Saturday, 14 April 2012

Updated list

OH LOOK! Another list. My last game went really well, but what I couldn't help notice is that my big expensive 170 and 150 point Grudge throwers did well, nothing, cept kill mabye 21 Marauders during a six turn game. And even with all the reroll's my grudge throwers get, I still only have a 33% chance of hitting my target. So I figured I might as well drop one of the grudge throwers and drop most of the runes on the other. And another thing, I think adding engineers is a waste of points to be quite frank, I mean sure they do re-roll the misfire results, but the odds of a rune of forging failing me is rather low. So a second Organ gun has taken one of the GT's place, and two groups of 5 miners has also been put in.

Just another reminder if people would like to have a game with me, just give me a email at I can promise you that the low rolls will come my way. And I could always use more practise ;D.


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