking two units of Miners and dropping the Organ Gun for a couple of cheap bolt-throwers but we'll see i might get my HIgh Elves painted in time.