Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The 15 Commandments for Dwarfs

Saw this on a forum (Bugmens Brewery) and thought it was clever ;D.

Thou shalt not take non-ranger Longbeards with Great Weapons.
Thou shalt not take lots of bolt throwers.
Thou shalt not take the Flame Cannon of your minuature shelf.
Thou shalt not fail to put protection on your characters, especially your BSB.
Thou shalt not take runic banners on your BSB unless you are working a Strollaz list.
Thou shalt not take Thanes of Pain as a general.
Thou shalt not take Thunderers without shields, unless you are taking 40+, which isn't the smartest idea, unless you have a specific strategy.
Thou shalt not take Daemon Slayers unless it's for the giggles.
Thou shalt not go to war without lots of Great Weapon dwarves.
Thou shalt not put full commmand on units of 10 dwarves.
Thou shalt not overspend on characters.
Thou shalt not take 20 strong combat units in 2k+ games. Thou should take 25+, preferably 30+ unless gun-lining missile units.
Thou shalt not play Warhammer sober, unless you are under the drinking age.
Thou shalt take at least one Runesmith. In competetive environments, thou shalt take Runelord equivalent anti-magic.
Thou shalt never take a cannon without forging, or a grudge thrower without accuracy.

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