Thursday, 1 March 2012

Weather warning!

Well it looks like Saturday is going to be a piss fest with a nice storm coming. Southeasterlies with strong wind, 150mm of rain. Fingers crossed that I'll be able to make to make over the hill along with Neil and others that will be traveling to Wellington.


  1. G'day Simon,

    I hope you made it over the hill safe and sound; I'm guessing you did, as Peter and Neil needed to be there or no tournament.....(I read John's reports on Stumpy Heaven so it looked like a goer).

    I also hope you had a good day. Say g'day to Vince for me, he's told me about you at work.


    Tane Woodley

  2. Hey thanks Tane, will do do. It was a great tournament, I learned a lot. three out of Five armies I played were armies I never faced before (Skaven, Empire, Lizards) and I learned pretty quickly, lost all five games, with a total score of 14!. Came second to last in battle points, and ended up last because painting knocked me down. But I'm learning, and the only way I can learn is by getting a few thumps.