Wednesday, 11 April 2012

World of Tanks

Bit off topic from Dwarfs but I'll talk about it anways. I have found this game called World of Tanks which is a free to play WWII tank fighting game (But a lot of the tanks are "Make belive" and "What if tanks"). I've been really enjoying myself with this game and highly recommend people try this game out. If anyone who already plays the game and would like to ride around and blow things up with me, my username is Rogueyopants (dont ask lol) and I have a M36 Slugger, Easy 8, VKH (Some sort of German Tiger varrient) and a T25 AT. So just send me a reguest in game or even here if you'd like to :D.



  1. Ah ha welcome to a world of constant procrastination. Its a fantastic game Ive been playing for a while - look for tolpuddle728

  2. Thanks John, I've added yea :D.