Saturday, 24 March 2012

25th Marauders Meeting

Didn't get much done fantasy wise at today's Masterton Marauders meeting. There was two fantasy games happening but they were only 1200 points. So I had two games of 40k with another chap's Necrons and helped another young bloke out with his new dwarf army, which consisted of 2 units of 14 Thunderers, 3 cannons, organ gun, gyrocopter, 10 quarallers, and a thane, unh.... Well to be fair, shooty dwarfs can work, but without any grudge throwers or anything to counter close combat units, it didn't.

Some 15mm DBA was happening along with some Wings of War.

Oh, and also, if anyone is looking for a game of fantasy in the Wairarapa, or are just passing through with their figures at hand (not sure why you would but we'll chuck that factor in) I've got two big tables and a truck load of really nice terrain. So if you'd like a game just give me an email and we can work something out. (Mine is

And on another note, I here that Peter and Tom Dunn will be coming down from Wellington to our meeting on April the 28th (but this has yet to be confirmed). More info will follow along as the day gets closer

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