Friday, 20 April 2012

Just a thought

Today, for about a good 20 minutes I was thinking about the possible Dwarf units that we might see in the up and coming book. Some of these might be a pipe dream but I'll list them anyways.

Stat lines are M-WS-BS-S-T-A-W-I-LD

Armored Bear-12pts
"Heavy Armour", Impact hits, Great Weapon, Command Group, units size of 3+
Rider: 3-4-0-4-4-1-1-2-9
Bear: 7-3-0-3-4-1-1-2-9

Lave/Molten Dragon-35pts
Molten Armour-3+ AS, 5+ WS, Breath Attack Str5

Mammoths 15pts, Unit size of 3+
AS 5+, Impact Hits

Those are just some of the ideas I had, I also think all Dwarfs should be two points less (but not the ones I listed) because we are now paying for stuff that used to be good, but in 8th Edition, are well... crap, so a drop in points won't be a huge surprise. Also, Thanes and Lords should be allowed to be placed on mounts, like Bears and Mammoths for example! And for pete sake, give our BSB a shield!

We also need some sort of spell/rune that blows up the entire opposing army in one go. But that might be going a bit far.


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