Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Tweeks to my current 2400pt list

Well, just got the players pack for The Horned Rat V... or Horned Rat V. And I had a look at my 2400 list and the first thing I said was "Bye Bye shield warriors". I really only ever used them for and organ gun guard. I also gave a very sad wave good bye to the Anvil of doom, sure its a really cool item and can do lots of tatical stuff, but for a 175 points, I can afford a grudge thrower with two runes of pen and burning on it, including an engineer for thet price of the AoD.

So here is my list that I've fixed up

Runelord, MRo Balance, Spelleater rune (or 2x spellbreakers), Ro Stone, Shield-248

Thane, BSB, MRo Gromril, MRo of Challenge, Rune of Reistance-165
Master Engineer, Brace of Pistols, Ro Stone-85

30 GW warriors, FC-325
30 GW warriors, FC-325
18 Rangers, Crossbows, Shields, Banner & Musician-285

29 Hammerers, FCG-378
Cannon, Ro Forging, Ro Burning, Engineer-145
Grudge Thrower, Ro Accuracy, x2 Ro Penetrating, Engineer-170
Grudge Thrower, Ro Accuracy, Ro Penetrating, Ro Burning, Engineer-150

Organ Gun-120

As you guys can also see, I've droped the MRo Grugni off the Hammerers, It really only helped prevent the deaths of mabye 5 Dwarfs through a shooting fase or two. Increased the number of rangers by one, added a banner and shields to them as well. Replaced HWS warriors with GW Warriors... really should have done that for runefang but meh. I also added a a grudge thrower AND ADDED runes to both! instead of just one GT with just Ro Burning on it, I've got to deadly horde killers. Also added a master engineer to baby sit all the warmachines... damn gutter runners. With a 129 Dwarfs in total, they should be 'right

Now, If I've done my maths correctly (if I havent, I blame the fact that I havent taken maths in two years) the points total should en up around 2396. But if you guys see different, please to tell me ;D 


  1. Great looking list very solid. What Warmachine would you entrench with the Master Engineer?

    Does run into the problem I am struggling to solve which is what happens when the 25% of your army that is warmachines is either nerfed or doesnt work?

  2. Hey John :D, I'll probably entrench the str 5 GT because it can be used as a solid hero hunter because of the rune of accuracy and the str 10 hit in the middle and a fantastic horde killer, it is the biggest points cost on top of that ;D.

    I don't know what you mean by my warmachines getting nerfed, you mean killed? Because I'll be deploying my army in such a way that they cant get charged without a unit of Warriors or hammers getting charged first. But with things like comets that will just have a field day with my deployment, I'll just spellbreaker them consecutively then my opponent won't waste his time on turn three cause he'll just waste his magic then... in theory

  3. I'd drop the RoBurning off one of your war machines, probably the Cannon. I know it's good against regen monsters, but you'll also want to shoot flying heroes, many of whom will be sporting the Dragonhelm or Dragonbane Gem. The GT with RoBurning can still target the Abomb, Hydra and Mortis Engine if needed with a reasonable chance of a direct hit, but is less accurate against Pegasus and Eagle characters. One war machine with RoBurning, one without covers both bases.

    And your S5 GT is too valuable to use on characters or monsters, so it's not worth using on heroes; it should be killing blocks which is why I haven't considered it.

    Otherwise it's looking good. I prefer units of 35+ Warriors/Hammerers, but you make a lot of cuts to get those numbers.

    1. Hey Tane, I agree with your points about taking the burning off the cannon, those damn peg characters and eagles do tend to do some damage, mainly do my WM's during Dawn attacks games so your totally right there :D.

      I was going to use my Str 4 GT for the hero/block killig and just leave my str 5 one for killing blocks :D.

      Will you be attending Horned Rat?

    2. G'day Simon,

      Sorry, I won't be at Horned Rat, Warhammer's on the backburner for the year now that we have a third child. A future wargamer, but not for a few years yet.....

      Your army list looks good. The blocks are small for a protracted grind, but will still beat the majority of units out there. The Rangers are very useful too, the crossbows are excellent at removing chaff (Sabretusks might only be 21 points, but it's worth it to kill the buggers). Also, killing chaff units forces panic checks in most cases, so keep that in mind; killing a single Sabretusk and panicking a unit of Mournfangs would be something to smile about. Just be aware of the temptation to deploy them too far forward where they can't be supported.

      Good luck at Horned Rat.