Monday, 9 April 2012


Had a game with Stuart Robertson and his Beastmen on Friday last week. It was a very good game and I really enjoyed it. He managed to get a 15-5/14-6 Win on me, but to be fare I had one unit fleeing with one model left and another with only a few left, and his general on ONE WOUND! (Managed to get a cannon shot in there when he failed a "Look Out Sir!" but I only rolled a two.) I managed to stop all his magic which was quite good, MRo Balance really comes in to play and is well worth the 50 points.

I think one of the major turning points in the game was when my GW warriors block was about ready to charge into the flank of his Gore block... but then they failed their panic test due to the organ gun being destroyed, Ugh. And then therefore, let his Gore Blocks destroy my hammers block. Damn! Oh and also, my Rangers did not get to scout at the begining of the game because they rolled a one on the setup for "Meeting Engagement".


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