Friday, 13 April 2012

Friday nights game

Had a game against Neil Williamson and his Warriors of Chaos. It was a really fun game and I enjoyed it heaps, I think a managed to pull a 20-0 or 19-1 win off which was good, but I have to take this with a grain a salt because I seem to do good during my per-tournament games and not my actual tournament games which I will be getting better on doing ;D.

In all honesty I really thought Neil had the game pretty much after I deployed, I thought I deployed horribly (I pretty much just castled right in the center of my deployment zone). And also, my 150 and 170pt Grudge throwers just did well... blah. They just seemed to miss everything and also fail their panic tests (NOT my fault I swear).

Neil's tactic was just to in-circle me, kill all my warmachines and then back off the rest of the game leaving my warriors and hammerer blocks thinking (I'm sure there were some WM's behind us.) He did achieve this task by some extent, he managed to kill all my warmachines, but nothing else, and he also couldn't successfully get away from my blocks. What was a game changer in my opinion was when around turn two, I MRo Challenged on of his blocks of 30 Marauders into combat with my hammerers, drawing in the rest of his army so he could support them. But to be fair on Neil, he was REALLY REALLY unlucky with his Armour save rolls on his General (Level 1 Sorcerer) and his BSB, I managed to kill his BSB with a one up re-rollable armour save with Str-5 GW's and then I managed to kill his general with some more GW's. ;D

Good game Neil :D.

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