Saturday, 3 March 2012

Runefang highlights

Well, Runefang went great! (enjoyment wise I mean ;D) I really enjoyed the whole thing. My opponents were really fun to play against and I enjoyed it heaps. But, while enjoying learning new armies and and enjoying the thing, I sorta got my butt handed to me. First Game was against Joel and his Empire army (in which I've never played Empire) and I learned pretty damn quick... damn rocket battery. The Game ended in a 20-0 loss

Second game was against Matthew Hassel and his Dwarfs at which at the begging of the game I though I would win because his Infantry blocks were much smaller then mine, but his "Killy" BSB and Thane (which were attached to a unit of 20 Shield Warriors) really put a number on my GW Warriors. And I was silly enough to charge my Shield Warriors into a wood against his Quarrelers, losing my rank bonuses. The Game ended in a 14-6 loss

The hird game was against Daniel B and his skaven. (again never played this army before) (Dan was also a great opponent by the way, extreamly friendly and a good opponent to play against. The game was really decided when he managed to get a Brass orb onto my Anvil, misfiring and then hitting my anvil and grudge thrower, killing both. BUT I did manage to take out his Abom and a unit of gutter runners AND hold the keep. The game ended in a 15-5 loss

The fourth game was against Hagen Kerr and his Lizards, at which he played extreamly well and gave me dwarfs a beating. The game ended in a 19-1 loss

The last game was against Stuart R and his Warriors of Chaos. This game I enjoyed! Lots of Dead Dwarfs and Warriors. My Faviourt part of the match was when I manged to Rally mu GW warriors, swift reform my Hammers AND then use an extra powerful rune from my anvil, charging, my hammerers into the flank of unit of Chaos warriors, and then charging my GW warriors the front of the same unit! But I also managed to miss twice with my anvil, once with my organ gun, and practically did nothing when it came to shooting! The game ended in a 16-4 loss.

I came second to last in battle points and then I was knocked down to last because of my painting score (I only has about 55% of my army painted)

The tournament was fantastic and I really learned a lot from it. I mean I can't get any better unless I take a few thumps here and there. I was in fact the youngest, and most inexperience player there. But that didn't stop my dwarfs from giving a couple thumps back ;D


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